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Jan 13, 2018 at 13:04 o\clock

Legal Issues About Pocket And Hidden Knives

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Pocket knives and hidden knives are super handy tools. However, they have been used as weapons, both for defensive and offensive purposes. It is unfortunate that knives are sometimes used to commit crimes. The potential for a pocket knife to be used in criminal activity however small has caused lawmakers to regulate knives in almost every state.


It is legal for people to own a pocket knife or a hidden knife in the United States. There is no legal age restriction for a person to carry a normal pocket knife. However, in some states, there are legal restrictions on how a pocket knife is carried. The law states that you cannot carry a pocket knife when traveling by plane or other types of public transportation. They are not allowed in places such as schools, libraries, court houses or other federal buildings. So it is better that you check out the legal issues before carrying these tolls with you.

A pocket knife is designed to be used as a tool. However, they can be used as a weapon as well. They are still knives and some jurisdictions make it illegal to conceal a knife including a pocket knife. The laws that restrict knives are created based on what type of knife it is and whether or not it is acceptable to carry. These definitions are usually based on the size of the blade, whether it locks into place or has some type of assisted opening mechanism.

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Knives that are considered general purpose or have a small blade are usually not restricted. However, concealed knives of any type can be considered a threat. Places such as airports and schools often ban pocket knives, so be sure to adhere to these restrictions.

The U.S Government restricts knives that are defined as a switch blade or auto-opener, from interstate shipping. In some states, hidden knives are illegal except when carried by police or by the military. Make sure to use good judgment when carrying and using different types of pocket knives. If you have any questions about carrying a pocket knife, be sure to review the legal issues of your state. Pocket knives are very useful tools, however, they can still be considered as deadly weapons if used with poor judgment. In case you want to learn and review more about the laws that involve knives in your state, you need to find the state statutes or legislative enactments that deal with criminal activity.

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