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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer - Miami Beach Accident Attorney - Orlando Injury Lawyer

Representative verdicts and awards can be easily accessed by clicking on Verdicts & Settlements.
When our attorneys represent you, you have a team of dedicated professionals on your side. Parasailing Death & Paraplegia Result in $30,000,000 Claim
In addition to an active practice throughout Florida, our firm represents visitors from all locations, including clients from South America, Europe and Canada. We primarily represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless you win.

To contact one of our experienced board certified trial lawyers, please call our Miami, Florida office today at 800-836-6400 or click here for a free and full case evaluation.

$40.5 Million Verdict to Assault Victim in Key West

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Rape of Cruise Ship Passenger Yields Multimillion Settlement. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Miami to keep you informed while pursuing your recovery, please contact us.

We have the resources, skill and experience to tackle the tough cases and complex litigation against individuals, government and big business. We will fight for you. A complete list of practice areas is found here. We do not charge for consultations, whether by e-mail, telephone or in person. We understand that your case is very important to you, and that it is our job to advance your case as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible. You want a law firm with experience and dedication. Your future and our reputation depend on the outcome.

Auto Accident / Negligent Road Design Yields $10 Million Recovery
$27 Million Arbitration Award for Lee County Accident Victim
Miami Personal Injury Lawyer - Miami Beach Accident Attorney - Orlando Injury Lawyer

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Resort Injury Central Florida - Record Brain Damage Settlement
A standard bearer of excellence among Miami Personal Injury Attorneys for over three decades, Leesfield & Partners' high standards of representation, aggressive advocacy and client concern have brought record-setting verdicts and settlements for victims of careless and negligent conduct.  As a result, the firm has been recognized as one of Florida's leading personal injury trial law firms in diverse practice areas.

Founded in Miami-Dade County, Florida in 1976, the firm now serves the entire state through offices in Miami, Key West, South Beach and Orlando/Central Florida.* Your future and our reputation depend upon the outcome of your case. You want personal injury attorneys who will answer your calls and questions, and lawyers who combine strong legal skills with an understanding of your particular situation

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Cruise Bruise News

The website will updated numerous times a year with the very latest data, pitting one cruise line against the other, helping consumers make informed choices before a cruise is booked.
Cruise Bruise News

A new website is taking the cruise industry by storm. Enter TheBestCruiseLine.com as the premiere statistical web site for ranking the Top 25 Cruise Lines against each other for health, safety, sanitation and customer service. So, which is the best cruise line and which is the best cruise ship in their fleet, which is the worst? Visit TheBestCruiseLine.com to find out.. With all the chatter about cruise industry safety and the resulting burning question, "Which is the best cruise line?", it was inevitable somebody would finally design a computerized, scientific, non-biased system for rating one cruise line against the other.

I especially like the USCG Honorable Mention area of the website, where cruise ships that had superior inspection and safety records are acknowledged and ranked. The data created for this website comes from BusinessMeasurements.com, which first collects the data from government and business databases, then organizes and compares the data using a computerized statistical program. The data ranks cruise lines on dozens of issues, using their recent history to give a real time evaluation of their ability to keep their ships, passengers, crew and the environment safe and healthy.
The Best Cruise Line uses complex mathematical equations to compare SOLAS compliance during United States Coast Guard (USCG) inspections which include warnings, violations, cruise ship deficiencies and incidents at sea, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sanitation inspections, which include the final score as well as the number of infractions found during the inspection and epidemic outbreaks ratios, Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint and resolution ratios as well as the cruise line's web site usability and the customer service options they offer before, during and after booking a cruise.

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