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How Girlboss's Sophia Amoruso Started Over After Bankruptcy and Divorce I gave it hell. But it was already too late. The bankruptcy news broke last November while I was in Australia promoting my second book, Nasty Galaxy . I was at a networking brunch where I was set to speak in front of a thousand women. When the death knell of your company is the breaking headline and youre literally under a spotlight, what do you do? I showed up. I covered the things I generally talk about onstage: my rise, my books, and what Ive learned along the way. And as much as I wanted to slip out of this public appearance without having to discuss the crumbling of my entire adult lifes work, I had to. All I could say, with tears running down my face, was, Hey, it was my first business, and I think I got pretty far. Because as a community-college dropout from Sacramento, Calif., with no pedigree, I did.

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29, 2009, file photo, former Houston Rockets basketball player Steve Francis is photographed in Houston. Los Angeles International Airport police say three-time NBA all-star Francis was booked for alleged public drunkenness. An airport spokesman says Francis was arrested Thursday night, Oct. 7, 2010, because he was intoxicated, unable to care for himself and was combative toward staff. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan, File) HOUSTON (AP) Former Houston Rockets star Steve Francis has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge over his November arrest in Texas. Francis was sentenced Tuesday in Houston to time served and fined $1,000. Court records show a felony retaliation charge against Francis, for allegedly threatening to assault an officer, was dismissed in February. Investigators say Francis was pulled over in Harris County, for allegedly speeding, when an officer smelled alcohol on him. Francis allegedly became belligerent prior to being arrested. Authorities say the judge, during sentencing, took into account that the 40-year-old Francis voluntarily entered an alcohol rehab program after his arrest and continues treatment.

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adult date in Houston

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