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Liquefying Chocolate The Right Way

If you love having dessert, it goes without saying that having melted chocolate on top of that makes you go all gaga. Though many people like satiating their taste buds with liquified chocolate, they do not pay much attention to the method of melting chocolates. They in reality don't consider it much important task while making a pudding.

However, what they do not understand is that not melting the chocolate in the right manner could really affect its texture. If you would like your chocolate to be smooth, silky and of the right consistency then you need to ensure that you melt the chocolate in the right way. Here are a few tips that will help you with the same.

One of the first and the most serious things to keep under consideration when making an attempt to melt chocolate is the heat. You should not ever heat or melt chocolate on a high flame. Many people are tempted to melt the chocolate quickly and heat it on a high flame. However, this will only take away the taste of the chocolate. You want to melt chocolate on an absolutely low flame to be certain that it doesn't lose its taste.

Ideally, the liquefying point of chocolate lies between 86 degrees F and ninety degrees F. The temperature should never surpass 115 degrees F when melting chocolate. If the temperature is beyond 115 F, the chocolate may turn lumpy or grainy. If you are attempting to melt white chocolate or milk chocolate then the temperature should be even lower.

To further ensure that your melted chocolate isn't lumpy, you should break it into bits before softening it. Not only will this help your chocolate melt quicker but will also give it a smoother consistency. You can break the chocolate with your hands or chop it approximately. If you have enough time, you can further grate it for an even better consistency.

The next in line step is to stir the chocolate while it is - - getting melted. Don't make any quick stirring movements. Also, don't whip thorough the chocolate. It is essential to be exceedingly slow while stirring through the chocolate. Stirring in the right manner also considerably is dependent upon the spatula that you use for stirring. In this context, rubber spatula is the ideal pick.

Wooden spatulas are often not used for this process as they have a desire to retain moisture which could affect the quality and flavor of the chocolate. Also, make sure that the spatula you're using hasn't already been used for any strong sauces or vegetable preparations. Also, the spatula should be absolutely dry when you use it.

Finally, don't cover the pan in which you are liquefying the chocolate. This may lead to the chocolate vapors condensing on the lid and falling into the pan again which in turn could result in the loss of texture for your chocolate.

So, next time you have to go melt chocolate for the any dessert, make sure that you follow the given tips.

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