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Castle Clash Dungeons Guide

When you attack a dungeon anyone decrease your own number of entries by - - 1. Dungeons tend to be AI-controlled bases that could be attacked to be able to acquire Gold, Mana, Honor Badges, Shards, as well as Experience.

Castle Clash Dungeons Guide

100% finalization ~ 14% chance of Shards

50-99% conclusion ~ 7% potential for Shards

Tip: 2 great strategies with regard to leveling new heroes swiftly would end up being to (1) enter a higher degree dungeon together with both a solid hero as well as your new weak hero. Dungeons marked having a blue fortress give higher numbers of Shards. Your more impressive range dungeon will supply much more experience in which is likely to be split evenly among each heroes, even when the weak hero dies; as well as (2) just send inside the new hero with troops, then a hero gets almost all of the exp.

Dungeons you've defeated can be raided again to be able to collect a lot more sources like Gold, mana, and also shards. The Particular exact drop charge associated with Shards will be uncertain, but judging coming from observations[1] there exists a distinction in between completing any dungeon in order to 100% and only completing the actual dungeon by 50-99%.. other option of this is utilizing Dungeon Entry Card which usually replenish 5 chances.

Completing a dungeon offers any chance to obtain Shards . Dungeon entries replenish - castle clash hack - in a rate regarding 1 likelihood per twenty minutes.

If you have 0 entries remaining, possibilities are 100 gems in order to get the full variety of 5 entries back; however, as it only takes 1h 40m to replenish 5 entries, this can easily be arguably a fairly pricey means of performing things. Drop rates associated with Shards can end up being acquired mostly and repeatedly every time an individual return back in order to any kind of dungeon levels.

Compared for you to Raids, Dungeons do not really cost Gold to become able to key in (but possess a restricted entry rate), create a smaller sized amount Gold and also Mana (on average), do certainly not price Honor if lost, and convey usually much more Honor if completed.

Completing Dungeons as a portion of your Quest Boards quest provides rewards like Gold, mana, HB, along with shards.

The Warehouse allows Merits being traded for Dungeon Cards, which provides much more Dungeon entries.


DungeonsPlayers begin along with 5 Dungeon entries

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