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Easy Check PAN Card Status and Steps for Getting Duplicate PAN Card To Retrieve an Essential Document

For Indian citizens, the role of pan or permanent account number is extremely important and so the lost PAN card is a matter to worry for many. People are always in need of a pan card in India for multiple reasons. If lost, it is considered a serious loss as they tend to lose an important document which stands as their identity proof.

Requirements of PAN card

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is essential for every person in India to file his taxes. The PAN number is to be submitted during filing of returns and in order to undertake business. It is issued in the name of an individual, family or organisation. In addition as a financial proof, this card is also the proof of identity as it carries the name of the person, father's name and the photograph. So, in many cases, it is used as a proof of identity. When the PAN card is lost, it is necessary to get another one reissued as early as possible.

Process of getting a duplicate pan card:

In order to get a duplicate PAN card, people will have to go to their nearest authorized PAN card receipt center or log into the official site of Income Tax Pan Services Unit. This is the site where people need to visit and choose the option of reissuing a duplicate card, where there are other options also.

Applicant has to fill in the Composite Service Form or CSF form. In this, information regarding the PAN card holder is to be provided. Simultaneously, the payment asked for has to be made. Payment is Rs 96 for Indian Citizens, while Rs 962 for those residing outside India. Modes of payment are many and depend on the convenience of the applicant.

Filled application form has to be submitted online, after which the PAN services will issue a 15 digit acknowledgement number. This receipt with the acknowledgement number has to be sent to the Income Tax Department with some other additional documents. Two photographs and signatures are to be put in this receipt. Along with that, the proof of the previous damaged or lost PAN card status, proof of identity and proof of address have to be sent by post to NSDL in Pune within 15 days of submission of the online application.

The online portal also has - Check Pan - Pan card Status - card Status - a list of documents which will work as proof of address and identity. In case, people do not remember their PAN number, they should get it from somewhere or else, there is also an online facility to retrieve the number.

In the NSDL office, processing will begin for issuing Duplicate PAN card, after the payment has been realized. If you sought to know how to check pan card status and progress about the card that can be known by check Pan card Status online. The 15 digit acknowledgement number - Pan card Status - will be helpful in this process by visiting the official site of NSDL. People can also avail the SMS facility to know the PAN card status. These methods have helped people with the issuance of new or duplicate cards with their PAN numbers. Online application has made the process speedier and also enables people to do so, without having to run to the agents or offices.

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