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Reported Cures for Toenail Fungus: Bleach and Other Natural Home Treatments

Hydrogen peroxide shows promise as a possible alternative fuel for cars but although it has the makings of a cheaper fuel source it could be destined as costly in the initial build of an engine.

Most of those home teeth whitening kits are ridiculously expensive however, since most oral hygiene manufacturers are trying to cash in on the fad. It is very easy to accomplish the nearly the same result yourself, however, with a much more affordable bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore. I have found that I prefer hydrogen peroxide as a pre-brushing oral rinse. To begin the process, it is best to rinse your mouth out with ordinary water first to rinse your mouth of any debris. After this is accomplished, measure out a small amount (a couple of tablespoons should do it) of hydrogen peroxide into a cup and rinse your mouth with the peroxide for thirty to sixty seconds.

Hydrogen peroxide for your face is quite cheap and inexpensive however while it does work it sometimes aggravates the skin. - - If you have spots or are prone to cystic acne then you should maybe avoid this. Sometimes this product is not regarded as the best bleaching cream for black skin 2012 however because other items are so expensive it is definitely worth considering as it really improves the tone of the skin.

Close your eyes and cover eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water and apply a cream. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay - 2 lbsAmazon Price: $150 $72

In the professional hair dying process, a developer is designed to lighten the hair and open up the hair cuticle so it can receive the other coloring agents more fully. Therefore, when you douse your hair with household hydrogen peroxide, all you are really doing is opening your hair up to receive damage from the sun and other chemicals like chlorine from your family's swimming pool or hot tub. It could cause your hair to turn orange, green or some other funky color based on what substances your hair is exposed to while the cuticle is open. I can't tell you how many women I have seen over the years walk into my parents' hair salon in tears after using a homemade hydrogen peroxide hair treatment. Most were sporting brittle and broken, green or orange hair at the time. All I can say for certain is that there were many of them. Other women were more fortunate and emerged from their homemade hydrogen peroxide hair experiments with slightly lightened hair and a bad case of split ends. Either way, you are not doing your hair cuticles. - Is Hydrogen Peroxide Good For Acne - any favors by soaking them in household hydrogen peroxide. In the long run, you are far better off forking over the $6 to $7 it costs for a box of hair dye from the local pharmacy than you are trying to repair the damage caused by using straight hydrogen peroxide onto your hair. Hydrogen Peroxide Can Cause Skin and Eye Irritation Some people may have mild to severe skin irritation when hydrogen peroxide is placed onto their scalp. I have seen people with hydrogen peroxide sensitivity develop everything from mild redness and burning to blistering of the scalp during exposure periods. In addition, if household hydrogen peroxide happens to drip into your eyes during your homemade hair treatment process, it may damage your vision.

Exposure to the Sun: Even in darker skinned people, exposure to sunlight, especially during the summer months, can cause a higher-than-normal level of skin pigmentation (melanin) under the eyes. People get suntans because exposure to the sun increases the natural pigmentation of the skin and draws that pigmentation to the surface. The same principle applies to the skin under the eyes.

To begin with, prepare a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, cotton balls and a bulb aspirator, and 2-3 bowls. In two separate bows, pour hot water that can keep the bottled hydrogen peroxide and oil warm. This is a necessary step because hardened earwax can be easily softened by warm solutions.

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