Feb 10, 2018 at 07:09 o\clock

Play PAIN FREE Golf and Hit longer straighter drives

Just like every other sports player, a golfer has to be fit and strong. To join in a competition, you have to stay away from home meant for a long period on the golf course and make use of all your strength to drive the ball to the hole. Exercise are often overlooked by many amateur golfers. To golf swing the golf club seamlessly, you have to supply energy to the ball through your hands. The instant next to which you hand over the energy determines the power of your swing and if you have more power in your arms, you can drive the ball longer even if you don't swing completely. Golf exercises concentrate on improving those muscles that are essential to perform a flawless game.

Golf training and fitness are fundamental components in today's game of golf. It is imperative with the aim of the golfer is fit and flexible preceding to a round of golf

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