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Inkjet vs. Laser Printers Inkjet Make a Comeback

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It is however known that, inkjet manufacturers seem to have taken on board the criticisms from their customers and have tweaked their machines to make for a startling revolution in the old battle of the printers.


There are many differences between the two forms of printers:

Size - Laser printers tend to be larger than the inkjet. This may or may not cause a problem, depending on the size of the work space.

Method - Inkjet printers use a spray of ink to create images and text. Each dot of - PC printing system - color makes up the print whereas laser printers use toner. This has often meant that laser printers have been able to print each page quicker than the inkjet printers.

Cost - Inkjet printers themselves often cost less than their counterparts. However, the cartridges tend to be smaller and need replacing more often, meaning that the cost per page could be higher than that of the laser printers which use large toner cartridges.


Since receiving - the inkjet labels - reviews saying that inkjet printers are often more costly overall than the laser kind, manufacturers have worked hard in recent years to remedy the problems.

Manufacturers such as Epsom have created inkjet printers for the small office which no longer conform to the old views. They have worked on the design of the printer to produce a machine that not only keeps up with the speed of the laser printers on the market, but surpass them in the realms of cost effectiveness.

Cost - Cost per page is a major factor for companies who are deciding which printer to purchase for their company. There are now inkjet printers which can produce a page of black and white text for as little as 1.6 cents and color images for 7.6 cents. This is less than half the price of similar laser printers.

Speed - Realizing the need to keep up with the fast pace of businesses today, inkjet printer manufacturers have tweaked their product to create machines that can now print much faster, keeping up with their competition in the laser field.

Quality - Inkjet printers have always been known for their immense image quality. The changes made to produce quicker print times in a more cost-effective way have not done anything to damage this reputation. For the same amount of money, laser printers do not offer the same quality of print.

Which one is better

Choosing a printer will always depend on the individual needs of the company. However, recent studies lean heavily towards inkjet printers being more economic as well as providing a better quality of print compared to the laser printer. Overall, the balance between cost and quality of work produced seems to have been found with the inkjet. The laser printer seems to have focused so much on reducing the price of the printer itself that the manufacturers have had to compromise on other features. This means that where it used to excel, it falls behind its inkjet counterpart.

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