Nov 24, 2015 at 04:23 o\clock

Rooting My Android Phone the Easiest and Safe Way

So you want to know what is rooting and how to root Android phone? So I am going to tell you about rooting and guide you how to root Android phone.

If you ask yourself how do I Root My Android device, then you will need to read our guide because it is not something you want to do before you need to know about what it is all about and what are the risks involved in rooting an Android device.

What is the rooting?

Rooting an Android phone is the process of full control or enhanced privilege of the operating system Or sub-system. This process gives the root access to users that's why it is known as rooting. It is a like you are the BOSS of your company, you can do anything what you want.

Rooting an Android device is like the jail breaking of an iPhone.

Why root an Android device?

Android is an open operating system based on Linux, there are some limitations set by the device companies or even network operator if the device is not unlocked. There are some benefits to rooting your Android device

If you want to improve performance of your device, replace your phone system applications or remove some apps. There is also the face you can install apps which you otherwise would not be able to. I told you it is like jailbreaking an iphone but it is different. You must be aware that if you want to install an unknown source app, you can simply check a box that allows you to in - Flash ROM on Rooted Android - settings of your device. You don't have to root your phone.

Rooting a android device also means you can replace an operating system, either with a new version like an upgrade to android 4.2.1 to KitKat 4.4, you can change the stock ROM to custom ROM, there are some customized version like CyanogenMod.

What are the risks of rooting?

This is really important that you must aware of the risks of rooting before you go to root your device. Firstly, after rooted your device warranty will void and that is not the worst of it.

You may feel your phone loss of functions or at the worst you totally brick your device. If you don't brick your Android phone, then you're likely to lower the security level.

If you want to install some apps which are not approved. Then there is risk involved in the app. You have got to trust the developers that it won't brick or bring any harm to our android device and it is not a malware.

Who should root android device?

Considering there are risks involved with rooting my advice is that you should do it only on your Android device if you are confident and know all the technicalities and the process. If you are unsure about rooting process then leave things well alone.

If you are keen to learn rooting and installing custom Flash ROM on Rooted Android and do so many things, then buy a cheap and old android phone to practice on before moving up to your main android device.