Feb 24, 2017 at 22:46 o\clock

All About Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

All of us have heard about CBT's effectiveness in curing patients suffering from stress and anxiety. Typically speaking, it is a form of therapy that uses applications of psychology. It plays a crucial role in helping to think positive and teaches us how we should behave in a specific situation as per our thinking. Our thoughts and actions are inextricably related. Cognitive Behavioural therapy is not a separate branch of psychology. The term has a broad meaning and underlines all the psychological treatment approach based on understanding human cognition and related applications of human attitude and behavior that varies according to situations. According to research results, such therapy is multidisciplinary in nature. It underlines the power of human mind to decide one's actions and reactions over a period of time.

This therapy has following features-

Based on the Emotional Response or cognition

Cognitive Behavioural therapy was developed on the base that one's feeling about something decides his/ her thoughts, behaviors and attitudes and are not that much affected by external things. The advantage is that we can change our thinking and outlook about our surroundings and process that we are undergoing daily to alter the way we think or feel and act wisely despite being in tough circumstances.

Brief and Time-bound

Without any doubt, Cognitive Behavioral therapy can be - cognitive therapy for anxiety - seen as the most effective in yielding better and fast results. The standard count of therapy sessions that clients undergo is usually only 16. Psychoanalysis and rest of the types of therapies can take much more time to counsel. This kind of therapy is highly instructive in nature and it thrives on assignments to be done at home. It helps an individual or group to know at the very inception of the therapy process that after a specific time period, the formal therapy will be ceased by the therapist himself. This decision to end a formal approach of therapy is jointly discussed and taken by the therapist and the patient undergoing the treatment.

Common interface of client and therapist

A school of thoughts imagine that the main reason behind success of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in curing people fast and effectively is that the patient and the therapist share a positive relationship. The therapists help the patients to improve by trying to reduce their negative thinking and by helping to think positively. They stress on teaching logical and sensible self-guiding skills and help the patients in fighting their negative cognitions.

Collective effort of the therapist and the client

CBT therapists try to comprehend what are the needs and wants of the patients and sequentially help them with proper guidance to aspire their dreams. Therapists listen, understand and then communicate with the patient about what to do and what not to do for achieving the success of such treatment. They encourage the patients about their qualities and build an atmosphere of trust and confidence among patients. This helps them to overcome their mental odds and live life happily. Thus CBT tries to highlight weak mental points and helps to enhance lifestyle with positive mental attitude.