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Best Baby Stroller Review and Guide

When you are a busy parent with two or more small children at your side you need an easy and convenient method of transporting your kids from place to place. This is why baby strollers are now found in almost every family home. What could be better for you and your little ones than owning a convenient, wheeled baby-carrier?

There are tandem strollers (that allow you to place two small children side by side), double strollers, lightweight umbrella models and many other design variations that you can now consider purchasing. One of the newest models that has - sit n stand stroller - made waves with parents is the popular sit and stand stroller.

The Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Eclipse Stroller in the Arctic style has the versatility of accepting most Baby Trend and major infant car seat brands (not included) in both the front and rear seating positions. With the five-point restraint harness, your child will stay securely seated in the front or rear seats, and bigger kids can stand on the rear platform. The large removable shade canopy provides protection from the sun, and covered parent tray with two cup - best tandem stroller - holders helps keep refreshments at hand. You certainly want your child to stay safe when in a sit and stand stroller. Therefore, ensure that the unit you go for provides exactly that. Choose models that are fitted with safety features such as front lock wheels, rear brakes, padded seats and a detachable, extra large canopy. Most models have added security features, but you must purchase the unit that best addresses your safety needs.

This stroller is absolutely a life saver. I use it with the baby trend infant car seat so my 3 month old and 4 year old can ride together. It is adjustable so you can have the kids in what ever position is best for your needs. My 4 year old stands on the back while the car seat is locked onto the front. Busy places like the mall don't scare me anymore because I can keep everyone contained and close to me. I use a stroller hook to hang my diaper bag on the handle because when both kids are in the stroller there really isn't room for a large bag in the storage net below.

Carrying two kids in a stroller is hectic enough, thus the last thing you need is a stroller that will give you problems when it comes to storage. Choose a sit and stroller that folds easily is you are keen about storage. As a matter of fact, choose a unit that can be folded using one hand.

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