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World's oldest working model Carmen Dell'Orefice turns 80

ByDaily Mail Reporter

Updated: 08:41 EST, 4 June 2011

In an age obsessed with youth and beauty, Carmen DellOrefice is a welcome reminder that the two are not inextricably linked.

The veteran model this weekend celebrated her 80th birthday as she continues to be a hit on the catwalk.

The style icon and birthday girl has been modelling ever since she got on the cover of Vogue in 1946 at 15 years old.

Still got it: Octogenarian Carmen Dell'Orifice is still in high demand for catwalk shows and campaignsStill got it: Octogenarian Carmen Dell'Orifice is still in high demand for catwalk shows and campaigns

The grey-haired beauty is still in demand and this year walked at Alberta Ferrettis Pitti Uomo show and Adrienne Vittadinis Lincoln Center presentation.

In her 66 year career, Ms DellOrefice has graced the cover of Vogue six times and been the face of 14 cosmetic campaigns.

She had posed for photography legends including Richard Avedon, Irvin Penn, Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson.

Strike a pose: The grey haired beauty has captivated photographers with her poise and elegance

Worker: Carmen Dell Orifice has been working since she has her first Vogue cover aged 15Worker: Carmen Dell Orifice has been working since she has her first Vogue cover aged 15

Ms Dell'Orefice has become a stalwart of the modelling world, who has captivated photographers, illustrators and designers with poise and elegance that are enhanced by her chic silver hairstyle.

The champion for greying locks was born to Italian and Hungarian parents.

She had a troubled childhood and spent much of her early years living in foster homes and with relatives.

Vintage: Carmen Dell'Orifice has been the face of 14 beauty campaignsVintage: Carmen Dell'Orifice has been the face of 14 beauty campaigns

Her big break came in 1946 when she became one of the youngest ever cover girls for Vogue.

She appeared in the December issue as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella.

Ms DellOrefice has been married three times and has one daughter.

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How can 13 Year Olds Make Money Fast

The teenagers of this generation are really outgoing, talented and focused in their work. They do not like to accept defeat in their work and they work hard to achieve success. So, whether it is their educational performance or extra curricular activities, teenagers manage to find a way for success. Some teenagers also work part-time to fund their education. What the teenagers need is proper guidance and motivation which will give them the strength to excel in all walks of life.

How Can 13 Year Olds Earn Money?

Working in Restaurants

At the age of thirteen, you cannot expect someone to give you a job at the cash counter or as a waiter in a restaurant. However, you can surely work as a helper to the waiters and cashiers by doing small, yet important tasks for them. By doing such a job, teenage students will get practical exposure along with some quick money. This is certainly one of the best money making ideas for teens.

Article Writing

For those teens who have the expertise and also a flair for writing, article writing would be one of the fastest ways to make money. Website owners are constantly searching for quality talent in the field of creative writing who can deliver good and classy content for their readers. Depending on your performance, you can get paid on an hourly basis or on a per article basis. Ideally, these jobs can earn you $10 or more per hour.

Online Surveys

There are many companies who will actually pay you to fill brief surveys. The income potential for this job for teens could be between USD 40 to USD 75 per hour as per the view of market experts. However, before you accept any online job, you should take permission from your parents and verify whether these jobs are legitimate and legal in nature. Also check if there are any age restrictions for these jobs as many companies require online job seekers to be eighteen years old.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets of people is one of the fantastic money making ideas for thirteen year olds. However, teenagers wishing to do this job should have a love for different kinds of animals. It is possible to learn the techniques of taking care of pets by sufficient practice. Since many office going people have no time for pets, you can earn good amount of money by taking up this responsibility.

Singing and Music

Are you good at singing and music? If yes, then make the most of your talent by singing in musical concerts and shows as this can help you earn good money. Since singing is an art which always remains with a person, you can make use of it to be financially independent and for earning praise and respect in the society. If you know how to play a musical instrument, then it would be an added advantage for you.

Sales Job

Sales jobs, which involve door-to-door selling of the products of the company for which you work can also help thirteen-year olds earn some quick bucks. Teenagers can accompany senior sales executives at different locations and assist in the job. They can also expect attractive incentives and bonuses on performing better.

If you are good at arts such as painting, you can hold an exhibition of some of your finest work and earn money from the organizers of the exhibition. Other arts such as making greeting cards, sketching, etc., can help you make money to satisfy your basic needs. Though these suggestions are good enough, teenagers should not get carried away by money making and give equal importance to their education.

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Paris terrorists used disposable burner phones to hide plans. No evidence of encryption.

Paris terrorists used disposable burner phones to hide plans. No evidence of encryption. / Boing Boing


"Everywhere they went, the attackers left behind their throwaway phones."

Buried in the New York Times story Mark poked fun at earlier for its Crypto Panic vibe, a confirmation of sorts that there's really no evidence the terrorists used crypto at all. There is lots of evidence they used throwaway burner phones to evade detection while planning mass murder. Again, no evidence encryption, none, period. This is significant because these attacks, and similar ones that followed, are at the core of an anti-encryption charm offensive by the FBI and Department of Justice, now targeted at Apple's iPhone.

Ars Technica rehashes the details of the NYT piece and then puts it plainly:

Until we have stronger evidence to the contrary, it seems likely that encryption played little or no part in the Paris terrorist attacks.

The NYT story on the Paris attackers makes just as much (if not more) sense if you replace "encryption" with "magic" pic.twitter.com/1ATUU1fzRM

-- Christopher Soghoian (@csoghoian) March 20, 2016


crypto / encryption / paris

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Fitness First Vs California Fitness

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome, to tonights Main Event. In the Top corner, we have a Heavyweight Fitness Club based out of England, Boasting of international representation in at least 15 nations, spreading throughout Asia and Europe, and One Million Members Worldwide, Fitneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess Firrrsssttt.

And in the lower corner, a Heavyweight Fitness Club based out of the United States, with representation in at least 6 nations, mostly throughout Asia, and a slew of celebrity autographs on the Wall, Caaaaaaaaliforniaaaaaaaaaaaa Fitneeeeeeeeeesssss.

This match is scheduled for 4 rounds.Lets get Ready to Ruuuummmbllllllllleeee.

Ding Ding.

Round 1 Appearance/Location

Each fitness club looks modern and up to date. For the locations in Thailand, California Fitness is in downtown, highly populated locations. This helps to give California a better name as far as word of mouth travels. Fitness First is in locations which are more on the outskirts of downtown Bangkok. Not as High Class as California. This means two things really. Highly populated locations, means crowed facilities. Having to wait for weights, or benches, or machines is never fun. So really Round 1 is Socializing Crowd Vs. Comfort. For Me, that gives Round 1 to Fitness First, though the Socialites will score it differently. Fitness first also had a nice said of giveaways with membership; nice bag, water bottle, t-shirts.

Round 2 Locker rooms

Each Fitness center has nice locker rooms. More or less, there are adequate amounts of lockers and showers available. Steam rooms and Saunas are also available at both Fitness Clubs, although steam rooms are not available at every California Fitness branch. At Fitness First, each locker has keys in them. If a locker is available, the key will be there in a similar fashion to pay lockers at bus terminals and theme parks, although they are free. At California you have to buy a lock and bring it with you. If you forget the lock, or the key to the lock, you have to either put you clothes in a locker with not lock, or buy a new lock at California Fitness prices. California Fitness however, does offer towels, both shower towel, and hand towels where as Fitness First does not. Not having to worry about towels is nice. Round 2 is a tie for me. Each has there advantages and disadvantages.

Round 3 Memberships

Each fitness center can be considered expensive. There are first time membership fees, and then of course monthly payments with a 1 year contract. Depending on your ability to be sold, and/or haggle for a good price, the initial membership fees can be really high (US$300 THREE HUNDRED asked), to reasonable (US$25 TWENTY FIVE paid). That is simple though, and that is how Fitness First is. California was not as simple. California has a wide variety of membership colors; Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Of course each has different prices associated, but what all that means is, with a lower level of membership, you are limited to what days you can work out on. Certain number of days per week, and Fitness location limitations are put on each card. This is not to bad for those with a strict schedule, who will work out on the same time and same day and same location each time for that year, but for those whos schedule may vary, and for those who travel to other parts of town, let alone other countries, this can be a true limitation. Fitness first has two member ships, with only different payment schedules. And although their monthly payment is a bit higher (US$5 / month), there is complete freedom as to which day, time, location, and country you choose to work out in. Round 3 saw a strong Fitness First battling back.

Round 4 Equipment

Really, this is what it all boils down to. How is they equipment at the gym. That is why you are there, to exercise. As far as machines and free weights go, I would say Fitness First and California both have adequate supplies and space, though this goes back to round one, and how crowded the gyms are. Each fitness center does have the extras though. Rooms for Aerobics, Yoga, Body Combat, Cycling, etc. Though California offers a slightly better selection of aerobic and body combat classes for free, California has the cycling and yoga classes for additional fees, where as each class is free at Fitness First. Round 4 goes to Fitness First.


In the battle between the 2 great Heavy Weight Fitness Centers, There is a split decision. Over all they are close, but at the Heavy Weight Fitness centers like these, you expect more than the light weights, and for that reason, all of the extras matter. And when taking all of the extras into consideration, California seems more about Face than Fitness. So for those looking to socialize, California would be your choice. But for the Fitness of it, the Winner of this hard fought Battle is Fitness First.

By: Sabaidi Tea

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

This article, along with other tips and motivation for living a healthy lifestyle can be found at the Sabaidi Health Blog

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By: Marcus Boo | Jun 6th 2006 - Mastering the art of advertising with PPC can boost your profits and allow you to earn money online quickly and easily. With PPC as a powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, you can be sure to crush your competition and dominate your niche to earn money online successfully.

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By: Abrahem Mittell | Jun 5th 2006 - Fast money is the name of the game in this fast paced society that thrives on instant gratification. If you have to work hard for something and then don"t get it right away either, well that is just lame. So gone are the days of having the same job for 30 years and slowly building your fortune in strong solid secure types ...

Tags: fast moneyEasy Ways To Save Money

By: Barney Garcia | Jun 1st 2006 - People throw away hundreds of dollars a week without even realizing they are doing it. Lottery tickets, coffee, movie tickets, lunch or carwashes are all hidden factors. Not to mention all the money that is spent on outings on the weekend such as dinner, drinks or going out to a bar.

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By: Tomas Morkenson | Jun 1st 2006 - We as humans have always been fascinated with the prospect of easy money. That is why places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are such booming metropolises making billions of dollars per year on gambling earnings. People also religiously buy lotto tickets hoping to hit the big jackpot and instantly become wealthy enough to ...

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By: terryt | May 31st 2006 - Well perhaps lazy is too strong a word and complacent might fit the bill better.

It"s a startling headline but true that there are thousands of people worldwide that never bother to check how competitive their credit cards annual percentage rate is.

The truth is that most people who start off with a ...

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By: Trever Dellinious | May 17th 2006 - What are you waiting for? Haven't you realized that the future is in the internet arena whether is be online marketing or simply working for companies that are based and hire online employees. If you don't do it now you may always regret it because sooner or later you will be force to make the switch but you won't be in the ...

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By: money tips | May 12th 2006 - In 21st century, Internet is becoming a revolutionary media and also potential candidate for earning money. It opens up many opportunities to be rich. Paid survey is one of the arenas in Internet, where you can definitely earn good amount of money.

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By: Josephine Stungger | May 11th 2006 - The quick answer is that sure it is possible to make money without working. But then we have to slow down because that sounds too good to be true. So what is wrong with an answer to this question in the affirmative? Well it is true that people make money all the time without working, but then you have to define work.


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Here are some ways on how yo ...

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Adsense is a Google advertising tool that is placed ...

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What if someone offers you an opportunity to earn money in just a snap of a finger? Everybody would love to earn money without exerting too much effort.

For some people, the internet is just a bunch ...

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1. Mon ...

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However, you should choose what kind of onlin ...

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It is easy to think of a business but it is hard t ...

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If you think I'm exaggerating the ...

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With their busy s ...

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Whether you are overwhelmed with bills and expenses or just looking to save some extra cash for a nice family vacation, you basically have just two choices:

1. Make more money.

2. Lower your bills.

Making more mone ...

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What is autosurf and how can you make money with paid auto surf programs? Companies that have web sites will pay for traffic. They will pay to have ...

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By: Jon Hancock | Jan 14th 2006 - Okay, this is the first thing you should remember.YOU are the absolute most important factor for building your success to make money, whether your business is online or offline. This is a making money opportunity for everyone to consider.

I have personally researched successful and unsuccessful people throug ...

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By: Gordon Hinksworth | Dec 17th 2005 - Let"s face it, coming up with smart and simple ways of saving money takes thinking that is a bit more creative.

Use some of these shortcuts to managing your finances. They are guaranteed to save you time and money.

Trick your mind into saving

Can"t always come up with where ...

Tags: payday, cash, money, finance, income, wages

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A German exit from the euro could be relatively easy

The fundamental problem of the euro is widely seen as one of herding cats the impossibility of coordinating complex policies among 17 discordant nations, each with different interests, traditions and ideas. This is not true. The dividing line in Europe is much simpler. On one side are France, Italy, Spain and every other significant country, backed by the U.S., Britain, the IMF, the European Commission and the leadership of the European Central Bank, proposing serious and complex technical solutions based on genuine fiscal federation, which means the sharing of national debts. On the other side is Germany, occasionally supported by Finland, Austria and Slovakia, always saying Nein!

Every new veto threat from Angela Merkel increases Germanys embarrassing isolation, as Joschka Fischer, its former foreign minister, recently warned: Germany destroyed itself and the European order twice in the 20th century. It would be tragic and ironic if a restored Germany brought about the ruin of the European order a third time. But if Germanys role as spoiler is increasingly recognized, why dont the other countries do whatthis column suggested last week: Tell Merkel to put up or shut up either abide by majority decisions or leave the euro?

The standard answer is that Germany is the paymaster of Europe; so without Germany the euro zone would be bankrupt. Such metaphors are a lazy substitute for clear thinking. To see why, compare the consequences of Germany leaving with the Greek exit, which was described as manageable by European officials only a few weeks ago. German departure would be less disruptive than Grexit for three reasons.

First , a Greek devaluation would trigger capital flight from the next weakest country Spain, then Italy and France. Germany would not create such domino effects. Once the Deutschemark was restored and revalued, there would not be a next strongest country to attract capital flight. Of course, some people might still send their money from Italy or France to Germany, to speculate on further revaluation, but that would be no different from investment flows out of Europe at present into dollars, pounds or Swiss francs.

Second, and most crucially, the euro zone would become a more credible and coherent unit without Germany. Liberated from German obstruction, the ECB would be able to follow the examples of the U.S., Japanese, British and Swiss central banks, using quantitative easing to bring down interest rates to zero at the short end and to around 2 percent on long-term bonds. Just as important, the euro governments could finally form a genuine fiscal union, using the entire fiscal capacity of the euro zone to back jointly guaranteed eurobonds. The euro zone could then be treated again as a single economic unit, comparable to the U.S., Japan or Britain and in terms of key fiscal ratios it would score well. Public deficits in euroland ex Germany were 5.3 percent of GDP in 2011, according to the IMF, compared with roughly 9 percent in Britain and 10 percent in the U.S. and Japan. Gross debt (including financial bailouts) was 90.4 percent of GDP, against 98 percent, 103 percent and 205 percent in Britain, the U.S. and Japan, respectively. Trade deficits were much smaller than in Britain or the U.S. In short, euroland without Germany would be far from bankrupt and the key reason for the euro crisis isnt lack of competitiveness but Germanys refusal to mutualize and monetize public debts.

Third, a euro break-up caused by Germany withdrawing would be far less chaotic from a legal standpoint than a break-down in which the euro disintegrated as weak countries were pushed out. The euro without Germany would remain a legal currency, governed by the same treaties as before. International contracts in euros would be legally unaffected, but simply devalued in terms of new German marks or dollars, just as British contracts were devalued when the pound fell from $2 to $1.40 from 2008 to 2009. Only contracts within Germany governed by German domestic law, for example retail bank deposits and wage deals, would be redenominated intomarks. The German government would face no legal challenge if it decided to save money by repaying bonds in devalued euros (as specified in the contract) instead of converting them into marks (as speculative investors might hope).

None of this means that a German exit would be painless. German export companies would lose sales because of the strong mark. Most German banks would have to be recapitalized by the government, since their mark liabilities would not be matched by devalued assets in the euro zone. The Bundesbank would probably require the biggest recapitalization in history, since its loans to the Target2 clearing system run by the ECB (698 billion euros at the end of May and rapidly rising) would only be repaid in devalued euros.

But these would all be local difficulties for Germany, not existential threats for the whole of Europe. For the rest of Europe, a euro without Germany would be perfectly feasible and even attractive. Pressuring Germany to leave the euro therefore need not be an empty threat.

If European leaders can only make Merkel understand that she seriously risks exclusion from the euro, she may start to behave in a more cooperative way. In that case, the costs and benefits of actually expelling Germany will never have to be tested.

PHOTO: A man holding an umbrella in the colors of the European Union enters the Chancellery in Berlin before talks between government and opposition leaders about the EU fiscal pact, June 21, 2012. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Mar 8, 2016 at 08:02 o\clock

5 rules you MUST follow to make money from food

It may sound obvious, but an exhaustive, well-thought-out business plan is a must, says Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research at the United States' National Restaurant Association.

"For a restaurant operator to ensure long-term success, it's very important for them to have clearly thought-out their concept, and, more importantly, who the http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=38586535&u=38604389 - apps - target demographic is for that concept," he says.

A plan -- one that anticipates any potential kinks -- is equally important in the food truck business, says Matt Geller, CEO and co-founder of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association. Geller has assisted in the set-up of similar groups across the globe.

2. Don't assume customers will find you"Having a customer-acquisition plan is one of the things I see many food trucks not do," says Geller.

"But you have to figure out how you're going to bring the customers in."

While food vendor events, such as those organized by London's KERB, bring in some good ancillary revenue, Geller says it's a mistake to rely on these events for word-of-mouth promotion.

"Those markets, while great, create a false sense of security. You don't want to depend on someone else to get you customers. What if they decide they don't like you, or someone else comes up that they like more? That's no way to run a business."

3. Be innovativeAccording to Riehle, there are 60,000 new restaurant openings in the United States alone every year (and 50,000 closures). That makes for a lot of competition. As diners the world over have been eating out for decades, now, their expectations have grown considerably as well.

"The typical consumer palate is more sophisticated than ever. Restaurant customers are much more knowledgeable about basic food and beverages now than at any other point in time," he says.

Items that were once considered "ethnic" eats -- such as Chinese and Mexican -- he says are now deemed run-of-the-mill. As a result, more niche ethnic eats, and ethnic fusion has started to become more popular.

Gellar agrees that for food trucks, it's all about concept.

"The more funky your cuisine, the better it's going to play," he says.

"Whether you're doing Indian food, healthy food or burgers, your cuisine needs to really innovate and have a different take -- that's what works."

4. Test your marketEven if you're debating opening up a brick-and-mortar restaurant, food trucks can be the most efficient way to test what works.

"They've become a very important testing ground, not only for different products, but also for established brands to decide where to extend, by putting mobile food units into new locations," Riehle notes.

"They're also good for testing new products in new locations, and getting a read on if a 'limited-time offering' should become a permanent menu item."

5. Budget for failureRestaurants are expensive to launch, and getting regular customers can take time. Operational costs, however, aren't going to wait for the uptick. Riehle advises budgeting in the first one to three years of operational costs, so that if anything goes wrong, you're not left struggling to get by.

Trucks are less expensive, but unlike with restaurants, it's tricky to secure funding.

"Cash in your 401Ks [retirement plan], beg families, save up. That's one big issue in the food truck industry, because we haven't seen a lot of financiers come in to say, 'we want to help you guys get started,'" says Geller.

Geller says that it is also still vital to bank on slow times.

"If I was being careful, I'd say budget for $50,000, and that's with down payments, and giving yourself time to fail, time to launch your truck and have bad months," he says.

Want more career advice? Watch the video below for tips from a bubble tea mogul.

Read more: Why flowers are the next big thing

Read more: Make money from fashion

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website of corporate giveaways and promotional items in Manila Philippines?

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