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Aug 30, 2005 at 21:41 o\clock

End of the Fringe!

Sorry I was gone so long, my pc was screwed and I was ill. The last nights of the festival were awesome, not only did a woman win the Perrier, but she was completely unknown and did great character sketch stuff, pissing everyone else off because she does not do ‘stand up’. Good on her I say! It was funny to listen to all the ‘BOYS’ who thought they had been robbed. At the Perrier party I met Nica who runs the awards and she commiserated that I never got a nomination but told me I was in the final 10… (They have been saying that for the past three years to me! I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad yet!).



I also have a nasty cough and chest infection, Ashley is ill and we are so glad to be home. I have filmed my gig and have it on mini disc also so it should be going on my website soon, I hope!


I had great fun and I still don’t know if ‘you know who’ killed the man who killed my mother…so that maybe an ongoing saga by all accounts.

I am currently writing a new play and it’s got me all excited, it’s a serious play and it should be going into rehearsal soon as I wrote it last night and have booked the space to try it out. No doubt it will need lots of reshaping but that’s the good part about the whole writing process. I am so happy to be doing something different from comedy for a wee change.

Talk soon…Janey.

Aug 26, 2005 at 23:57 o\clock

Sorry I am late but I nearly died…

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog…


So Wednesday night I ate some sushi at 7pm, then about half an hour later my body started to swell and I went into mild anaphylactic shock! I ended up in hospital wired to machines as my body started to kill me… and they injected me with various adrenaline and steroid drugs to keep me alive.


So I then made it out of the hospital and got on stage...Huraah! Life at the Fringe…I love it!!


I was so wired with adrenaline and fear that I almost climbed up onto the rig and screamed from the rafters, there was two reviewers in and I cannot even begin to imagine what they will write about that drug fuelled show… but fuck em’ I am still alive.


So I was woken up early on Thursday morning by Brendon Burns standing at my door holding a nuns outfit and told me to get into it as we were going to meet Paul Provenza flying into Edinburgh. I know what your thinking, NUNS OUTFIT? Yes… that’s what you always wear when meeting American Film Producers at an airport…what’s up with you guys?


Paul is in town for his premier of the film Aristocrats that he produced/directed. He is also a good mate and great US comic. So there we were standing at Edinburgh airport holding big cardboard signs saying GOD waiting at the arrival gate, we waited and waited…no Paul. We start to get worried he is not on the plane. Ricky Gervais came out and gave us a smile…still no Provenza, by this time we are all comedy-ed out and getting impatient. Just as we were about to disband our nun convention, Provenza sauntered out and COMPLETELY IGNORED US ALL and then turned round and laughed. It was slightly anti-climatic but fun none the less.


I then performed my own show and went onto host Funny Women, then went over to the So You think Your Funny party, I got drunk. I don’t get drunk often and for the first time in years I am on medication (steroids for the allergy) that states you cannot drink alcohol and that’s fine COZ I hardly drink…I fucking got well pissed and did not make the film premier this morning. Ashley went to the Aristocrats Movie, she loved it. Whilst she was there she met everyone who was at last nights party and was told that her mother was staggering around the party last night with two young boys dancing sexily, wrapped around a pole with a vodka bottle wedged firmly between her tits. NICE!


She has just chastised me for my debauched behaviour, I cannot wait till she goes to Uni and I can have fun, I like the dancing/sexy boys/vodka tit thing.


Murder Accusation Update…

Him-“My head hurts don’t accuse me of murder today”

Me-“Ok my head hurts as well, let’s hug”






Aug 24, 2005 at 16:52 o\clock

Windy Wednesday…

Murder Accusation at End of Blog…


Edinburgh was rocked by the windiest night last night, at 2am the windows and doors in our flat shook and trembled and the trees outside looked like they were having a come down from crack when I looked out of the window. No doubt the fucking seagulls survived that! Bastards!


Had a good night despite the crew from Swedish TV Arts programme following me about! I am part of their main arts show as they loved my book and comedy! How odd…Sweden? But I love that people who live in a totally different culture get my humour.


Had a wonderful night at the gig and the ‘Funny Women’ show was very interesting… you had to be there!


Murder Accusation Update…

Him-“Leave me alone scary fat woman”

Me-“Tell me you did it?”


Me-“Are you innocent?”

Him-“Yes…now go learn to bake!”

Aug 23, 2005 at 17:41 o\clock

Tuesday and Rain

Murder Accusation at End of Blog

I was awoken by the Swedish TV People who called to see when is best to come interview me… I was asleep and can’t recall anything they said!

I have spent this fringe asleep most of the time! Did the 60 acts in 60 minutes for BBC show last night and it was wicked!

Ashley asked me to cut her fringe this morning and to be honest I think I am not really a hairdresser but got out the big kitchen scissors and made a not to bad job of it all, may give up comedy to start my own fringe cutting service.

I am counting the days till I go home, not because I hate this fringe because I do feel genuinely tired a lot and that’s worrying me a bit. Got a nice write up in the Independent today and that’s lovely.

Apparently my performance on BBC Scotland show ‘Scunnered’ last night went down well, I never saw it as I was on stage but Ashley watched and is very proud of me. She is also reading my book ‘Handstands in The Dark’ and it is unsettling me as I don’t want her to read my autobiography as I am worried how she will feel about
it, but she is insistent. Hope she feels ok about it all.

Murder Accusation Update…
Him-“I am off home”
Me-“Are you off to kill anyone?”
Him-“No…you nutcase. I need to collect mail, stop
fantasising me as some Leon type of hit man, I am not French”

Aug 22, 2005 at 18:59 o\clock


Murder Accusation Update at end of Blog


Show went great last night despite being an odd Sunday rainy night and it was really good fun, my kind of audience, all nutty and up for anything!


Then I went onto to MC the Funny Woman show at the late night slot, it was fucking great … trust me! I was amazed to be on the same bill as other females, as we normally are well spread out over the entire country! The women were all well funny and it’s a great value show.


Was woke up this morning by BBC Radio 5Live who called me at 9am to ask me if I wanted to be a guest on their Live show at 11am, I said YES and promptly fell back asleep, then at 11am my mobile rang loudly and I simply leaned over, picked up the phone FARTED and coughed then realised I was LIVE ON AIR! I was so tired and in my dreamy head four wee happy bushy squirrels were dancing to “I Love to love” by the 70’s disco star Tina Charles! Go happy dancing squirrel GO! Then I realised I was being asked a question by the interviewer about language and dialect and my brain was DEAD. But I managed to point out that yes…Tony Blair does have a generic English accent for someone who was born in SCOTLAND! How I laughed, how the squirrels danced and then I chatted more about Glasgow words, the show ended and I fell back to sleep.


I woke up at 12 midday and laughed as I dreamt I had been live on air talking mad shite, then realised IT WAS TRUE! I need to get more sleep and stop doing too many late night shows!

Got a lovely write up in the Scotsman today about Ashley and I on stage at SPANK!


Murder Accusation Update…


Him-“I hate it when you keep asking me mental questions”

Me-“Did you do it?”

Him-“No a squirrel

Aug 21, 2005 at 16:04 o\clock

Lazy Sunday

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog…


Last night was so busy; the gig was rammed and hot but great fun. Later on Ashley and I then did a ‘double act fight club’ at SPANK! She got to shout back at me after me slagging her off on my act for years…it was fun! She swore really loudly and that disturbed me no end, as despite me having a nasty tongue, I have never wanted to hear her swear at me.


Was having a lovely long lie this morning when fifteen resplendent Bagpipers stood outside my window on our flat on the Royal Mile and fucking bagpiped really loudly, that shit is only good when it’s on another hill in the distance. Ashley sat up with black panda eyes and pushed up her window and SCREAMED at them to FUCK OFF! That’s my girl, sometimes I like her swearing!


Got a lovely review in The Mail on Sunday and am critics choice in The Sunday Herald!


Breast lump hurts but I suppose that’s ok and is getting it checked again this week.


Every poster I have up on the streets have been covered over constantly by the biggest names on the Fringe who are reportedly ‘selling out more than ever’ so why do they need that many posters up and taxi’s covered in their image? Is that not a waste of time/paper and money? I can understand at the start of the fringe when their GIGANTIC posters go up, but to keep up the campaign despite ‘selling out’ do they need to keep pasting over all the other sites? This is NOT a rant at said acts as I know they have no fucking idea of where or who puts them up, but just a general gripe! Grrrrrr….


Murder Accusation Update…

Him-“Can you please not ask me today as now 35 people have stopped me and asked me if I killed that man!”


Me-“Ok seeing as its Sunday I will let you off with murder”

Aug 20, 2005 at 15:52 o\clock

Saturday in Edinburgh…

Murder Accusation at End of Blog


Met the lovely Jamie Theakston yesterday and gave him a flyer, he was very tall. After chatting I headed home as I was supposed to be the walk on for Howard Reid’s Show but he forgot and had Demitri Martin there instead, so I headed for home.


Spent the whole day reading a good book and then headed off for my show at 9pm. It went good, am happy with that.


Walked up to the GB library bar for late night chit chat and who did I see but the tall Mr Theakston yet again…this time I shuffled past in case he thought I was stalking him.


“Janey” he shouted and waved my flyer at me. I was worried as Karen Koren was in ear shot and would have thought I had just flyered him ( that’s so bad as my venue is the Underbelly and NOT GB) and I hadn’t, he still had the same flyer from day time.

“Tell me what crime it says you committed on this flyer” he demanded as I walked over to him. So I did, I explained that last year I forged a will to get free from police after being caught with serious amount of weapons and explosives in our old house.


He laughed and we chatted about comedy and stuff, then Simon Fanshawe came and shook my hand and explained he LOVED my show and had brought along the widow of John Smith MP and she too had a fab time!


I don’t drink and decided time to go home and finish that book (how rock and roll am I?).


Murder Accusation Update…

Him-“Yes I did it…go tell the police and have me arrested”

Me-“Did you?”

Him-“No, but I am bored with your questions!”





Aug 19, 2005 at 19:37 o\clock

Friday is Sunny!

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog


I love the sunshine, I slept well with no nightmares and that makes me HAPPY, though I have now got THREE spots on my face…maybe I am going back in time?


Ok the year is 1979, I am finally 18 years old and am off to buy vodka and dance at the local disco. My curly hair is IN thanks to Olivia Newton John’s appearance in Grease, and yet I can still be post punk thanks to my inherent state of poverty beautifully handed down to me by my parents and their forbearers…safety pins are tres chic!


I am desperately trying to get a job after having lived for nearly a year in the seaside (shit town, smelly beach) of Redcar and I am dreaming of being a disc jockey, yet there seems to be a distinct lack of enthusiasm from my local Glasgow JobCentre…”Did I want to be a secretary?” No I fucking did not and my constant sweary-ness would hamper any chance of that! I have a great collection of music, which is my immense passion in life…can women be DJ’s? No apparently!


So at the age of eighteen, I decide I am going to travel…this time outside UK and hope that my poverty and Glasgow smell does not follow me. Problem is I need money, so I take a job waitressing in said LOCAL DISCO and love meeting people and making enough cash to buy a new dress and my first real haircut in a salon, not my crazy drunk mother attacking my curls with defiant Protestantism and blunt scissors, it resembled my hair being cut with wooden spoons!


Surely things can only get better? Well they did, I met the local disco’s owners son and start my first big love affair (sex and everything, he doesn’t even get tangled in my hair!) and well… the rest is history. We married the next year and next month we will celebrate our Silver wedding anniversary.


I did eventually get to travel the world, but not as a DJ but as a comic and I don’t regret much (some stuff I do, but I can’t tell you all that)


Murder Accusation Update…


Him-“Do you want to go on holiday to celebrate our anniversary?”


Me-“Did you kill that man?”


Him-“I am trying to be romantic, why do you bring murder into that?”


Me-“Come on tell me”


Him-“Your hair and tongue needs cut”







Aug 18, 2005 at 15:27 o\clock

Thursday is Weird!

Murder Accusation at end of blog…


Had fun last night and am really loving this Fringe…I am feeling less tired and had the best time at Mark Watson’s 36 hour extravaganza, I got up and let people feel my breast lump. How we laughed! Brendon Burns decided it was not a lump, just my TIT! (Only Brendon!)


The show is fine and cant wait till I get through the whole thing every night, it’s a true statement that ‘Only The Stage Can set Me Free!’. The people who come up afterwards and tell me they loved it does make it all so worthwhile.


I have had no scary experiences since the near fatal car crash and the scary breast lump, so I fear today’s blog will be boring!


Ashley and I are doing a double act on SPANK this Saturday and that should be fun! She really makes me laugh like no one else!


Murder Accusation Update…


Him-“I didn’t do it I tell you”


Me “Really?”


Him-“Why would you think that?”


Me-“Coz you would be capable”


Him-“I am so not capable of murder, mind you he was a right nasty man”


Me-“So did you?”


Him-“Shoosh, woman go hang up the washing”


Aug 18, 2005 at 15:19 o\clock

Radio Ga Ga…

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog…


I had to go back to Glasgow today to do the Book Show on Radio Clyde. It’s a radio book review show and the guy loved my book so I am very happy about that.


Show last night sold well and am very happy that I have a good five star review on my posters, I also did a stint on Mark Watson 36 hour show, I went on and got a couple of people to feel my breast lump and we discussed cancer, which was fun! Well it is alternative comedy!


No dead birds outside my door today and that can only be a good omen, though I have decided to buy a crossbow and shoot the Gulls for a Fringe past time.


Had a good few comics come see the show last night and that always makes me feel good, no big celebs, just hard working comics who like something different!


Murder accusation Update…


Him-“I am not going to answer any questions today, but you can write then down if you want but it must be in a black pen”


Me-“Did you kill him?”


Him-“Is is written in black pen?”


Me-“No, but can you answer me?”





Aug 16, 2005 at 16:30 o\clock

Tuesday is a dull day

Murder Accusation at End of Blog


One sore knee, two sore tonsils, one slight hangover, one persistent breast lump and two dead pigeons in backyard.


Can’t believe that there are more dead birds on my door step?? What is that about? Is there a MAFIA BIRD ORGANISATION working in Edinburgh and if so why cant they put a contract out on the fucking Gulls?


More books sold last night at the venue and that is good news for my daughter who is going to Uni in September as she needs the cash!


I get my news for my biopsy this week and am hoping its good news…never the less I will cope if otherwise as I am STRONG JANEY and can take any hand I am dealt with! (I convince myself).


Had a great audience in last night and despite the lack of reviews being printed (I have had so many in but not in print yet) I am keeping up good numbers.


Was so pleased to see Noel Faulkner’s show ‘Shake Rattle and Noel’ get a good 4 star review as that show is awesome. I loved it and anyone reading this who is looking for a good show to go see, should check it out.





Him-“I didn’t do it; you will get me put in prison at this rate”



Me-“No I wont, it is ART”



Him-“People are asking me in the street”


Me-“See I have widened your social circle”

Him-“Shut up”




Aug 15, 2005 at 20:31 o\clock

Tiredness Can Kill

Murder Accusation at the End of This Blog--------------


Three hours sleep with screaming Gulls in the back ground and nightmares, one spot on my chin, one annoying breast lump, one five star review and a toe blister.



God I am so tired… and the nightmares are worse if anything. Though I am having a great time on stage and still trying to work out a way to KILL the Seagulls that scream at my window. Honestly it would be easier to kill a president than those noisy fuckers! I swear to God that if that were kids making that noise they would be served an ASBO on them, why do they big fat white pigeon killing noisy screamers make that noise and why cant the go live near the SEA? It’s in their name for fucksake!


Can you tell they are getting to me? YES!


I am thinking of buying a crossbow and sitting at my window and shooting them en masse. A Gull Cull is what we need!


Life goes on and the show is doing fine, I love being up there and yet I am worried more and more about this fucking lump, I know I shouldn’t but its hard not to.


Murder Update……..


Him-“Don’t even ask me today, I know what you want to know and I am not even going to grant that question with an answer, do you really believe I am capable of murder?”


Me-“Not sure… did you kill that man who murdered my mum?”


Him-“Do you want me to kill the Seagulls?”


Me-“So you can murder birds?”


Him-“If you really think they deserve to die”




Him-“No… I don’t kill birds, remember that man who killed your mum killed a Swan, I don’t kill defenceless birds”


Me-“Only people then?”


Him-“Shut up and go hug a gull ya moany bitch”

Aug 14, 2005 at 16:01 o\clock

Car Crash and night time fun

Murder Accusation Update at end of this Blog-----


Two spots on my chin, one insistent breast lump, one more reviewer and a near fatal car crash!

Last night was great! I had a sold well, the show went well and I decided to walk home and eat cake when I got there. I walked happily down the road that leads to the Scotsman building near where I live, and just as I reached the Dumbiedykes Estate (A sprawling housing estate where a new born baby was found abandoned 2 nights ago next to the Parliament -who called it that name?) a red car came screeching out of the main gates.


The screaming of the tyres made me stop and stare, the red car careered out of control and took the arse of a taxi that was going IN to the housing complex, the red car then lost control further and swerved dangerously towards ME standing on the ‘normally quiet’ pavement. I was rooted with fear as I saw the faces on the guys driving it right towards me, it’s arse arched dangerously in my direction with sparks flashing off the road and covering me, I threw myself to the left and watched as the car tried to gain control, but then sped off down the road of the WRONG side and almost smashed into an on coming car!


I managed to get the number plate and then vomited all over the ground, I was so fucking scared! I was nearly hit by that mental car; I am convinced that I AM REALLY the EPI-CENTRE of disaster! Why me?


The police were called and they took all the details, I called home and my husband came to meet me, I was really frightened, I am not joking… I thought I was going to die on that street!

Woke up this morning to a great review in the Observer, it is fantastic! Also it is NATIONAL and that can only be a good thing for me! Hurrah!


Murder Accusation Update-----

Him-“Don’t even bother to ask me, next you will be saying I ‘arranged’ that car to come and get you”


Me-“No I would not say that as you would not want me dead would you?”




Me-“I love you…lets go home and have great sex then I will cook”


Him-“No your cooking is murder”

Aug 13, 2005 at 16:56 o\clock

Spank is Great!

Murder Accusation at end of this BLOG…


Three spots, two more reviewers, one impending eye infection, one annoying static breast lump, three more dead pigeons on our doorway, ten more books sold and a frightening insect bite on my arse…


The show sold well last night and I am having great fun,

can’t say any more than that! Must admit that I loved the Spank! Show last night, it is just such fucking fun, all those people crammed in and having great fun getting to see a variety of acts. My daughter and I are going to do a double act for one night only at SPANK!, and it should be fun, she promises to get me back for EVERYTHING I have ever said about her on stage all her life…well if there is ONE woman who can beat me by mouth IT’S HER!


Ashley (my daughter) is still working hard and I hardly get to see her, last night at 3am we got together for a good chat and she made me laugh so loudly at her VERY POLITICALLY INNCORRECT pastiche of the video of Lionel Ritchie’s pop song “Hello”…you had to be there. We were watching old 80’s songs on satellite TV.


Murder accusation update—

Him-“Don’t ask me that question, people are looking at me strangely, are you telling everyone I am a killer?”


Me-“Well… yes actually!”


Him-“Thanks for that!”


Me-“Well did you do it?”


Him-“I will hold a press conference with me addressing the allegations, and expose you as the killer…where were you on April 1st 1996?”


Me-“I am innocent!”


Him-“Yes that’s what it says all over the walls in chalk but that doesn’t mean you are!”


Me-“Shut up, did you do it?”


Him-“I am not talking anymore, do you prefer fruit scones or plain?”



Aug 11, 2005 at 14:51 o\clock

Spiders and sexy pants

Murder Accusation Update at the End of Blog-


Well it’s Thursday already and I can’t believe I have been here a WEEK! Ashley is over tired and may collapse before Saturday, husband has been over wrought with me asking murder questions and I am coping well with doing what I love on stage every night.


I have been to see some great shows and am totally enjoying the Fringe.


The flat we have has a small invasion of big legged spiders, which I actually like, they scuttle in a wee dance like fashion across the hall carpet every morning as I do my toilet run in my baggy knickers and crumpled tee shirt, I think I may have scarred their wee souls for life with that sight. I worry about the spiders.


I have some lovely quotes for my posters from my reviews and am setting about doing that today, the audiences have been good so far and I still have not papered a room yet. I am chalking the city with slogan “Janey Godley Is Innocent”, it does get good attention and people mention it when they see me-so IT WORKS!


I fully intend to go to the Critics versus Comics footie match on Saturday and play for my team…I love football but am not as fit as I was and need to STOP eating cake! But Victoria Beckham stopped eating cake and her husband just went off and shagged a woman who does eat cake????? What does that mean???


Murder accusation update…

Me-“Did you kill that man who killed my mum?”

Him-“Do you want cake?”

Me-“Answer my question first”

Him (ignoring me and holding up a cake)-“Do you want cake?”


Aug 10, 2005 at 14:29 o\clock

Come on Eileen!

Murder Accusation update at end of blog below—


Well the doctors appointment didn’t go as well as I hoped, the breast lump IS suspicious and I have to back home next week for a biopsy, the good news is- I have no history of breast cancer in my family, so I am unlikely to have the BIG C…


The show is going great guns now, I had a lovely audience in last night and the reviews have been good (so far), got some good news from my publisher today telling me that the book is selling ever so well…HURRAH! That is good news as my daughter goes to Uni in September and I need the cash.


No more dead pigeons outside the flat, I am so fucking happy about that as it was scary indeed. The bad news is, we took our rubbish/garbage bins down to what we thought was the place to put them only to be sternly told off by a council man that came to our door two days later and who told us that we had dumped it in the wrong place! How did he know it was US?


Well it seems the black bin liners have CODES on them and they can tell from which house the rubbish bin came from! Fucking hell, that really is scary, bin bags with special codes?


They can’t catch terrorists but BIN CHEATERS! YES!

 Hope they don’t find a dead body when we leave here! I will make sure there are no codes on it if I do decide to leave a cadaver in Edinburgh.


Got mistaken yesterday by a woman who thought my name was Eileen McDougal, she was convinced I was this ‘Eileen’ and conversed with me for a few minutes about our past, when we shared a house in Oxford, when we were both reading English at Uni. Apparently I married a guy called Simon and she was still married to Roger from Devon. “How were my two children doing?” She asked me. I stood and stared at her as she recalled the times we had travelling in Peru in 1983.


I decided that I liked being ‘Eileen’ and not Janey Godley, I waited until she finished telling me how both her parents still have a picture of her and I together at Sandringham with the Duke and then Duchess of York…!


It was then I told her my name is NOT Eileen and I am Janey Godley, a Scottish stand up comic and writer… the poor woman looked crestfallen and very embarrassed.


It got me thinking though, maybe if I had lived ‘Eileen’s’ life, I may have been happier…no breast lumps…no murder stories… no past that left me with nightmares…but then I would not have had MY daughter and MY husband (odd as he may be)…so today I am glad I am ME! Lumps, murder and all!




ME-“Did you kill that man who murdered my mammy?”


HIM-“People are looking at me oddly, are you telling people this?”



Aug 9, 2005 at 14:18 o\clock

Sleepy In Canongate

Murder accusation update Tuesday-see end of blog


I had the Perrier in last night and I think the show went ok? You can never tell as I have now had seven reviewers in on the first THREE days! So that can be good or bad, I am not sure but at least the two that have been printed are THREE stars! I am preparing myself for what the others think of my show.


I am loving doing the show, I just love being up there on stage and nothing can change that for me.

I go today through to Glasgow to get my breast lump checked as yesterdays appointment had to be moved.


The good news is I have had some TV people approach me with some ideas and I have had bigger theatre gigs suggested so my reason for being here is being justified.


My daughter was out late last night and when I checked on her this morning she was still fully clothed with black (is that racist?) panda eye make up rubbed round her big eyelashes, her pillow looks like the shroud of Turin, must remember to wash it today.


I had an early night as I have stuff to do and meetings all bloody day.

Edinburgh was sunny yesterday which mean today it will probably snow…that’s Scotland for you.

I am not worried about the breast lump thing as I feel too positive to let it get me down.


Yesterday I met Gary, he was the bloke in 2003 who tried to throw himself off a building on the Grassmarket, he was in a bit of a state at the time but after a chat he came down and we are now pals. He is still on his feet but yesterday he felt faint and I had to get an ambulance for him as he had a panic attack, I have slowly realised that maybe he is fine as long as he doesn’t meet ME!

He came to see me after my show last night.


Me-“Hope you are ok; don’t take to throwing yourself off any more fucking buildings Gary”


Gary-“Naw Janey,I now live in a bungalow”


Me-“That’s ok then”


Murder Accusation Update-

ME-“Did you kill that man?”

Him-“If you don’t stop nagging me about something that happened ten years ago, I am going home”


Aug 8, 2005 at 16:04 o\clock

Happy days on the Janey Murder Mystery Tour!

Murder accusation update…see end of blog


Well my first review is in…it was in Edinburgh Evening News and it was very good.


 A fine 3 *** and it mentions how last years show was hard to top’ It would be tough to top last years supremely well received show’ then it goes onto say ‘The Godley saga continues to unfold and it’s absolutely captivating


So I am heartily pleased by that review of my first night!


I have more to come and am waiting with baited breath, am worried no one likes this years show.


Spoke to a journalist last night who did say kind and interesting words, he told me that my show last year dealing with abuse/murder/revenge and all the various problems I had in my past has really set a precedent and that other comics are now doing shows dealing with their pain/abusive pasts and other dangerous topics…I am very flattered at that comment, although I always assumed comedy was steeped in tragedy and as far as I am concerned Bill Hicks and all the rest were dealing with frightening topics way back then and they will always remain my Hero’s.


Went to see ‘Shake, Rattle and Noel’ at the Gilded Balloon 5.30pm.


I can tell you now it was AWESOME…I was stunned by the performance, anyone reading this and planning a to see a show BUY A TICKET NOW.

Noel deals with his Tourette’s Syndrome and then takes you on a journey of his past, it covers drug dealing, sea faring, dancing….I swear it’s just fantastic. I am so inspired after watching that.


My doctor’s appointment has been moved to Tuesday now.


Each night in my show I tell the audience I suspect someone I am involved in of murdering the man who murdered my mother and I tell the audience to watch this blog for daily updates on this. As yet he has NOT confessed and is MIGHTLY annoyed that I keep asking, so therefore today’s news is …


“Leave me alone, I told you to stop asking me that question…is this in your show or something?”






Aug 7, 2005 at 16:47 o\clock

Sore legs and Sore Boobs

These cobble stones in Edinburgh are killers, I think the people who lived here in ancient times did not die of any plague but of SORE CALVES…mine ache beyond belief. The flat we have is just off the Royal Mile, it is in a really old building and the views are amazing, the only problem being down on the Royal Mile is that you cannot walk out of the flat to get a newspaper or regular stuff BUT if I wanted a tartan Dolly, Tartan rock, Tartan Shawl, Tartan kilt or a wee Nessie doll, a big Sword (why?) or any other piece of Scottish tat then I am surrounded by Tartan shops that will provide such shite if I need it.


I know that it’s there for the tourist but the pavements are so narrow that you can hardly walk through the street without being mobbed by Japanese, Chinese or American tourists gawking and stopping dead in the street to stare at Tartan tat…it drives me nuts!

I am a grumpy old cow.


I had in four reviewers last night (Saturday) and I am so glad the show went well, it is always a worry that the minute the reviewers come you fall flat, but I did a good show and the crowd (all payers!) cheered and I sold books afterwards!


My boob is sore and tonight I go home as tomorrow I go to the docs for the latest in my rounds of ‘Lump hunting’ therapy.

I will go for my biopsy during the Fringe and WILL perform that night as I am a trouper! Well that’s what I plan to do anyway.

The press so far have been interested in me.


 I do a show about abuse/murder/pain/domestic abuse etc…they always ask me how I can make such subjects funny, and I love that question because I really don’t know the answer, I just know that I do and I enjoy doing something different from other comics. It really is storytelling as I call it and because I have had an ‘interesting life’ it makes the show meatier.


My daughter is working hard and I am very proud of her as always.

More whinges though….

I have to say that I HATE seagulls, I lie in that bed in the flat and the noise of those big fat white bastards really irritates me, how can they be that loud? If my microphone breaks at the gig, I am going to do my show through the arse of a gull as that would be heard for miles!

I think they have amplifiers in their evil throats, why cant they all fuck off to a beach?


There is nine dead pigeons outside our flat and that worries me, who is killing them? The Gull Mafia? Maybe this is the latest in the Gull War? I actually watched a gull peck and eat at a dead pigeon…YUKK!

I am off to try to fight with my mental curly hair that is defying gravity and all manner of expensive hair products, it resembles a huge angry bush, I think I may have a dead pigeon in it.


Aug 5, 2005 at 20:28 o\clock


Sorry I have been away for a wee while, my laptop was fucked and being here at the Fringe made it more difficult for me to find internet or get it fixed easily. We did take it to a wee geeky man who declared it fit but did mention in my receipt the following info..


Invoice number 53

Vat number 502533775


Janey Godley

(said she was a comedian)


Service details

Recover internet connections

Check for viruses—ok

Check for Spyware—ok

Check for Firewall—ok

Check for porn-I need to meet you


‘I NEED TO MEET YOU?’ what the hell does that mean?

I have porn in my laptop??? So much PORN that he has to meet me???


Any way’s I am into day two of my Fringe Show, my opening night was good fun. I decided not to give away free tickets to fill the room as I prefer people to be there because they want to, it’s like having a man fuck you who doesn’t actually like you…and I am not doing that. I got a good house anyway, especially for a first night!


Met Rain Pryor, she is a lovely talented US performer and Richard Pryor’s daughter, her stuff is very good and her show is on at the same venue as mine –Underbelly venue 61.


We came across a really good café/restaurant called ERAWAN off Jackson’s Entry, they are very swanky, the coffee’s are cheap yet great and the WI/FI internet is FREE…also they took time to help fix my PC…so I love them.


I am off to Glasgow tonight after my show and the scary story telling show I do after mine. I need to get up early for Radio show on BBC Scotland at 1pm Saturday.


Update on the breast scare—I have an appointment for next week and will let you all know ASAP the results.

Thanks for ALL your supportive messages. XX