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Study Abroad In Beijing With CIEE

PRC Study has been officially designated to represent internationally recognized top Chinese Universities in China and to assist foreign students to learn the Mandarin Chinese language. This course helps students develop a better understanding of Chinese society and culture and foster their growing interest in China. Founded in 1962, The Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was first - click here - named as the Preparatory School for Foreign Students. BLCU is the sole university functioning as an institution for Chinese language learning to foreign students. Study Chinese language and culture at BLCU - Beijing Language and Culture University. We have good teachers, great classmates and an amazing environment to learn Chinese in BLCU. If you need or want to learn Chinese in Beijing and you're a foreigner here is the place.

Not only does FluentU manage to select videos that are actually interesting and engaging, they have created a learning system that is streamlined and fun, allowing you to transform an already entertaining video into an awesome language lesson! Chinese language TV shows, music videos and news all line the virtual shelves of FluentU, along with mini-movies, movie trailers, talks and speeches. These memorable videos have been selected for their linguistic richness and cultural relevance, allowing you to learn Chinese while familiarizing yourself with the cultural environment in which it is spoken. That being said, one can only imagine the increase in demand for Chinese as a second language service.

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The Four Drivers Of Language Learning

Our beginners Chinese classes are suitable for people who have nadie prior knowledge of the Chinese language, while subsequent courses progressively increase the complexity of language concepts. For example, take the character 游. You will learn that 游 is made up of 氵 (water), 方 (square/raft), 丿 (bend), 一 (one) and 子 (child); it's pronounced you2; it means to walk/to tour/to roam/to travel” and it's used to create two high frequency words (旅游, which means trip” and 游戏, which means game”) and a bunch of medium frequency words. Coursera is a digital platform founded by two professors from the University of Stanford that offers an enormous amount of courses in physics, medicine, information etc freely accessible online. The courses last from six to ten weeks, with about two hours of video lessons - held by university professors - every week. At the moment it's possible to listed to about 120 episodes, all offered for free.

You don't have to ditch the Laowais altogether, but let's face it, they're not helping you learn Chinese. People will literally walk up to you on the street in China and say ‘can you be my friend? '. They usually have no qualms with speaking Chinese to you, either, and usually are happy just learning about you and where you're from. Chinese people don't seem to mind you texting them just to chat or say hi, and will probably do the same to you. Although I must admit I haven't yet done this myself, setting your phone's language to Chinese is probably a good move.

Regular Chinese language courses are taught by faculty instructors from Peking University's School of Chinese as a Second Language. Through this brief survey of a set of issues critical to contemporary Chinese society and global sustainability, students will become acquainted with the socio-economic, political, cultural, and ecological contexts in which the Chinese state operates. Major themes of the course will touch on political economy, international relations, social stratification, civil society, and sustainable development in China. Other goals include strengthening students' understanding of China and Chinese people.