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Homemade Lawn Fertilizers

Everyone loves a green chunk of grass in their yard. Achieving a - golf green lawn - healthy and lush green lawn requires proper care, which includes regular mowing, feeding and watering. There are many commercial fertilizers that claim to make your lawn lush and healthy. But, have you ever thought of the effect of such fertilizers on the environment? Moreover, it can also be harmful for the health of your kids as well as pets. One of the best alternatives is to use organic fertilizers, which are usually expensive. Thus, it is always better to use homemade lawn fertilizers to save your money and to become environment friendly. Homemade ones do not cause any harm to the environment. They are also safe to kids as well as pets.

Homemade fertilizers are usually made of inexpensive household items, which are easily available. Using the right ingredients in the correct proportion and at the right time can help you achieve a beautiful lawn, which others will envy.

Composting Mixture

One of the most - - common and effective organic lawn fertilizer is compost mixture made of plant debris and kitchen scrap. All you need is a pillow case, compost and some kelp. Fill 1/4th of the pillow case with compost and kelp and place it in a bucket with 5 gallons of water. Secure the ends of the pillow case to the rim of the bucket, so that it does not fall into the water. Keep it like that for three to four days. The mixture has to be shuffled every day. Gradually, the color of the water changes to brown and may become smelly too. As the water turns dark brown, remove the pillow case and fill a garden sprayer with two gallons of water and 1/4th gallon of the liquid compost from the bucket. Now, your homemade liquid lawn fertilizer is ready for application. You can spray it on the lawn in a sweeping motion. Always remember to water your lawn lightly, after the use of this compost fertilizer. You can also apply it before the rains.

Beer Fertilizer

Like you, your lawn can also enjoy beer, but in a different way. In - golf lawn - this case, you have to add some other items to make the beer beneficial for your lawn. The ingredients of this formula are one can of beer, one can of soda, ½ cup of ordinary liquid dish wash soap, ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of mouthwash. Mix all the ingredients and spray on the lawn with a hose-end sprayer. Early mornings or late evenings are preferred for this task and don't forget to water the lawn after applying this fertilizer. In places with hot climates, you can use this solution once in every three weeks. Beer in the solution helps microbial activity (microbes convert the food matter in the soil to nutrients needed by plants), which are needed for the growth of the plant. Soap helps in spreading the solution in a uniform manner.

Comfrey Fertilizer

Another option is to use comfrey leaves. You can get comfrey plants from plant and nursery stores nearby. Fill a bucket with comfrey leaves and add water to it. Leave it to ferment for two to three weeks. Strain and use the mixture for feeding the lawn, but remember that you have to mix one part of the liquid with five parts of water to make it fit for application (on the grass).

Any of the above formulas can be used as a fertilizer for your lawn. Apart from the one made of beer and soda, the other two have to be prepared well ahead as it takes time to make them. You may use these homemade lawn fertilizers and save some money, apart from being environment friendly.

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Texas: Deadly Fertilizer Plant Explosion















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Driver of World's Fastest Racing Lawn Mower to Fuel the Fun on 20th Anniversary Hot Rod Power Tour With Giveaways, Trivia and More

Wed Jun 4, 2014 9:03am EDT

* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 4, 2014) - The STA-BIL® Engine Answerman(TM), Bobby Cleveland, driver of the world's fastest racing lawn mower and builder of the world's first Monster Mower, will join more than 4,500 hot rodders and car buffs on the 20th Anniversary Hot Rod Power Tour®, a seven-city travelling car show that celebrates America's love affair with the automobile.

More than 75,000 car enthusiasts will share in the fun over a 1,500 mile journey with each day bringing scenic travel on America's highways and back roads and a street party at each destination. Visitors can view Cleveland's racing mower that set a World Land Speed Record of 96.529 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, which will be on display along with the world's first Monster Mower for car enthusiasts to - - enjoy. In addition, fans can stop by and learn about how best to protect and preserve engines of all types and obtain ultimate performance.

The 20th Anniversary Hot Rod Power Tour stops and dates include:

June 7, Charlotte, NC - zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway

June 8, Knoxville, TN - Chillhowee Park

June 9, Charleston, WV - Downtown (Kanawha Blvd)

June 10, Norwalk, OH - Summit Motorsports Park

June 11, Crown Point, IN - Lake County Fairgrounds

June 12, Bettendorf, IA - The Isle Casino

June 13, Wisconsin Dells, WI - Chula Vista Resort

"The Hot Rod Power Tour allows me to visit with hundreds of car fans and - golf green lawn - educate them about proper fuel management," said Cleveland. "I enjoy providing help and tips on how to protect classic cars from the harmful effects of ethanol-blended fuels. We'll also be giving out free samples of 303® Aerospace Protectant(TM) and 303® Speed Detailer(TM) and awesome magnets for the Power Tour Long Haulers who make it to all seven cities."

Powering the Tour with Giveaways and More

As part of the nationwide launch of its new STA-BIL 360° Protection Ethanol Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer ("STA-BIL 360°"), STA-BIL partnered with Velocity TV's hit show, Car Fix, to rebuild a classic car and launch the "STA-BIL 360° Custom Car Sweepstakes." At every Power Tour stop, the redesigned 1971 Chevrolet Camaro, completely re-built by Car Fix hosts, Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago, will be on display at the Engine Answerman truck. Visitors can register to win the car along with a trip for two to the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The STA-BIL 360° Custom Car Sweepstakes runs through August 31, 2014. The winner will be announced live on a special two-hour airing of Car Fix on Friday, October 11. In addition, fans can get updates on the Tour, its hottest cars and participate in Power Tour Trivia online by visiting the Cool Rides Online Facebook page where prizes will be given away daily!

STA-BIL 360° is the first ethanol treatment to deliver comprehensive corrosion protection above and below the fuel line through revolutionary, new chemistry. To meet the demands of consumers seeking ultimate performance, STA-BIL scientists developed this innovative product to deliver comprehensive corrosion protection. When added to fuel, STA-BIL 360° releases a vapor inside the fuel system that coats all metal parts including the fuel tank, fuel sending unit, valves, carburetor, fuel injectors and intake manifold, offering 360° corrosion protection. During the Tour, Cleveland will give out bottles of STA-BIL 360° each night from the Hot Rod Power Tour stage - golf lawn - at the nightly street party. 

The Engine Answerman tradition of the Long Hauler Magnet Giveaway will continue with a daily giveaway of one piece of a special magnet that when completed will form the shape of Cleveland's touring rig. These magnets are available only to the Long Haulers who travel the entire seven-city route and have become an "event within the event" for car buffs and memorabilia collectors.

About Bobby Cleveland

Cleveland has toured the country as STA-BIL's Engine Answerman since 2006 and has educated thousands of folks from coast to coast on how to protect the things they love, like power sport vehicles, classic cars, boats, RV's, lawn mowers and motorcycles. Cleveland will be inducted into the National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame on September 13 in Delaware, OH, during the 22nd annual STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Championships. He has won 10 U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association national championships during his 15-year lawn mower racing career.

About Gold Eagle Co.

For more than 80 years, Gold Eagle® Co. has been an industry pioneer in the production and distribution of aftermarket fluids and additives. We create products that help preserve, protect and enhance the performance of engines everywhere. We are a leader in the product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals. Privately held and headquartered in Chicago, Gold Eagle Co. is the manufacturer of leading brands, including STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer, HEET® Gas-Line Antifreeze, NO LEAK® Treatments, 104+® Octane Boost, Start Your Engines!®, DieselPower!® Diesel Additives, 303® Aerospace Protectant and 303® Fabric Guard. To view our complete line of Gold Eagle products or learn more about the Company, please visit or "like" our STA-BIL, 303 Products, Start Your Engines! or Engine Answerman pages on Facebook. For product questions, please call us at 800-621-1251 or follow us on Twitter @GoldEagleHelp.

All trademarks, service marks and trade names, including STA-BIL®, HEET®, Start Your Engines! ®, NO LEAK®, ALUMASEAL®, Gold Eagle®, DieselPower! ®, Golden Touch®, 104+®, Cool Rides Online® and 303® Products used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gold Eagle Co. The aforesaid families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Gold Eagle Co. Any other product or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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The Best John Deere Self Propelled Lawn Mower For Landscaping

Pushing a lawn mower around is an old tradition that nobody follows anymore! Technology and improved engines have made it possible for lawn mowers to make their way across your lawn on their own; all that you have to do is steer them. John Deere has been a brand that has produced the best landscaping tools for many years.

Combining those to facts together has led us to find a John Deere lawn mower that is self propelled!

It doesn't get any better than a lawn mower that propels itself over the grass and is also made by one of the best landscaping brands known to man!

I have placed an alternative lawn mower above. It falls in a close second place to the ones that John Deere manufactures!

John Deere JX90-Self Propelled Mower For A Small - green lawn - Budget

You might think that you're going crazy when you see the prices of some of the John Deere mowers because many of them will cost you upwards of $1000...nobody pays that much for a machine to mow their front lawn.

However, John Deere has begun to release a few machines that would be suitable for people that have a slightly smaller budget. The most amazing thing about these budget lawn mowers is the fact that they are still backed by the JD brand name, which means that they are still built with quality being the primary concern.

Coming in at just under $400, I would say that this is the best self propelled mower that John Deere has created with regards to landscaping a small home.  Its 21 inch cutting width is absolutely perfect for cutting the grass in your backyard.

*You should also take a look at the HUGE selection of 21 inch self propelled mowers if $400 is too high for your budget*

Variable Speed-One Of The Greatest Features Of These Mowers

John Deere is known to release their products with large price tags attached to them, but they are also known to offer durable landscaping equipment that is equipped with many features! Variable speed is one of the greatest features that you can get in a John Deere self propelled mower.

When self propelled landscaping equipment was first released, they were only offered with a single speed setting...and that speed was usually too slow or too fast. However, technology has progressed, and new innovations have been made.

John Deere was one of the first landscaping brands to release a lawn mower that offered a variable speed for the "push motor". Every single self propelled mower that was made by John Deere features a lever that allows you to control exactly how fast or slow the machine travels over the grass.

Although John Deere was one of the first brands to offer the variable speed option, many other companies have hopped on board. Take a look at the self propelled mowers on Amazon to see some of the other variable speed machines!

Larger Wheels At - green lawn - The Back For Easier Turning

Cars were meant to have 4 equally sized wheels; however, lawn mowers perform much better when they have larger wheels at the back! John Deere has created almost all of their self-propelled lawn mowers to have larger wheels at the back in light of this statement.

Larger back wheels translate to better traction for the "push motor", clearance over obstructions in the grass, and better handling when it comes to turns. The large wheels also allow you to manoeuvre around the flower beds on your lawn in a much easier manner!

When it comes to the back wheels of a lawn mower...Bigger Is Better!

All Of The "R" Series Lawn Mowers Have Multiple Height Positions

Do you remember the days when lawn mowers had 2 or 3 different height positions to choose from? It always seemed like the grass was either too short or too long!

John Deere's love for modern innovation has allowed them to create their self propelled lawn mowers in their "R" series to have up to 9 different height positions to choose from. This means that you will be able to cut the grass at the absolute perfect height!

I'm sure that you had a good idea of the brand reputability that John Deere had well before reading through this article. They have made a name for themselves by offering amazing products and backing them by the best warranties.

I would say that the best John Deere self propelled lawn mower is the one that suits your budget and needs in the best manner. That may be the R47KB if you have a small amount of grass to mow or the JX90 if you're looking for something with a bit more! These are literally the landscaping tools of the future due to their amazing innovations, so you should definitely get your hands on one right now!

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4 reasons you hate cable boxes

If you could shop for your own TV set-top box, you probably wouldn't pick the frustrating device your TV service provider gave you. But you're still paying for the privilege of using it. We asked Consumer Reports' Facebook followers to tell us about their cable, satellite, and telecom-company boxes. We heard what annoyed them about the equipment, but they also mentioned a few devices that show changes for the better.

Here are some of the top complaints.

Sluggish response

Too many boxes are slow or unresponsive to commands, especially when changing channels or navigating menus. Having to regularly reboot the box isn't winning fans, either.

Dated interfaces

TVs, smart phones, and tablets all have slick, modern graphical menus. So why do so many cable boxes have clunky, text-based interfaces and unintuitive menus--some still in standard definition?

Unreliable DVRs

There's nothing more frustrating than watching a cliffhanger or critical game that's missing the last few minutes of action.

Energy waste

New Energy Star guidelines help, but older cable boxes and DVRs sometimes suck more juice - golf green lawn - than a refrigerator.

Before you shop, check our Blu-ray player buying guide and Ratings.

Boxes with promise

Certain new advanced systems offer better menus, voice control via smart phone, and the ability to watch shows on a phone or a tablet. Many will also recommend TV shows and movies based on your viewing history.

DirecTV Genie: A whole-home DVR that uses one central DVR and up to three "mini" boxes that connect to other TVs in the house. It can record five shows at once.

Dish Hopper: A DVR that can record prime-time network shows automatically and let you skip commercials during playback.

Comcast X1: This whole-home system lets you record four shows while watching live TV. The company says an update this year will offer cloud-based storage in certain markets.

TiVo: People still love TiVo thanks to its standards-setting interface and built-in access to streaming services such as Netflix.

A version of this report appeared in the May 2014 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.

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