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Energy Subsidies Policy As A New Driving Force Air-Conditioning Industry

Air Conditioning Industry Energy Subsidies

In the past years in the Dutchland, affected by the downturn in the economic situation, the impact of the real estate regulation and policy factors such as the overall tight, air-conditioning industry as a whole shrinks. In this context, under the approval of the State Council, the central government will further increase investment to expand the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection products, lists the energy-efficient air-conditioning units, fans, compressors, transformers and other energy-saving products into a range of financial subsidies. The energy efficient Air conditioning units and chillers implementation are also officially issued, means that China's energy-saving subsidies subsidie nam is extended to the commercial areas from civilian areas for - compensatie nam - the first time, while upstream and downstream enterprises and vendors will also benefit from the subsidies. According to reliable sources, the relevant government departments in the commercial multi-line unit air-conditioning subsidies for energy efficiency research has ended, the implementation details are being developed related subsidies, and it is expected in the later years that the subsidies will also be introduced.

Energy Subsidies Promote Development of Air-conditioning Industry

Energy conservation subsidy policy function is beginning to show, it not only means that the effect of the national policy is shown in the field of commercia Ceiling Air Conditioner, also means that the industry as a - compensatie nam - whole has begun to enter the adjustment phase, energy saving and environmental protection has become a mainstream trend. For the That industry, the introduction of subsidies for energy-saving policy can be said an opportunity and a challenge. The air conditioner market is experiencing a severe winter, and the industry in which the environment is already became critical. The introduction of energy subsidies makes the businesses see a good number of new opportunities. that companies can make use of to energy subsidies shareholders wind, actively adjust the structure and layout of the market again. Since these years of increased compensation compensatie nam in Netherlands, domestic air conditioner market began to pick up trend, and the current situation of the industry downturn will be improved. It seems that the introduction of energy subsidies have begun to reverberate in the market, the market re-grew becomes hot, and the policy preliminary results begin to show.

The Industry Policies is Favorable

For most businesses, the symbolism of energy increased subsidies subsidie nam is much higher than the economic value of the subsidy. The introduction of the subsidy policy indicates the future development direction of the air conditioner market, and it indicates that national efficiency requirements products to further enhance the enterprises, to further adjust product structure, and eliminate the high energy consumption products. The energy subsidies urge The companies to speed up energy technology R & D and innovation. From the current market environment, the introduction of energy subsidies for leading enterprises and innovative enterprises indeed have a huge role in promoting and policies favorable factors are very much been looking forward to.

The Dutch International Airport User Certificate

Our company ordered the air terminal equipments of a total of 9,386.26 tons of "VandenBergIsolatie" large temperature difference modular air handling units (the air volume is 100000 cubic metre / h, which gives a total of 23 units; and the air volume is 80000 cubic metre / h, also there gives a total of 5 units; the air volume is 60000 cubic metre / h, there give a total of 2 units), the large temperature difference packaged air handlers (the air volume is4000m3 / h to 25000m3 / h, there are a total 11 units), large temperature difference fan coil (the air volume is from 500m3 / h to 2000m3 / h, there are a total of 1302 units) and so on in VandenBergIsolatie Air Conditioning Company in the Netherlands, and the above air conditioning units had been delivered and installed, during the installation process, the company sent engineers and skilled workers to guide the installation and our leadership speak highly of on-site assembly equipments and quality service.

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