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That's the dilemma facing a growing number of parents, whose children aren't just watching YouTube Minecraft channels like The Diamond Minecart , Stampy and CaptainSparklez - they want to follow in their blocky footsteps. With YouTube analytics , not only can you monitor your views over time, but you can also get to the bottom of things like the source of traffic, your audience demographic, as well as how well your video retains attention. To sum up, if your video was removed by the Content ID tool, and you decide to dispute the removal, you will have tweaked the rightsholder's tail. I just created my very first YouTube video using some of the photos in my hub about the Grand Canyon National Park. The information under statistics and data for example shows you how the video is discovered.

Of course you can also send a mail once in a while to remind your contacts of the great videos which you have on your youtube channel, which are there already for more than a year now and which still haven't reached the first 1,000 views. Most computers can handle webcam input with pre-installed software, but if you need a program for yours, consider Video Booth, a free and intuitive piece of software that has received positive reviews from regular users and professional reviewers alike.

You may not require any payment, survey, download (other than the video itself), or other action to access a video. YouTube Play recognized the current effect of new technologies on creativity by showcasing exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of digital media. But can you create something hack blueprint about youtube tag hacking or getting top on other videos via related section.

Initially it was possible to leave comments, but soon after I uploaded the video someone figured out how the trick was done and posted a comment explaining the magic. Now you are in the video world, so this will be interesting to hear your thoughts after the event as well. It should be a picture of you, and with that profile picture, create a channel banner. YouTube Editor - Good old YouTube has a simple online video editor that allows you to do transitions and text. Create a YouTube account will give you access to other Google products, like Gmail or Drive. Yup, your thoughts are right but our first priority is to create engaging and creative content not getting links.

Whichever way you find your video, YouTube Downloader will then take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to download and store it on your phone. If you are the owner of the video there is even more statistical information available for you. So instead of low resolution pictures, my very first YouTube presentation is what appears at the end of this article!

They will be working on some new covers, and Jenna will be adding them to her collection each week, where you can find them on YouTube. One thing, I noticed was the age of the Video on youtube is also playing its part, so I'd want to retry these methodologies once my videos become old on Youtube. To change that I used the free VirtualDub tool to convert my Fraps video into another format.

I went back to my dream of being an entertainer, so my life has gone in a 360 - Creating first youtube video - turn — letting go of that dream, discovering YouTube and realizing oh my god, maybe I can do this. Your YouTube channel, when you get it set up, will link to - or rather your Google+ Account will link to your YouTube channel, either under your name or you can change the name.

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