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HEPA is The Another Name For Perfection

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) is one of the major technologies in usage today by a large number of companies engaged in the business of making air purifiers. The technology is rendered in the form of filters. By virtue of HEPA, these filters are able to filter out almost all the major and minor airborne pollutants. Owing to the fact, that filtration is a three-stage process with HEPA filters.

The brilliance of an HEPA Air Purifier HEPA filter can be understood from the knowledge about the three, different mechanisms that it uses.

The first one involves the usage of the primary sieve that traps larger dust particles - some of them are visible to the eye. The second mechanism makes usage of an extremely fine gauze made from fibre. The third mechanism utilizes the Brownian motion displayed by the particles as they pass through the purifier. In case of low airspeeds, the pollutant particles cling on to the fibres as they try to brush past them. In case of high airspeeds, they simply get entangled in the gauze as they smash in it directly.

The versatility of the filters in terms of their different manners of usage is evident from the choices given to customers - different filters are present for the containment of a host of different diseases in human beings. Technically, HEPA filters are categorized under three types: the three levels of resistance (N: not resistant, R: oil resistant and P: oil proof). However, all three categories feature nothing but extremely efficient filtration processes.

HEPA has been in use for a long time now in devices known as vacuum cleaners. However, their usefulness has been largely recognized by the air purification industry. Companies like Blueair (; 011 4606 7140) and people like Vijay Kannan (Blueair India Head) have brought forth air purifiers that extensively use HEPA in their functionality.

A HEPA air purifier is one that is able to clean the air out of air pollutants and the cleaning rate is an amazing feature of 99.97 per cent. Further, pollutants that measure as small as 0.3 microns are unable to escape the clutches of an HEPA air purifier. This is an important aspect when one considers the level of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) prevalent behind closed doors across the world today. However, as far as Blueair is concerned, it has taken forth the usage of HEPA to a whole new level. Blueair purifiers such as the Blueair Pro, Blueair Classic and the Blueair Sense+ - the signature creations - are all equipped with HEPA air filters.

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