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Kinds of zorb balls

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 Product Name:zorb ball

Item No.:FLS-006

Detailed Product Description

Production Brief Induction and Advantages

1. Material: imported environmental protection material, nontoxic, colorless and

tasteless. Material thickness is 0.8mm/1.0mm, with hydrolytic resistance and anti-

oxidization. Pull and flexibility is much better than other products in this field. Zipper on

ball, waterproof and anti-steam leakage, can stand high tension. Products with such good

leakage tightness usually are used militarily.

2. Zorb balls originates from New Zealand at later period of last 90s and it is still

fresh in China. It can be called as space zorb ball, water zorb ball , grass zorb ball, snow

land zorb ball, etc. It looks like a big clear ball apparently with 2.5m outside diameter.

Zorb ball has two layers with air between 2 layers. Inner diameter is 1.7m where people can

stay inside. 1 or 2 people are all ok to play the zorb at the same time. There is safety

belt, material storage and shoes pock. It can be used on both man-made play ground and

natural hill with 30o grade. People can roll 365o when the ball rolls down from the hill. It

is wonderful to enjoy both weightlessness and rolling. It also can be played on park, square,

grassland, snow land, etc. and is easy to operate.

3. Our factory has samples and 5-years-manufacturing experience. We warmly welcome

customers come to our factory for investigation and direction. You can place order after you

enjoy the happiness of zorb ball by yourself.

4. We will definitely reply your inquiry within 24 hours.

5. Product Size:
Inner/outside diameter: 1.7/2.5m, or 1.2/1.8m. Size and color can be customized.
Packing size:  0.90 * 0.80 *0.70 m
Blower: UL/CE quality certification. We can provide you blower with ball.
Packing: with patents, glue, product instruction, etc.



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