Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening Salons

Oct 13, 2017 at 06:56 o\clock

Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening Technique – Good or Bad!

There are many manufacturers for hair straightener’s products in the Japanese market however the one that stands out is Liscio. Customer’s reviews and feedbacks about Liscio Japanese hair straightening products are very positive and hence the demand of the product is growing. So what is Liscio? 

Liscio Japanese hair straightening product has gained a good reputation in the Japanese market as the product assures to give your hair a healthy and shiny look. Not only is managing the hair an easy task but it will also look naturally beautiful.


Liscio is perfect for people who have wavy and curly hair, which is difficult to manage, and at times difficult to straighten. Straightening the hair mainly depends on the hair stylist you choose. Even if you get hold of the world’s best hair product but hand it over to any cheap stylist who has no or minimal experience you will definitely end up damaging your hair. The hair needs to be strong enough to withhold the effects the chemical would do once they are applied. The best person to guide you about this is your hair stylist. Also, they can give you an idea about the duration it would take to complete the procedure.

There are different procedures to be followed for different types of hair. For hair that has not undergone any kind of treatments and for those that have been previously processed, the procedure is different. Only an experienced hair stylist can follow the right technique prior to using Liscio Japanese mane straightening products. For dull and limp hair it is imperative to get them treated with collagen or keratin so that they can withstand the Liscio application.

We strictly recommend that Liscio Japanese hair uncurling system must be done by an expert, however mentioned below are steps on how the procedure is performed. This will give you an insight on what you can expect when you visit the salon.


1. Clean your hair by washing it thoroughly before applying the Liscio system.

2. Apply the straightening system to damp hair. Start applying the relaxer first to the ends of your hair and then working it upwards. Avoid the roots of the hair.

3. Cover the entire head with a plastic wrap and heat it under the dryer. Once the hair is evenly heated, wash thoroughly and dry your hair.

4. Start to flatten hair using a ceramic straightener. This is a very important procedure as it restructures your hair to give the hair the straight shiny look. Just take care that you do not end up burning your hair.


Liscio Japanese hair smoothening technique is quite pleasing only if a professional hair stylist has done it. However, most importantly once the procedure is completed you need to follow the hair care instructions religiously in order to maintain the healthy look of the hair. Smooth silky hair has been desired by most and hence the Japanese people have created their own Liscio technique to straighten frizzy tresses.