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Hilarious Tweets By A Nigerian About His Stay In Ghana

On Sunday August 21st, Tolu Bablo ( @ToluBablo in Twitter), an engineer through Port Harcourt, Nigeria arrived on the Kotoka worldwide Airport to become able to assist close to out the challenge throughout Takoradi.

From the moment he handled down, Tolu has been tweeting his studies often researching these phones situations in Nigeria.

What makes his account even more intriguing will become the all-natural humour his tweets include.

Naija Entertainment Information Ijebuloaded

His tweets happen to be garnering interest from a complete large amount of human beings more than your years. When Covebeat asked Tolu with regards to his motivation to livetweet his remain in Ghana he replied, “I (used to) write, nonetheless I haven’t in the 12 months. I am as well lazy nowadays in order to feel up an editorial. This specific changed in in order to the second exceptional option.” He extra he did no longer assume this a great offer curiosity when he commenced tweeting.

We requested him what he'll omit the majority of approximately Ghana and in which he responded “the peace, the actual quiet, the laid once again environment, the view; double entendre supposed and additionally the organization.” He was presupposed being throughout Ghana until September nineteenth but presently he isn’t thus positive anymore. Throughout step along with him, he could must disappear nowadays or then.

Here tend to be his bills of the ride. We are able to update these as and whilst he posts.

Ghana, very first impressions.

They have mild. Via your air, light complete everywhere.

Additionally, the bradenton area will be chilled. Just Like Ibadan or Enugu.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 21, 2016

You Ghanaians complaining concerning NDC and what not, come to Nigeria and see correct suffer.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 21, 2016

The bastard around the airport bought me any 5 cedi SIM card with regard to 10 cedi. He’s mad. Ijebuloaded

That money cannot be helpful to him except it’s now not really God I serve— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 21, 2016

guy if Nigeria could be one-tenth as organized, powerful, effective as Ghana is, we’ll always be up to now before the actual relaxation of Africa.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

Monday morning. In the actual airport. Naija Most Recent News

The entirety can be quiet and calm as well as running.

In the meantime MM2 can be kind of a rowdy market, in the first-class involving instances— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

you know what they are usually saying approximately Ghanaian girls and also astounding derrieres?

Ma nigga!!!! @TheGrandVezir you’ll adore it right here— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

examine what these humans contact rush hour FFS.

No queues. Simply No swearing. Order.

See, I’m transferring to end up being able to Ghana. This specific is the real strain-free life.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

i am about for you to devour Ghanaian jollof for lunch.

I include myself in the blood associated with Jesus.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016 by method of Ijebuloaded

Bruh this Takoradi is merely a chill, enlightened Ughelli which has 3G.

Very soft existence those human beings tend to be residing here. Naija Audio News

Goals.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

Very cool, I tell you.

Those ones don’t realize strain

‘@tosinamida: @ToluBablo Takoradi will be coool. Hit their own rocky seaside, you’ll revel throughout it”— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

Went to eat Ghanaian ‘jollof’, and also which the trainer advised us it just finished.

This is the place I know my mom’s prayers watch over me.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

internet throughout Ghana can be (with the help involving Naija standards) extraordinarily rapid.

I will circulation YouTube in my MTN facts. Most Recent Nigeria News

Dem absolutely no born @MTNNG well help to make I try am.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

trying in order to approximate the particular costs involving things within Naira is actually a workout inside futility.

There is not really any correlation among cedi charge and Naira rate— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

a few things are extremely reasonably-priced here.

Others are generally daft luxurious.

Living proof: 2 items of dodo with regard to 1 cedi (more or even less, one hundred greenbacks)— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

For your 2d time during my lifestyles i'm throughout an region wherein I do now certainly not comprehend the maximum usually spoken highway language.

I hate it.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

might fuck round and also study Twi at this price.

It’s anywhere. From the radio. With work. Inside the motel. Nigeria Entertainment News

It’s just like a giant interior funny story.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

I nevertheless have finally not necessarily fulfilled an angry or even openly annoyed individual here. Ijebuloaded

There’s a thing to become stated pertaining to obtaining rid regarding generator noise as well as fumes.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

because I’m a new fearless bastard and the few length be it via me to consume Naija meals outdoor Naija, dinner.

Threat a guess p.C.Twitter.Com/wIfwAhAO86— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

I unleashed my inner Kwame and slurped that will bowl easy, since the Lord meant.

It’s lit!!

As regarding this moment, na sleep positive pass.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 22, 2016

Ghanaian jollof pertaining to breakfast.

Is that this how I die? %.Twitter.Com/QCXVSU90Cq— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 23, 2016

Ghanaian girls.


*Makes the signal with the transfer as well as locks self inside room*— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 23, 2016

Went to obtain pizza.

The fast, pleasant waitress together with parabolic yansh ended up being flirting closely with me.

Thank God for the gift associated with salvation.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 23, 2016

Appaz Ghanaian ladies like Naija guys.

My mom is a praying lady. I may will absolutely no longer fall

*fans self closely*— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 23, 2016

a team of Ghanaians challenged me to a ping-pong contest.

I'm proud to mention I defended the actual honour associated with Nigeria and ISI along with beat most involving them— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 24, 2016

I can't tell regarding Ghanaians are extra or perhaps a smaller sized amount liberal than Nigerians.

They, at least, don’t appear similar to fairly therefore hypocritical— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 25, 2016

Ghana is actually secure. As Well As there appears being rule associated with law.

I watched a new person threaten in order to slap a new soldier yesterday, and the particular man wasn’t shot lifeless.

High-quality— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 25, 2016

The Nigerian inside me changed straight into such as “ah eleyi ti ku.”

next aspect, soldier apologized and also left his course.

Me: p.C.Twitter.Com/2aqwX2x1t3— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 25, 2016

Ghana Twitter features discovered me.

If you’re girl, single and also is likely to be in Takoradi this weekend, occur along with display me the attractions.

Lunch on me— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 25, 2016

Went to buy lunch and also motors were preventing personally with a zebra crossing within visitors.

Lol it’s just like you Ghanaians don’t possess somewhere to have to— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016

Come in order to Lagos from lunch moment and be ready in zebra crossing regarding motors to prevent with regard to you.

You’re will absolutely no longer nevertheless ready— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016

in - Naija Music News - most chance one of the most culturally shocking issue here is when simply oyibos transfer around.

I suggest, just this night, I noticed one strolling on the road— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016

I nudged the particular Nigerian subsequent to end up being able to me, and the identical appear grow for you to be upon his face.

Observe 50million Naira jogging about the street in vast sunlight hours.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016

if they born in which white man properly, allow him come and jog inside PH.

In the event that they don’t kidnap him as well as provide him gari for you to drink, my title is not Bablo— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016

White guys can flow freely with out escorts on your current own oil city.

Allow me use whatever Ghanaian complain approximately their u . S . Again.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 26, 2016


Banku and also tilapia.

I think i've earned the right to say ‘Chale’ now. P.C.Twitter.Com/ukXdEP59MN— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

I’ll advocate this to anybody visiting Takoradi.

Pepper warning, although.

The pepper upon this tends in order to make Yoruba stew appear to be water.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

in case you're taking an excessive amount associated with straight away, you will blow out the rooftop of one's mouth.

It’s just like they simply positioned the pot upon fireplace as well as poured pepper inside it— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

The tilapia ended up being delicious.

I don’t even just like fish so much, but any vast majority of successful domestic schooling stopped me coming from crunching each along with every closing bone throughout it.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

Ghanaian jollof is much like concotion rice. Together With the ones little grains

“@ak_nirvana: Bablo we need to admit his or her jollof is greater than ours.”— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

study what individuals humans title site visitors.

Something with the intention to completely clean when the sunshine turns inexperienced %.Twitter.Com/ynNH8VjnRr— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 27, 2016

It inside reality appears into a person that i'm through an excessive quantity of a terrific serious amounts of no more operating enough, since my workplace provides recalled me again in order to base— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 28, 2016

Ah, properly.

All right matters arrived at an give up.

But i'm standing within the particular airport, and by Jove I already miss Takoradi.— Ebuka (@ToluBablo) August 28, 2016 through Ijebuloaded

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