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Gazon Synthétique 24 leader

Gazon Synthétique 24 leader in the production and sale of synthetic grass carpets, presents an exclusive collection of coats suitable for all kinds of use, from the paving of a commercial to luxurious gardens where the most extreme design solutions will not be longer a problem.

Abandon the preconception that the artificial grass does not have a certain image, from our factory in Germany are produced in artificial grass surfaces, equal in every way to a real soft natural grass.

In detail our lawns are suitable for different environments: urban furniture, private gardens, schools, homes, businesses, swimming pools, multi-purpose playing fields and all that your imagination suggests.

All - ​​Gazon synthétique 24 - products undergo strict tests that certify the quality and safety of use.

Another strength of the Gazon Synthétique 24 are the exclusive kit for playing fields, namely the "ready to use" solutions for the laying of football fields, soccer, tennis or multipurpose activities. Our Sport Kit are sold per square meter and contain everything you need (synthetic grass, sand infill, junction band, rubber granules, set of tracking and two-component glue) to provide for the installation of the playing field, if you want even in autonomy, without the use of installers.

Dedicated to the sports centers that want to install on your own a synthetic turf playing field, this kit comes complete with everything you need to pose no great difficulty to find your new area. Available for both tennis courts and for those soccer, inside the kit you will find in addition to the mat artificial grass, also the specific glue, sand infill, the rubber granules and game lines.

The kit quality is guaranteed by the German manufacturing and the costs are calculated per square meter ensuring a significant savings compared to traditional supplies of this type.

And finally the neighbor's grass will never be greener than yours.

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