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Story 1.The World Isn't Only A Bad Thing

by: gushax2   Category: Story

A long long time ago, there was Grandpa and Grandma lived somewhere.

One day, Grandpa went to a campaign of self-governing associations, Grandma went to the hospital beyond the river to get the medicine.

And when Grandpa comes back home Grandma hasn't come back yet.

If it's as usual, Grandma came back earlier than Grandpa.

While thinking that "sometimes there is such a thing", Grandpa will wait at ease, alone at home.

But even though Grandpa waits even though, Grandma never returned.

If it's just as it is, the sunset.

As Grandpa thought, "It's dangerous if Grandma doesn't come back before the sunset", Grandpa went out looking for Grandma.

Grandpa saw a crowd of people gathering on the river banks on the way to the hospital.

Grandpa thought "What is it?" While looking into a crowd of people, Grandma tried to pull the hand cart and walk out.

And the incredibly big MOMO(peach) is on the carrier of the hand cart.

Anyway, Grandpa thought "It's difficult with only Grandma", Grandpa speaks to Grandma.

「Grandma, what's wrong?」

「Oh, Grandpa. As I come back from the hospital, this MOMO is flowing to here. Once I came home and pulled the hand cart, I was about to put the MOMO on the carrier, but I was alone so I can't do it well. Then, everyone gathers. So I got help from everyone and put the MOMO on the carrier, so just as I was about to leave home.」

Grandma explained the circumstances to Grandpa.

「I see. I understood it. Everyone, thank you for helping Grandma.」

Grandpa thanked the surrounding people and bowed.

「I said thanks to everyone in the past.」

Grandma said to Grandpa.

「Don't mind. No matter how many times I said thanks, no problem. More than that, I will be in charge of the front. You are in charge of the back.」

Grandpa says so and tried to replaced with Grandma.

Grandma was urged and rolled behind the hand cart.

And Grandpa and Grandma begin to walk towards home.

The surrounding people spreading to the left and right, and made a road.

On that road, Grandpa and Grandma go to carrying the hand cart.

Naturally, clapping rises from the surroundings.

Grandpa and Grandma are making themselves shy, while being sent off to the surrounding people, and leave the spot and go home.