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How to play in a walking ball?

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Imagine rolling down a great big hill at a speed of 20 + miles per hour without bruising your body. You can do this in a giant ball called a Zorb. Already a popular sport in New Zealand, zorbing is now catching on in the USA and is available for play at many state parks.These inflatable Zorbs are 10 feet in diameter and weigh about 200 pounds. There is an outer layer (with massive air cushions) and an inner layer. Once you settle into the inner layer, you are securely strapped in. With a push, down the hill you go - summer salting along the way without ever touching the ground. And you don't have to go alone; a friend can be strapped in opposite from you. Knolls are enough for some; the steep hills are not for the faint-of-heart.

For the real dare-devils, try a Zorb ride standing up, hanging onto the sides (no safety straps). Also, if the day is a hot one, a bucket of water can be thrown in the inner layer, sloshing along with you as you roll.You can also walk on water in a Zorb. These balls are smaller and have just one layer. A person steps into it before it is inflated. Once the ball has been inflated and sealed, walk or run across the water.Use a water walking ball . It's a big clear plastic ball that you get zipped into. Once you're inside, and it's pumped up, you can roll around on the water by walking. You'll look like a floating hamster, but who cares. You're walking on water.






f you just want to look like you're walking on water, you can do it through illusion. All you need is a very thin layer of water over something solid. If the light's right the water won't be transparent and you'll appear to be walking on it. Platform shoes will help with the illusion. If you want it to be especially impressive and deal with transparent water, use something strong and transparent just below the surface.

Water walking roller is made of imported thickening clear polyether TPU material with high strength, and its non-toxicity The material of the water walking ball is imported, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, meet thestandard of environmental in Europe and the United States. The thickness of the material isTPU 0.8mm & TPU 1.0mm, with hydrolytism and anti-oxidization. Pull and flexibility is muchbetter than other products in this field, which assures a lot of the safety factor. Customercan freely enjoy the great fun of water walking ball.

The water walking ball is usually used in the amusement park, it’s easy to operate,Pollution-free, and popular. You can rent a ground, no need too big, use it on the water.After people go inside of the ball, inflate it at 85%-90% full, close the zipper quickly,then pull it into the water, the player start enjoy the exciting fun. The water walking ball regular diameter is 2m, the volume can be up to 3cbm, the safeload can be up to 150 KGS. According to the science statistical analysis, one adult needs 15cbm air one day for breath, and the water walking ball can hold 3cbm each time, so it’ssafe to play inside, the players can enjoy the fun freely which bring by the water walking ball.



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