Apr 20, 2016 at 10:55 o\clock

16,000 Attend La Feria de la Familia (Family Fest)

Doris Irizarry, a northerner who easily adapted to her new Florida home, accidently started writing for a newspaper when an editor asked if she'd be interested in taking photos at a concert. She provided photos as well as a review and surprisingly both were published, from which Doris gained her own entertainment writing column. Doris commenced as a local Examiner -- Tampa Cultural Examiner and now on the national level as a Latin Music Examiner. She's covered the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, the Billboard Latin Awards in Miami and many other important events. Apart from being an Examiner, shes an income tax preparer manager and her past times are gardening, selling, volunteering, and interior decorating - - including being a handy 'gal.' Contact: treasureworld247@aol.com

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