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Caloric table - keep everything under control!

Have you decided that you wanted to pay more attention to their diet and activities that in their free time doing? Then you might throw applications Caloric table for smartphones that lets each day saves a considerable amount of time in the calculations. Application control is very simple and straight away you get used to everything.

How does it work?

You must first register and then you are allowed to enter into the food that you consumed that day and the activities that you have done and on the basis that the sum is deducted income and expenditure of energy.

If your energy intake exceeds expenditure, it is wrong and you are constantly putting on weight. Otherwise, the output is higher than income, the process of weight loss occurs.

Setting up the application is easy.

The basis is to fill the weight you want to achieve in the future and drinking habits that you would like to regularly observe. Once you fill these two items, you remain to fill - muscle - only the preferred unit and what is your daily energy expenditure.

How to begin?

The first thing I recommend that everyone who uses the calorie tables acquainted with category consisting of diet. In the menu you can easily store had eaten food and activities undertaken. With this information, then you get a quick overview of whether you have today reached the goal that will be set and if not, the chance to try to correct.

How to add foods into your diet and activity?

To add foods into your diet will be necessary to take advantage of a simple search form, where you enter the name of the food and locate her. Once you have found the right food, you just consumed, one click add it to your diet and you are done. In the same way you enter into your diet and your activities done.


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