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How to Use UK Gemstone Cabochon Settings When Making Jewelry

The use of cabochon settings in jewelry making is something that has become incredibly popular today. By making use of the flat backed stones rather than the usual beads and gemstones, you will be able to give the jewelry items you are making that much needed bohemian feel. These stones are the so called cabochons. Many jewelry designs across the world make use of them when creating their fantastic jewelry pieces. You will find them being sold in many different styles, sizes and colors. As a result, they make such a versatile choice worthy considering for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Working with Cabochons Gemstone in the UK

Whether you decide to mount the cabochon on its own on the item or use it together with other beads and gemstones, you can be sure that cabochon settings add a unique and colorful touch to gemstones for jewelry making designs.

You just need to have good tools for the job and top quality cabochons and you will certainly be able to create some stunning jewelry pieces. These versatile stones are available on the market in a large collection of incredible styles and as - designer gemstone cabochons - a jewelry designer gemstone cabochons; you will certainly have incredible options to work with. Including the cabochons in your creating is quite easy. They can be used for making simple jewelry pieces like earrings and even others that are more complicated.

Generally speaking, cabochon settings are not normally used alone since a base is required for holding them securely. To ensure that you make stunning creations using the cabochons, it is essential that you how they are used. The basic items that you will need include the cabochons themselves, super glue, earring hooks and head pins among other items depending on your unique needs.

Tips on using Cabochons Gemstones

To ensure that you have the kind of creations that you need, it is always important that you spend as much time as necessary to gather all the right supplies that you need. Most importantly, always keep in mind that your UK round and oval gemstone cabochons settings should all be of a similar size as your cabochon stone. Using smaller or bigger settings mean that it might set properly and this might ideally compromise your jewelry creation. After selecting the most ideal setting for your jewelry piece, just with the super glue for creating a sturdy connection that holds the two together.

There are some cabochons that come with a rim and in such a case, glue needs to be applied to the rim. Using a wooden toothpick allows you to easily apply glue. Once the glue is applied, just leave it for sometime to dry. For cabochon settings with an irregular shape, the drying process can be enhanced by using a common bowl of rice.

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