Article by Shane Harris of the San Diego Motorcycle Examiner

19.05.2011 um 21:42 Uhr

Article by Shane Harris of the San Diego Motorcycle Examiner

The motorcycle helmet Mohawk has been on the scene now for about 5 years in one form or another. This bristly fashion statement is considered by some to be the epitome of cool and will help you stand out for around 20 bucks.

The Mohawk is held tight to your helmet’s glossy paintjob by a series of heavy-duty suction cups and the company claims that it will stay firmly planted all the way up through triple digits. If you cannot find a color in the brochure that fits your needs, you can simply do what many others have and take fashion into your own hands. With a little bit of paint, bleach, or one of many other methods of dying or fading of the artificial hairstyle you can alter the Mohawk’s color choice and go from dud to stud. Making these changes in style can help you to match the color of your bike, your favorite riding jacket, your bike clubs “colors”, and many more personal choices when deciding how you want to portrait yourself to the rest of the motorcycling community. Just think how cool you will look flying down the freeway in your Icon spine protector, T-shirt, shorts, a set of mechanics gloves and skate shoes with your new do! Don’t forget to include your “look-a-like” bulletproof vest club jacket to really set off the appearance of looking like a bad ass.

One of the best benefits of this fairly new product is the safety that it can provide for the rest of the riding community. Much like European countries where tourist drivers are required to place a big green placard in their rental car to show locals that they are not used to driving on the other side of the road, this Mohawk can send out a safety warning to experienced riders that an unskilled or reckless rider is in your vicinity. Instantly you are giving very important information at a quick glance of this brightly colored warning flag. Do not follow this rider too closely as they are new to the controls and they are prone to jerky and inconsistent inputs at any moment. Remember, this rider cares more about looking hardcore than he does about learning how to ride his bike skillfully. Image is everything for this throttle jockey and you shouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly see this person take part in a “Hey watch me!” activity at any moment. Expected motor revving to redline before leaving a parking lot and awkward wheelie attempts are most common. Even more important than seeing the first Mohawk wearer, and staying clear, is the knowledge that they usually travel in packs. Mohawk riders tend to gravitate toward one another as they find strength in numbers. Should you happen to follow these brave souls to any of the local hangouts you must make the effort to have a chat. For entertainment value alone, I recommend asking a Mohawk owner about their bike or about their helmet hairstyle. You will most likely be rewarded with extravagant tales of their amazing 2-wheeled bravado or perhaps their elaborate process they suffered through in order to personally customize their Mohawk in order to truly be unique from the rest of the pack. Do not discourage said rider, as they are prone to becoming highly defensive of their abilities and will most likely shun you from the conversation. You really do not want to miss your chance to converse with this new breed of motorcyclist, as they are most likely doomed to extinction.

Luckily for the purpose of safety, the Mohawk craze has not been contained to the riding community. The rest of the world can now benefit from this device as you can suction cup this amazing statement of personality to just about anything that it will stick to. I have personally seen bicycle riders and even the lonely Segway users offering up the same warning to others. I will not be surprised to see this trend affect every activity that requires a helmet for years to come. I believe the pinnacle of the Mohawk craze will end, though, once you see the special needs children wearing a ‘hawk on their required safety helmets as they ride the little yellow bus to school. It will be at this moment that the fashion statement will be crushed in a bitter sweet oblivion once the Mohawk goes from a stylish accessory to cruel joke. You too can partake in this nation wide craze and getting into the loop will only cost you one Andrew Jackson out of your bank account. It’s a small price to pay for the notoriety that you will acquire as well as the comradely you will earn amongst fellow Mohawk wearers. You can find the helmet Mohawk anywhere pointless motorcycle accessories are sold.

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