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Cardio Workout Routine

Cardio workouts  can be very helpful to those who want to lose weight the natural way, they include rigorous exercises such as running, jump rope, boxing, dancing, swimming and step aerobics just to mention a few. They promote proper heart health while also keeping you fit, trainers can shed weight fast if they perform these workouts regularly. For even better results consult your physician or gym-trainer, these professionals can help construct an appropriate workout program based on your body.


For starters, this training drastically reduces the level of LDL cholesterol thus enhancing the heart’s pumping capacity. It leads to increased stamina and energy levels which are very helpful in burning out excess calories. The routine promotes sufficient bone mass and muscular tone. Moreover, a good workout schedule drastically reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases and osteoporosis. Always prepare a proper regimen before starting your weight-loss program, this is the only way to instill discipline and get proper results.

Cardio for Beginners

Beginners should always start slow and gain momentum with time, though initially the exercises may seem tough one is advised to motivate themselves and also monitor their progress. Training can be done at any convenient location using machines or your own body, beginners should progressively add a few extra minutes to their workout while carefully gauging what they can handle. Treadmill walking is one of the most effective training schedules under this category, it should be done in the following way:

Warm up by slowing down the machine’s pace and running for about 3 minutes.

 Steadily increase the pace with heightened stamina. Run till the point that you can’t talk properly due to tiredness, and then stop immediately.

 Thereafter, try to add an extra 3 minutes to each of your successive training sessions.

Climbing the stairs is also a good form of cardio and serves to strengthen your legs as well, therefore the next time you’re tempted to use an elevator be wise and take the stairs. Follow this simple Cardio workout routine and all would be well with you.

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How to Buy a Soccer Ball

You can play soccer without soccer cleats. You can also play soccer without the proper jersey and shorts. But you can definitely not play soccer without the soccer ball. If you are just starting to play the sport, it is highly ideal that you own a soccer ball. Having one will encourage you to practice on your own at home and whenever you’re training. But because of the wide selection of soccer balls that are offered by many soccer specialty and sports stores, buying that all important soccer ball can be a headache. To help you narrow down your choices, here are a few things to keep in mind when you head out to the store.

First things first. How will the soccer ball be used? Are you buying for an official match? A local match? Or for training? And who will use it? These are the important questions to ask yourself. Once you’ve determined these things, you can now head to the soccer store and choose your soccer ball.

Second, go to a store that has knowledgeable sales personnel. It’s always helpful when your questions about products are answered. So look for a store that specializes in soccer merchandise.

Third, you should know the different sizes of soccer balls. If you’re buying it for an adult, the standard size is 5. For children 8 to 12 years, the right size is four; and for children ages 8 and below, the ideal size for them is size 3.

Fourth, if you’re buying a soccer ball for an official match, make sure it is of the highest quality by checking if it is FIFA approved or FIFA inspected. This means that the ball meets the international standards of FIFA for soccer balls used for professional matches.

Fifth, you have to check the ball yourself. Get a feel of the ball, bounce it on the floor, or lightly play around with it at the store. This will help you get a good feel of the ball.

Things to remember: High quality balls are usually stitched so take note of this. However, if you’re only buying the ball for your three-year-old, you don’t really need to buy expensive or high end ones.

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Soccer Rules for Beginners

When you are a beginner player in soccer, there’s nothing more exciting and nerve wracking than your first game. Once you’ve learned the basic skills, you have to know the basic rules and laws in soccer so you can play matches. The following are rules and laws for an 11-aside game:

1) The field of play. You have to familiarize yourself with the proper areas of the field like the goal line and half line, so you know where to go during the game.

2) The ball size for adults is the size 5 soccer ball.

3) The number of players for each team should be eleven, including the goalkeeper.

4) The only things that you can bring to the pitch are your soccer uniform, shin guards, and soccer cleats. Goalkeepers can bring their gloves, of course.

5) One referee will handle the game.

6) There are two linesmen who assist the referee and they hold their flags up when the ball goes out of the field to signify which team has possession of the ball. And also other tasks like offside and others.

7) The duration of the game is 90 minutes, divided into two halves with 45 minutes each.

8) The start of play happens at the start of the match where both teams stay in position on their half of the field. The ball is placed in the middle of the half line and possession is determined through coin toss.

9) Ball is in when the ball is played on the field and ball out is when it goes out of the field.

10) A team scores when a goal is made. Own goals are credited to the opposing team.

11) Offside happens when an attacker receives a pass from a teammate and there is no defender behind him.

12) Misconducts and violations of the rules of the game results to fouls.

13) A free kick is given when a minor foul is made.

14) A penalty kick is given when a major foul is made inside the penalty area.

15) A throw-in is made when the opposing team was the last person to touch the ball before it went out of the side lines.

16) A goal kick is made by the goalkeeper within the goal box when the attacking team made the last touch before it went out of the goal line.

17) A corner kick is given to the attacking team when the last touch was made by the defending team before it went out of the goal line.

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Dunga's Back, Sid On James, Alternative Juventus Guide, No Russia 2018?, Man City Racial Abuse, Euro Clubs Stateside

You know, we figured we'd close SSN Headquarters for another day and enjoy the quiet of the summer, but for some reason, we couldn't stay away. It's not that there's anything really happening out there (there's not), it's just that we need to get our fix. And what better way to do that than with the honorable Sid Lowe? Real Madrid purchased everyone's favorite Colombian World Cup darling James Rodríguez the other day and El Sid is curious as to whether the new galáctico will fit into Real Madrid masterplan. Have a look.

Manchester City Under-21s? Yep. Playing a friendly in Croatia. Racially abused? Yep.

Here's something a bit more light: Man City's kit man has retired after 22 years and he's got some interesting anecdotes.

The World Cup. Remember Brazil? How awesome was it to see Big Phil and Co. get their asses handed to them by Germany? It was fabulous. We loved it. Schadenfreude, indeed. Anyway, the powers that be in the Brazilian FA have decided to right the ship by bringing back the man in the shirt, Dunga. Best of luck, Old Boy. Fernando Duarte is not impressed. He thinks Brazil is taking a step backward with this appointment. Tim Vickery isn't so sure he can handle it, either.

Speaking of the World Cup, the next one is in Russia. Good, Lord. They've got some challenges to face, to say the least. The sane among us (thank you, Germany) don't think they should be able to host the thing. Let's hope that argument gains momentum.

We should probably take a look at Major League Soccer. Here are some Power Rankings.

A slew of major European clubs are currently Stateside attempting to get ready for the season and enhance their brands. Want to watch them in action? Here are all the TV listings. Things get going tonight with Toronto vs. Spurs, Sporting KC vs. Man City, Liverpool vs. Roma, and LA assGalaxy vs. Manchester United.

The Gentleman Ultra is back. For this installment of his series of Alternative Serie A Guides, he provides us with Juventus. Grazie mille!

And finally...Bojan Krkic. Remember that guy? The Bojan was supposed to be "the next Messi" and lead Barcelona into the future. He now belongs to Stoke.



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Win a copy of NEYMAR: The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10

Neymar: The Making of the World's Greatest New Number 10 by Luca Caioli

Neymar: The Making of the World's Greatest New Number 10

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the new global football superstar, already acclaimed as ‘the next Pele‘. He is the player everyone wants to watch in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, his home country.

Neymar has twice been elected the best player in South America while playing for Santos; and with Barcelona, who signed him for 57 million euros, he is destined for great things alongside Lionel Messi.

In NEYMAR: The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10, Luca Caioli’s book recounts Neymar’s life and career so far through exclusive private access to his friends, his family, his coaches, his teammates, his advisors and his fans.

Free Football Book Competition


Buzzin Football has 5 copies of  NEYMAR: The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10 by Luca Caioli to giveaway.

To enter the competition all you need to do is correctly answer the following question:

From which Brazilian football team did Neymar sign for Barcelona?

a) Sao Paulo

b) Santos

c) Corinthians

Send your entries to with ‘neymar book’ in the subject line (any other subject title will be not be entered) with your answer and your full address and contact telephone number.

This Buzzin Football Book Competition ends on 30th April, 2014. The editor will randomly choose 5 winners.

The editor’s choice is final.

NEYMAR: The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10 by Luca Caioli is published by Icon Books priced £8.99 paperback / £7.99 ebook).

Amazon | Waterstones

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