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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service Mississauga

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service Mississauga

Assured Building Maintenance offers a professional Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service Mississauga business owners. We have over ten years of experience in cleaning large and small offices and other commercial properties. All our packages are affordable and can be tailored to your businesses needs, starting at $49.00 for a weekly cleaning.

Professional Janitorial Services

Assured Building Maintenance has a long standing family history of starting out in the retail floor care industry, for many prominent Canadian retailers in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years we have grown to serve a wide variety of industries from large and small offices, warehouses, multi tenant buildings, food processing facilities, and the restaurant industry.

Offering a great cleaning service at the right price point for your business starts with a walk-through and assessment of your facility. We next tailor the perfect package according to your needs and budget. Furthermore before the start, we schedule a quick meeting to go over your task list, communication log, lock-up procedures, and introduce you to your dedicated cleaning crew. From start to finish, each and every evening we implement the correct procedures, train and encourage the right employees, to in turn offer an exceptional overall experience.

Let us solve this and the many issues you might be encountering with your current cleaning service or in house cleaning employees by us tailoring a task list, correct frequency, and price point that will allow you to focus on your business and not the - Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service Mississauga - cleaning company. Trust, integrity, hard work, and continuous training and education, equal longevity in this business and we are proud to say, this is what sets us apart. We would be more then proud to offer you a list of references to a few of the many cleaning clients we serve on a daily basis.


Services We Provide & Specialize in:

1. Floor Strip, Seal, & Burnish

2. Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

3. Restroom & Surface Sanitizing

4. High Dusting

5. Window Cleaning

6. Carpet Cleaning

7. Power Washing

8. Machine Floor Cleaning & Sweeping for Large Facilities

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Tel: (416) 567-5033