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Allen & Heath Launches Xone

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Allen & Heath has just released its latest mixer, the Xone:43C, which is a four-channel mixer with an internal sound card and Serato DJ compatibility. With a 16 channel soundcard built into it, the Xone:43C will work instantly with any Serato DJ Club Kit and DVS system, while there is also plug n' play capabilities for the A&H Xone:K controllers without the need for an additional USB port. Combined with the usual build quality and those ever enticing analogue filters that come as standard on their mixers, it seems this latest installment in the Xone series may have a sizable impact on technical logistics in nightclub set ups as well as embracing the creative potential of the digital approach to DJing. There's been a lot of chatter lately about lack of Traktor certification on mixers like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQmQUELuGhs - DJ Mixer - this.

The Xone:43C boasts the same high quality and excellent feature set of their previous 4-channels mixers such as their much loved VCF filter which offers HPF, BPF, LPF, frequency sweep and ‘mild to wild' resonance control. This can be linked to an external FX unit and can also be routed to the Xone filter for adding layers and extra filtering. Please email us here for more information about the warranty offered for the Allen & Heath Xone 43C DJ Mixer.

The only difference is the 43C has a 16-channel 96kHz 24bit internal soundcard that is compatible with Serato DJ, and is DVS Upgrade Ready via the Serato Club Kit at It also has X:LINK capability for easy plug n' play connection to Xone:K series controllers,” he said. Please visit Booth #322 to experience Xone products for yourself, listen to live entertainment brought to you by world-class DJs, and browse through other great Allen & Heath products distributed by AM&S and more. The other option is a Allen & Heath Xone 43:C with two Numark NDX-500s, which I could swing for about $1400.

For new users, simply purchase the Serato DJ Club Kit which is available in-app within Serato DJ or via the Serato Online :43C offers a convenient, plug ?n play route into DVS DJing, eliminiating the expense and clutter of using an external interface. Users who purchase the Serato DJ Club Kit can use the Xone:43C with plug-and-play compatibility on Serato DJ. The unit is also Serato DVS enabled through this, eliminating the need for an external interface. The Xone:43C also allows plug-and-play connection of a Xone:K series controller via the X:LINK connection without using additional USB ports. The XONE:43C ships with a USB cable, power cord, and a spare set of knobs and buttons.

The Xone:43C sports four channels of phono/USB/line input, plus an additional mic/aux input - perfect for adding a vocal mic without wasting another channel. You also have an X:Link port ready to connect to Allen & Heath's Xone:K series of controllers to easily expand your rig. And with rich-sounding filters, outstanding effects, and an ultra-rugged feel to it, AudioBuy/BestPriceAudio can highly recommend the Allen & Heath Xone:43C to any DJ. The Allen & Heath Xone:43C DJ mixer is ready for Serato control vinyl with just a simple upgrade.

In addition to the 4 phono/USB and line channels, Xone:43C features a flexible mic / aux input with XLR and phono connectors and 2-band EQ for tonal balance. Let's clear this up — the Xone:43C doesn't come with Serato DJ, and it's recommended that you buy the Club Kit (Serato DJ and DVS bundle) to make it Serato DJ and DVS ready. I also had it set up with the k2, midi controlling ableton with 4 traktor decks and maschine sending through ableton on separate channels, then out to the mixer with channel 5 always on and midi controlling the separate volumes with the k2. You need to use something like sound flower for http://efficientsinger16.blog.com/2015/09/17/tech-house-mix-with-allen-heath-xone/ - DJ Mixer - that which can be a pain.

E.g. if you buy a XOne 23c or 43c (very sexy mixers, by the way) you do NOT need anything else to mix in Traktor. Created for DJs and electronic music purists, Xone:43C is a 4+1 channel DJ mixer that offers the very best of analogue audio quality, including the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, 3 band EQ, crossfader with three curve settings and X:FX for send/return to your favourite FX unit.

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This Is How You Fix Your Broken Direct Sales Recruiting Tips

Hi it's Seb and in today's video I'll discuss Direct Sales recruiting tips. Now if you're on the video nowadays perhaps you’re looking for ways to build your direct sales or MLM or system marketing business and maybe you’re researching to recruit more people without the rejection without struggle, you want to have a simple way to do it and I completely understand because I has been in your shoes about 2 years ago actually struggled in my business so I went and seeked out some help and some information form some best earners and I’m going to share that with you nowadays so you can prosper even more in your business.

So the first tip I would say is much less is more. So what does which means that? It means way too many people in direct selling when they talk to their prospect they give away so much details that they’re in fact scaring their prospect off because their prospect offers too much information to decide. Remember that less is even more, and if you say less it is possible to intrigue your prospects even more and they’re going to listen and hang on your every phrase because they're curious in regards to what you need to say.

Next point is without a doubt facts tell tales sell. Individuals aren't that interested in facts any more. People are more interested in stories and how they for example the direct sales business, how that’s changed your daily life and what it's accomplished for you. What that experienced like, what your life had been like and before and what your daily life is like now.

You obviously involve some kind of story together with your direct sales company, even though you’re brand new it is possible to tell them about this feeling when you initially joined so when you first got associated with your rock star team and helped you progress, made you a sale in your first week. Don’t say that when it isn't true but just have a tale and have something to share with someone especially if they're a personality type that's particularly creative so I would look up personality types which is another tip I didn't actually placed on here, but tales do sell and people do remember stories.

Next tip is involve some sort of third party/interpersonal validation for your business. That may be a meeting that someone else is running, it could be a business opportunity presentation or perhaps a webinar or perhaps a hotel meeting it could be anything, but it's got to be someone apart from you who’s actually achieving this presentation. Folks are really looking for social validation with regards to making decisions. A lot of people actually if everything's in place but they don't possess the social validation they still may not opt to join so always have something like that.

Fourth point is knowing your ABCs. This is not going back to kindergarten or anything like this lol but understanding your ABCs that means Always Be Closing. In the event that you haven't observed the film Glengarry Glen Ross, amazing sales film and I recommend you watch it, I'll put some info in the bio below, but the problem people likewise have making use of their business is they don't always bring it back around to the near.

Some individuals do everything correctly but they don't actually ask for the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg2CIhDh-5Q - Direct Sales Recruiting - close from the individual who's looking to join they don't provide them with any direction because the person selling isn't actually asking, do they want to get started or do they have any questions. Therefore continually be closing and remember that you're on commissions.

Last point it is possible to sort of see I just scribbled that there in a hurry lol because you really need to know this. Explain mainly because you go, so you want to want to walk someone through a process when you’re in fact getting them to join up for a business.

So one example will be, so john what we will do is allow you to get started, I’m likely to send you a web link to the getting started application form, it does take 5 mins to start up, and once you sign up I'm going to introduce you to some of the founders of the business and I'm going to offer you out fast begin training that will help you sponsor 1 to 2 2 people in your first 7 days form the comfort and ease of your home doing internet marketing strategies. Does that sound good? Or do you have any questions?

That's walking someone through what's happening. If you don't do that people have a tendency to get buyer’s remorse because if they don't know after that happen if they purchase, individuals can be quite hesitant. So ensure that you explain the whole process and what’s going to happen next.

So if you really liked this video and you also want some more info on Direct Sales recruiting tips plus some methods to generate leads, make sure you go over to my website here and you'll be able to access some training for free that will help you to turn into a professional networker/direct salesperson in order to get more selling sand more leads into your business every single day. Thanks so much for watching this movie I would love to know your suggestions, and I'll see you very soon look forward to helping you.

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BUSTED! The Cops Showed Up For My First Lyft Ride

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We've all seen them, those people at networking events who cruise the room telling everyone how brilliant they are. Please remember that if you reserved your trip with a debit/credit card, the temporary hold on your card will last 3 -5 business days before the funds are released. Note that there will be a temporary minimum hold of $75 for approximately 3-5 business days until the actual charge is processed. With the success of the A & E show and the TLC show Hoarders: Buried Alive, more people are questioning whether their friend or family member might have this mental health issue. I believe a shopaholic is the same as a hoarder, and they're often well aware of it, especially when the credit cards max out.

In one fell swoop it will save you money, introduce you to new customers, and grow your business. On top of that, it will stop you from becoming lazy, you will improve your selling skills, your negotiating skills, and you'll realize how much or how little you actually know about business. I try to apply something from my business that will better my community whenever I can. I always give my clients a gift with my logo on it, something specific to how they conduct business or go about their day. Every time they use it, they're reminded of me. Each gift HAS to be bulls eye-targeted to their way of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKSx1zxHGpQ - TLC Business Cards Tips - doing business and how they move through their day.

Drawn from my experiences and a little science, i explain a few tips that many men do not yet understand. My thoughts and tips to having a perfect healthy,loving relationship with your special someone in your life. Tips for writing the perfect thank you note including when to send a note, why it's important, how to express your thanks, why you are thankful, and tips for sending your regards. There is a television program on TLC Discovery Channel which centers around an Arkansas couple called the Duggars.

Another component is that no one takes a cab for less than $5 bucks, so at 5% the fleet owners were making a profit on any ride even, short ones, and the owners were getting a cut of the tips too. They often mention the fees that are associated with taking credit, but in other industries this is assumed to be a cost of doing business and I dont hear any squawking when I pull out a card.

It's hard not to notice that the world is changing fast & that the companies that thrive have built or rebuilt themselves for the modern age, TLC embraces this change-culture and I'm really excited about joining and leading the digital charge...” Major Steadman. It is the use of a variety of technologies that allow messages to be sent to customers' devices (even their Wearables) when they are in close proximity to a retailer or potential sale, and TLC is jumping on board! Today TLC Marketing's success has been recognised in The London Stock Exchange's 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015 report, showcasing the most inspiring and fast growing small and medium-sized companies.

Starting a business is not easy, but if you have the drive and the perseverance then it is very hard to fail in it. Read this article to learn about some startup tips. While individuals and organizations use press releases and other forms of business writing on a daily basis, common mistakes can produce unexpected problems and reduce desired effectiveness. Irrespective of the world economic situation and crisis, Singapore is well known for its pro-business policies and the favorable business environment. Now, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is about to release new rules that would allow these startups to operate in the Big Apple.

The shift to cards has driven a surge of new business for taxi drivers and owners, according to regulators and representatives for medallion owners, and seemed to help insulate the industry from a potentially deep plunge in the recession of 2008. Cash tips have averaged around 10%, according to driver advocates, but TLC records show that charge card tips hover around 18%. But the shift to charge cards is also exposing tensions, both new and long-standing, among varied camps that vie for a share of the taxi system's revenue. Viewers will be prompted to scratch their cards when they see the corresponding number pop up on the screen.

People do business with people they know and when you do business with someone you don't know... well you just don't know. Reaching out and partnering with the medias who are invested in your local wedding community is the first step to building your wedding business and connecting with your client. Sometimes I refer to myself of the Erin Brockovich of my company, because this business is just that personal to me.. just as her clients were that personal to her. There's an upcoming event in Atlanta for Wedding Professionals that's all about business plans. The irony is however, I didn't write the business plan for the current business I own...... so here's my story.