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Marketing Strategies For Photography Business

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Dimitri Katchis is a renowned award winning photographer. com/ "> Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka was sent by Anne Nicky. Specializing in Wedding photography based in Paphos Cyprus. If you have a hobby - include it if you're passionate about something - "about me" page is the perfect place to put all those peculiar things for other to see.

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Parts of Missouri and Illinois brace for new flooding as families return home

Sharon Stivers mustered a smile as a visitor walked into her muddy yard.

"Welcome to my flood sale," Stivers joked, nodding to a tall stack of water-soaked furniture, appliances and belongings pulled from her home and piled high by the road in the flat central Illinois town of Kincaid. "You can have the whole thing for 50 cents."

The Mississippi River and most other waterways in Missouri and Illinois flooded last week after 10-14 inches of rain fell over a wide swath of the two states. The water receded in most places Sunday but continued to rise in a few. Cleanup and damage assessment was only beginning, and could take weeks.

Twenty-five deaths in the two states were blamed on flooding, nearly all of them the result of vehicles driving over flooded roadways. The death toll rose Sunday when the body of a second teenager missing for several days was found near Kincaid, a town of about 1,400 residents along the South Fork Sangamon River near Springfield.

The Mississippi River was receding except in the far southern tip of both states. After that, flooding is expected to worsen in Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and other southern states, though the breadth of the flooding there isn't expected to match what happened in Missouri and http://www.panoramio.com/photo/127236486 - Claims Water - Illinois.

The Meramec River, the St. Louis-area tributary of the Mississippi that caused so much damage last week, already was below flood stage in the hard-hit Missouri towns of Pacific and Eureka and dropping elsewhere, just three days after reaching record levels. The worst was still to come along the Illinois River, where near-record crests are expected early this week in the Illinois towns of Beardstown, Meredosia and Valley City.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner toured flood-damaged homes in Kincaid and urged residents to be careful, noting the rare cold-weather flood carries its own burdens, including the prospect of hypothermia for those wading into water.

Stivers and many of her neighbors spent Sunday removing ruined items from their homes and placing them along the street for trash crews to pick up. Stivers shares a home with a 45-year-old daughter battling breast cancer, along with a granddaughter and four dogs. Floodwaters got 4 feet into their home, located in an area where flood insurance wasn't available.

"I lost my home," Stivers said. "My daughter has cancer and lost her home.

href='http://www.scoop.it/t/water-damage-ontario' - Water Damage Ontario -

Am I mad? When I'm not crying I am."

In Illinois' St. Clair County near St. Louis, emergency management director Herb Simmons said damage assessment began Sunday after the Mississippi started to http://www.brownbook.net/business/39979468/superior-restoration - Water Damage Restorers - fall. Though water reached higher than 1993, this flood wasn't as bad, Simmons said.

"In `93 that water came up and stayed on the levees for several months," Simmons said. "This flood came up quick and went down quick."

St. Louis-area cleanup largely was focused around the Meramec. Two wastewater treatment plants were so damaged by the floodwaters that raw sewage spewed into the river. Hundreds of people who had been evacuated in the Missouri communities of Pacific, Eureka, Valley Park and Arnold were cleaning up the mess and filth left behind.

In southeast Missouri, up to 30 homes and http://www.7more.com/business-19994.html - Fire Cleanup - several businesses were damaged in Cape Girardeau, a community of nearly 40,000 residents that is mostly protected by a flood wall. The Mississippi peaked at 48.9 feet Friday night, four-tenths of a foot above the 1993 record, but short of the 50-foot mark projected. Nearby levee breaks and toppings in other places kept the crest down.

Amtrak service between St. Louis and Kansas City was back in business http://www.lacartes.com/business/Superior-Restoration/289976 - Flood Repair - on Sunday, four days after high water that reached the tracks at some locations forced the passenger service to be halted.

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP Middle Smithfield Township: Fired zoning officer suit over dismissal heads back to court

Things may be looking up for Wayne Rohner in his lawsuit challenging his 2013 removal as Middle Smithfield Township zoning officer.Last summer, an appeals court partially overturned the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging his firing by the township supervisors. Now, the appearance and removal of mold in a Middle Smithfield Township Elementary School classroom could bolster his case.Rohner who was elected to the East Stroudsburg Area School Board last November asserts he was fired from the township in 2013 because he refused to issue a certificate of completion for a school district construction project.

href='http://www.scoop.it/t/superior-water-damage-corona' - Superior Water Damage Corona -

at the school.Rohner contends he repeatedly resisted pressure from township supervisors and school district officials to issue the certificate, due to multiple roof leaks and construction of a concrete sidewalk pavilion that was smaller and of lesser quality than approved in pre-construction plans.With respect to the school project, plaintiff enforced the zoning code in a way that incurred the displeasure of school district officials, including Superintendent Sharon Laverdure and Operations Manager (James) Shearouse, Rohners attorney, Cletus Lyman, wrote in a 2014 complaint. Plaintiffs enforcement was fully supported by the zoning code, but this caused delays to cure violations and added to the cost of the school project.In March 2013, Rohner denied the school districts request for a certificate of completion, noting the concrete sidewalk was narrower and shorter than shown on the township-approved development plan. Rohner said the district either had to complete the sidewalk as approved or produce a copy of a written change order showing the larger walkway had been removed from the plans.But no change order had been generated, school officials told the township. The longer walkway was an option that never made it to final contract documents on which contractors made financial offers to do the work.The district appealed the denial to Middle Smithfields five-member Zoning Hearing Board. A hearing was scheduled for May 28, 2013. But on May 13, 2013, Rohner was suspended from his job by Supervisors Annette Atkinson, Mike Dwyer and Mitchell Marcus. They cancelled the zoning board hearing. The supervisors fired Rohner 10 days later.The township named a new acting zoning officer, who issued the certificate of completion to the district.In Rohners lawsuit, he charged that his dismissal violated public policy protections for a township official performing his official duties. He also charged that his firing violated the states Whistleblower Law, which protects employees who report wrongdoing.The township said any wrongdoing cited by Rohner was minor or technical in nature and didnt cause his discharge.Monroe County Judge Arthur Zulick dismissed the case. He ruled that Rohners refusal to grant the school district certificate didnt entitle him to whistleblower protection, because the action wasnt taken against his employer the township. He ruled that Rohners action was simply a job duty, rather than a report of wrongdoing or waste.He also ruled that under state law, Rohner and other zoning officers are at will employees entitled to no public policy protection from dismissal.Rohner appealed to Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. A three-judge panel ruled that Rohner stated a valid claim under the whistleblower law, but not under a public policy exception.

The case was sent back to Monroe County Court to be tried under the whistleblower law. The case is in a preliminary phase.The discovery of mold in the school early last month might raise issues in Rohners whistleblower case. The mold found in a single classroom has been linked to repeated roof leaks. It was removed during the holiday break.Were these roof leaks the same ones or at least in the same area noted in Rohners early monitoring and reporting on the school construction project? If so, did the leaks play any role in Rohners dismissal?The roof leak issue continues to be an issue in the case, is all that Rohners attorney, Lyman, would say on Jan. 11.

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RI-Based Disaster Recovery Specialists Offer Immediate Steps For Handling Historic Water, Flood, Sewage Damage