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Some of the shocking prices from Ringo Starr's huge three-day auction

By far, an item which got one with the most buzz before the auction. This particular drum http://propertyuk.com/ - http://propertyuk.com/ - kit was utilized through Ringo upon over 180 studio recordings, in addition in many BBC radio exhibits and also are living appearances in between 1963 along with 1964. Inside 1969, the kit was purchased by simply http://estateagentsapps.co.uk - http://estateagentsapps.co.uk - Paul McCartney as well as utilized on his debut "McCartney" solo album. This has been expected to be able to offer huge also it did, heading regarding $1,750,000 in the audio of the auctioneer's gavel, which in turn grew to be able to $2,110,000 with buyer's premium. This had been by far the actual largest sale cost through the three day event.

The lucky buyer has been Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts. "The auctioneer started bidding with 'Do I have got $10 million?' and I thought, 'What your f---!' I believed a amount of billionaire madman may say 'I possess $10 million, what are generally the hell,'" he advised Rolling Stone. "It took such as 5 minutes to become able to say 'Going once, heading twice.'"

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For Sale Real Estate On Moon

Want in order to own a little bit of heaven? It's yours, beginning with $19.99 an acre--on the actual moon. In case you prefer, you could buy property in Venus or perhaps Mercury.

Mercury is great this time associated with year. Your temperature tops 700 degrees however they say it's actually a dry heat.

If that's nonetheless also shut towards the hustle along with bustle associated with Earth, there's Mars--33.9 million miles coming from times Square. The deed, with your title upon it, to a prime-view 1 acre lot on Mars will set an individual back $22.49, plus tax, plus transport (not http://www.propertypropertyproperty.co.uk/ - http://www.propertypropertyproperty.co.uk/ - coming from Mars) and also handling.

The man selling these lots is actually Dennis Hope, founder and owner regarding Lunar Embassy Corp associated with Gardnerville, Nev., which claims to hold the property rights to several heavenly bodies. How many? "Nine altogether," says Hope brightly. "When we started, Pluto was nevertheless being considered the planet."

That has been 1968. With the actual time, Hope ended up being unemployed, hadn't worked to acquire a year, ended up being acquiring divorced and lived within San Francisco. Items looked bad. He remembers thinking that only if he simply had property, items might be better. "Then I observed the actual moon," he recalls. "I thought, there's the large amount of property up there."

He learned that small stood in between him and ownership--hardly greater than stood in between proud Cortez and, say, and Mexico, once the particular intrepid Spaniard had taken the shine to it.

Hope consulted what was--and is--the governing document of outer space, the actual "Treaty in principles Governing the particular Actions associated with States within the Exploration as well as Use associated with Outer Space, Which Includes the Moon and also Various Other Celestial Bodies," known for short because the Outer Area Treaty.

While your Treaty explicitly forbids your nations involving Earth via generating territorial claims upon other planets, this doesn't address what claims may legally become made by private companies--a possibility certainly not imagined inside 1968.

Hope requested 3 lawyers whether as well as not he could assert development legal rights to the moon.

Two informed him that they didn't know. The Actual third said, "Oh, sure, why not?" Hope was off along with running. He has never received, he says, a challenge in order to his correct to offer area real estate through any terrestrial government.

From peddling http://managelettings.co.uk - property for sale in france - moon acreage, Hope branched out to the additional properties throughout his nine-planet portfolio.

It's the particular moon that's been his greatest vendor to end up being able to date. Why? "You may look at it," he factors out. "It's almost all view property." Still, simply by his or the girl own estimate, he offers offered only regarding 7.5 % of the moon so far--"600 million as well as 11 acres." In Which comes even near to his getting marketed just 325 million acres of Mars.

Planetary properties he provides offered range in proportions from a single acre, upon as significantly as nation-sized parcels. Your buyers involving the biggest parcels, he claims, have got included 1,800 corporations, which includes a pair of leading U.S. resort chains. "The very greatest property we've sold has been 2.66 million acres. We marketed in which for $45,000. Today, that exact same parcel could operate an individual $2.66 million."

Hope offers drafted any lunar constitution. As the moon's representative, he says, he provides set up relations with any few 30 earthly nations. He features issued a new lunar currency and has produced overtures for your moon to join the actual International Monetary Fund.

As Hope's web site makes clear, he's not even close to being an unscrupulous salesman. You can easily find things--23 regarding them, to be precise--he is not likely to sell, for just with regards to any price.

These include, about the moon, the Apollo landing sites.

On Mars, web sites not really pertaining to sale and off boundaries are generally addressed below the Frequently Questioned questions portion of Hope's website, which usually asks:

"Can i Buy the Face upon Mars?"

The property referred to become able to is a topographical feature photographed through NASA. Early images with the parcel confirmed what appeared to become a large rock formation inside the shape of your human face, together with pyramid-shaped structures nearby it. 1 faction of room enthusiasts features argued that these features are usually the work of intelligent life. NASA's position is always that the deal with area and the pyramids are generally illusions cast through shadow.

Explains Hope's website:

"Unfortunately, certain places in Mars usually are generally not for sale since we firmly think which they ought to remain for your great of Mankind. This kind of includes the particular famous "Face on Mars," too since the "Pyramids upon Mars." It could be irresponsible in the Lunar Embassy in order to sell these historic places associated with general interest."

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34 Non-Birthday, Non-Anniversary, Non-Holiday Occasions to Celebrate

This Blogger's Textbooks along with Other Things from...

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Amazon Launches Friends & Family Gifting


Inc. today announced Pals & Loved Ones Gifting, a feature which allows

customers for you to simply keep track of birthdays and also special occasions, get

buying reminders as well as manage gift tips for everybody about his or her record

year-round. MasterCard has joined Amazon in bringing consumers Pals &

Family Members Gifting this holiday season.

Along With Pals & family Gifting, clients can simply centralize their

gift-giving suggestions throughout the particular year in a place. Making Use Of the actual Gift Lists

feature, consumers can generate as well as reveal gift suggestions via email, Facebook,

Twitter and also Pinterest. To assist help to make gift-giving easy, Amazon Pals &

family Gifting lets the thing is which gift-giving occasions tend to be coming up

next to ensure that it's simple to stay along with birthdays, anniversaries as well as

some other unique occasions. customers may furthermore opt-in for you to receive purchasing

e-mail reminders just before friends' birthdays that link directly for their

existing Wish Lists to consider the particular guess-work out of getting whatever they

truly want.

You may find numerous methods Buddies & family Gifting can help customers

organize his or her gift-giving:

Maintain track associated with friends & Family: Shop important dates like

birthdays and anniversaries using just several clicks and get reminders.

Add information with regards to Friends: Clients can discover current

Amazon Wish Lists to create it easy to find the perfect gift pertaining to their own

friends. by connecting their own Amazon along with Facebook accounts, clients

can easily likewise use details about their own Facebook friends, such because the

things his or her buddies 'Like,' to pick a gift.

great for Kids: Create it even much easier to find the best gifts with regard to

kids, as Amazon Pals & Loved Ones Gifting provides gift recommendations

by get older as well as interest.

"Friends & family Gifting on Amazon tends to make http://thankyougiftideas.info - gift exchange ideas - gift-giving fun and easy,"

said Andy Rosenbaum, Sr. Manager involving Wish Checklist and Gifting regarding Amazon.

"You will never forget any birthday and also will have great gift tips ready

with regard to this holiday season and special occasions year-round."

"The reaction through a friend or perhaps loved one after they receive the thoughtful

gift can be priceless, however, identifying and getting in which gift could be

stressful," said Cheryl Guerin, senior vice president, U.S. Marketing,

MasterCard. "We're happy to turn out in order to be listed on Amazon inside simplifying your gift providing

knowledge about Buddies & Loved Ones Gifting, providing clients more time along with power to

spend experiencing as well as savoring the joys associated with holiday traditions."

For You To get started, clients can easily visit www.amazon.com/friendsandfamily

to include pals and begin organizing their gift-giving.

about Amazon.com

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), a new Fortune 500 organization based in Seattle,

opened around the Internet within July 1995 and following this provides Earth's

biggest Selection. Amazon.com, Inc. seeks to become Earth's many

customer-centric company, where consumers will find as well as discover anything

they may need it online, and also endeavors in order to provide its clients the actual

lowest achievable prices. Amazon.com along together with other sellers supply an incredible amount of

distinctive new, refurbished and employed items in categories such as Books;

Movies, Songs & Games; Digital Downloads; Electronics & Computers; House

& Garden; Toys, Kids & Baby; Grocery; Apparel, Shoes & Jewelry; Wellness &

Beauty; Sports & Outdoors; and also Tools, Auto & Industrial. Amazon Web

Solutions provides Amazon's developer consumers together with access to

in-the-cloud infrastructure solutions according to Amazon's very own back-end

technology platform, that developers may use to enable virtually any kind of

sort involving business. Kindle Paperwhite will be the most-advanced e-reader ever

constructed using 62% more pixels and also 25% increased contrast, a patented

built-in front light regarding studying in every lighting conditions, extra-long

battery life, plus a thin and lightweight design. Your new most recent generation

Kindle, your lightest and smallest Kindle, now features new, improved

fonts and quicker web page turns. Kindle Fire HD features a new stunning custom

high-definition display, exclusive Dolby audio with dual stereo

speakers, high-end, laptop-grade Wi-Fi along with dual-band support,

dual-antennas and MIMO regarding faster streaming along with downloads, sufficient

storage for HD content, and in addition the newest generation processor along with graphics

engine--and it truly is available in a couple of display sizes--7" and 8.9". Your

large-screen Kindle Fire HD is also available using 4G wireless, and also

comes using a groundbreaking $49.99 introductory 4G LTE data package. the

all-new Kindle Fire features a new 20% quicker processor, 40% faster

performance, twice the particular memory, and lengthier battery life.

Amazon and also its affiliates run websites, which includes www.amazon.com,









and also www.amazon.com.br.

As employed herein, "Amazon.com," "we," "our" as well as comparable terms include

Amazon.com, Inc., and its subsidiaries, unless the context indicates


about MasterCard

MasterCard (NYSE: MA), www.mastercard.com,

is a global payments along with technology company. This operates your world's

fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, economic

institutions, merchants, governments as well as companies in a lot much more than 210

countries and territories. MasterCard's items and solutions help to make

every day commerce actions - for example shopping, traveling, running a

business and also managing finances - easier, much more secure plus more effective

pertaining to everyone. follow us in Twitter @MasterCardNews,

be the part of the particular discussion on the Cashless

Conversations blog along with subscribe

for your newest news.

Forward-Looking Statements

This kind of announcement contains forward-looking statements within this is

associated with Section 27A of the Securities Act regarding 1933 and also Section 21E with the

Securities Exchange Act regarding 1934. Real results may vary significantly

from management's expectations. These kind of forward-looking statements involve

risks as well as uncertainties that include, among others, risks related in order to

competition, management regarding growth, new products, services as well as

technologies, prospective fluctuations throughout operating results, international

expansion, outcomes regarding legal proceedings and claims, fulfillment center

optimization, seasonality, commercial agreements, acquisitions and also

strategic transactions, foreign exchange rates, system interruption,

inventory, government regulation along with taxation, payments and also http://www.dreamscene.net.au/Special_Occ_Types.html - http://www.dreamscene.net.au/Special_Occ_Types.html - fraud. more

information about factors in which potentially could affect Amazon.com's

monetary results is included within Amazon.com's filings with almost all the

Securities and also Exchange Commission, including its nearly all recent Annual

Statement on Form 10-K and also subsequent filings.

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Illinois Should Not Be 'Dictatorship From Chicago'


Gov. Bruce Rauner says any property tax freeze passed by the Illinois Senate this week is much more proof Illinois becoming run like a "dictatorship via Chicago" through Home Speaker Michael Madigan and the Democratic allies inside the city.

The bill freezes property taxes for 2 years, proposes a change to the state's institution funding system and offers $200 million throughout teacher pension relief to become able to Chicago. Your Chicago Public Universities pension provision is actually intended to produce up with regard to Chicago taxpayers essentially getting double-billed for teacher pensions: they finance Chicago teacher pensions and also section of their particular state earnings tax subsidizes teacher pensions in suburban and downstate college districts.

But the balance doesn't allow nearby governments throughout their state to be able to restrict the particular terms of collective bargaining, as Rauner offers proposed.

"The bill ... (is) missing important elements that are absolutely critical in our view to deal with property taxes and also that's getting local control ... of costs. Whether Or Even Not it's bidding, contracting, what gets bargained, what doesn't. Which should be controlled locally. Which really shouldn't be mandated by simply Springfield," Rauner stated inside a press conference http://propertyinventoryapps.co.uk - http://propertyinventoryapps.co.uk - at the Capitol. "If unfortunately we cannot include that will inside our legislation and we freeze property taxes for 2 years... as quickly as the 2 a extended time are usually up, they're planning to pop up along with frankly accelerate in a large quantity of communities beyond whatever they otherwise would have. It's not really a accurate fix for the problem. It's a new little step within the fix however the real fix will be get nearby charge of costs."

That the balance contains pension relief pertaining to Chicago Public Colleges but no provisions pertaining to school districts statewide signifies a greater problem, Rauner said.

"Illinois must not be described as a dictatorship coming from Chicago. and so here's the particular point. Speaker Madigan could, if he wanted to hike taxes, he could. He's not really been prepared to http://www.propertyauctions.com/ - http://www.propertyauctions.com/ - complete that will but he's additionally certainly not been prepared to handle reforms," Rauner said. "The only period he wants reform will be if it's a particular request through Chicago, Democrats within Chicago. That's certainly not the right method to cope with this."


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Retail Price Elasticity

An essential concern regarding stores would become to know the impact associated with sales of promoting actions such as cost reductions or special promotions. Since the particular creation of optical scanner data, stores get utilized estimates of the results of marketing mix variations to higher manage inventory, shelf-space allocation, as well as promotional activities (Food Marketing and Advertising Institute 1985; Petrison 1987). The Particular effects of marketing http://www.shopcreator.com/ - http://www.shopcreator.com/ - activities about retail store revenue are frequently assessed by estimating sales-response capabilities (e.g., Moriarity 1985). Cost elasticity explains the actual quantity change in items looked by method of a merchant because associated with change in unit price. but the crucial selection would be for - - a merchant is to know about his goods how elastic they may be really in quantitative terms because that assists him to always be able to adjust rates accordingly to improve profits.

https://radweb.co.uk/ecommerce/ - magento sitemap -


1. food marketing Institute (1985), retailer applications of Scanning Data, Washington,D.C.:Research division, Meals marketing Institute.

2. Petrison, Lisa (1987),"Retailers Scan data Horizon," Adweek's marketing Week 28, 53(November), 16-17.

3. Moriarity, Mark M.(1985),"Retail Marketing Results about Intra- and also Interbrand SalesPerformance," Journal regarding Retailing, 61 (3),27-47.

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Kentucky player Andrew Harrison apologizes for obscenity, slur in postgame press conference

Kentucky men's basketball player Andrew Harrison apologized Sunday regarding directing an obscenity plus a racial slur in Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky within a postgame press conference.

Harrison muttered "F--- that n----" in to be able to a live microphone when another player was questioned the question concerning Kaminsky following Kentucky lost 71-64 to the Badgers Saturday. Your loss ruined the Wildcats' undefeated season.

Harrison stated upon Twitter that he wished to apologize "for my poor option associated with words utilized in jest towards a player I respect and know." He mentioned the two of which had a "good conversation" and he wished him good luck inside Monday's championship game.

Harrison's comment came like a reporter questioned Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns regarding defending the 7-foot Kaminsky. He muttered it together together with his hand in front of his mouth, but the mic picked up the actual comments.

"Karl, could a person speak about Kaminsky and also let's say something is exclusive concerning defending him?" your reporter said.

The comment began a new firestorm upon social media as many were asking what Harrison stated accompanied simply by video clips of his response.

https://www.hillscourt.co.uk/tag/rubery/ - team building birmingham -

Harrison was sitting in the task interview table along with his brother, Aaron, to his left as well as forward Willie Cauley-Stein directly to his right.

Kentucky plans to speak together with Harrison around the matter. 

''We have no comment until we have were built with a opportunity to assess it," Kentucky spokesman Eric Lindsey said.

https://www.hillscourt.co.uk/events-bromsgrove-2016/ - hilltop golf course birmingham -

Kaminsky led the Badgers with twenty factors and 11 rebounds inside the comeback victory against Kentucky.

Wisconsin will play Duke in the NCAA http://www.gartner.com/events/ - http://www.gartner.com/events/ - championship game Monday. Duke defeated Michigan State earlier Saturday, 81-61.

The Connected Press contributed in order to this report.