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Today's post is more of an encouragement/ motivational or better still reassurance post, i have noticed that the previous post that i have done similar to this have been very popular on the blog so i have decided to try to do similar post more often.

Ok back to today's topic I'm sure you can already guess from the topic and i got this post inspiration from my Sunday service - BEAUTY - the message was so simple and straight to the point. ''You have to prepare yourself to fight everyday if you ever plan to celebrate everyday'' Leviticus 23. i hope after reading this post you leave here wanting to go right ahead and celebrate.

1) Move out of your comfort zone and be ready to take a leap that involves you not limiting God, move out of that zone that seems very normal and comfortable for you, be prepared to go the extra mile, do things you've never been brave enough to do in the past. Read my 9 TIPS TO STAYING POSITIVE AND HAPPY IN 2016

2) Be ready to follow instructions, Specific instructions to achieve and excel in every goal you have set for yourself and in other to do - LONDON LIFESTYLE - that you have to - BLOGGER - be very attentive and engage yourself in every activity that will drive you closer to these set goals.

3) Create an atmosphere of praise around you so that celebration can be easily achieved, when you wake up please wake on a very high, positive, uplifting, happy, mood and be ready to give praises and celebrate. i remember when i use to wake up so grumpy and annoyed and - News - i used to get asked did you have a fight in - News - your dream lool.

4) Be vigilant to connect with the right people and i mean this in terms of any relationship, if you find that you are in a relationship and it is one sided then you need to ask yourself a few questions like why do you always give give and get nothing back then please rethink your choices and don't be shy to ask people for help. Check out my post about 12 WRONG REASONS WHY PEOPLE GET MARRIED!

5) Before you make huge decisions make sure you ask God and seek his guidance.

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6) Be ready to go the extra mile and do the unusual

7) Your level and boldness about the word of God must increase this year, be bold and take decisions do not be afraid to take on new opportunities. God didn't make you to be shy or timid so be bold and courageous.

8) Place a demand on what you want and not what people say, because there is this popular saying ''as a man thinks in his heart, so he lives''.

9) Realise that the celebration is not for you alone always remember to take other people with you think about the contribution and impact you can make in other people lives.

May you be celebrated in 2016 and before you leave here are a few links to my other post if you wanted to have a quick read from

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Tips On Making The Lowest Fat Pizza By Peter Suhm

The term pizza insures a great offer regarding territory. A New modern facility using multiple passenger concourses and plenty regarding shops along with restaurants, edinburgh airport is likely to be the actual third busiest in every regarding Spain. . .

In their almost-matching outfits, down in your direction of the white checked shirts often favored by simply their own famous father, the Romney boys seemed eerily reminiscent associated with this some other good-looking Mormon group, the particular Osmonds. I am Maryalice Elton and also I believe it sounds extremely great once a person say it. Now, you realize how crucial it is. nothing is more delicious than the usual freshly baked pizza served using a green salad consisting regarding rucola, tomatoes and red onions together along with it.

This isn't the finish regarding it. Dominos soft crust is - Pizza restaurants - typically less greasy in contrast for you to Pizza Hut. Simply explain your requirements to end up being able to any kind of renowned restaurant equipment materials organization and permit them to adopt great good treatment of it.

Briefly explaining, the meals restaurant can prepare the logo creating a plate, a new fork - Pizza restaurants - or even a spoon. Involving course, it's fittingly known as New York, Ny Pizza. Stromboli therefore resembles any rolled pizza. This specific can be a pie that's certain to end up being able to please.

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Home Remedial Trwament For Genital Warts - Natural Remedy

by: marsha8adkins   Keywords: hpv, of, lips, can, you, get, rid, of, hpv, Human, Papiloma, Virus, HPV, Go, Away, Care

As the name implies, Genital warts, are those warts which occur just around the genital areas like the rectum, anus, vagina or male organ. Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) causes them. These warts are more common around the age of 20, and can occur to both males and females. The warts could occur because of lovemaking, and can be sexually transmitted. Unprotected or oral sex could be the cause for spreading of the HPV of lips. People with more than one sexual partner are more likely to have these warts. Moreover, sharing clothes or towels with an infected person or touching the warts constantly could also lead to the spread of genital infection, as it is contagious. Sometimes, increased use of birth control pills could also lead to genital warts. In rare cases, a newborn baby could also be infected at the - HPV of lips - time of birth.

A person suffering from warts would feel like itching around the warts at all times. It could lead to redness and swelling on the infected area. Sometimes the warts may not be clearly visible but continue to cause a burning sensation. Genital warts, found in clusters in women could in some cases lead to cervical cancer.

One can experience great pain while passing urine, and even feels feverish when suffering from warts. Some warts could even bleed due to constant scratching. However, there are many home remedies for genital warts to save oneself from the expensive medical bill.

One of the most common and simple home remedies for genital warts could be applying a fresh paste of garlic on the infected area and covering it with adhesive tape. This could be changed 2-3 times during the day, and it will heal the infected area in 3-4 days.

Applying Vitamin E oil on the lesions is also useful as it helps ease the burning sensation and pain. Tea tree oil is also one of the many effective home remedies for genital warts.

Onion can be crushed and placed one the warts, and covered with an adhesive tape to leave it overnight. The juice of onion can be applied 2-3 times a day. This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest of all home remedies for genital warts.

One of the many home remedies for genital warts could be washing the affected area with lukewarm water. Then a little apple cider vinegar can be applied to it, which gives some relief to the burning sensation. Also, the warts begin to shrink with this treatment.

Castor oil mixed with peppermint oil can be a very effective home remedy for genital warts. Peppermint oil is used to reduce the awful smell of castor oil. Also, drinking 2-3 cups of herbal tea like green tea or chamomile tea everyday gives great relief.

Care should be taken to use cotton undergarments only. Clothes should be washed in mild detergents, which do not cause irritation.

Pregnant women must not try any self-medication. If the burning sensation persists beyond a day or two, a dermatologist must be consulted immediately without being ashamed or embarrassed. HPV should not be treated lightly as it could also lead to infertility.