Jul 30, 2017 at 17:13 o\clock

How VCCbusiness.com Scammed Me Out Of My Money

vccbusiness.com scammed us for several hundred dollars. We cannot imagine any more of thief than Paypalvcc.com. This guy will skype you and when you send money, he blocks you.

Amazing...to why this guy is still operating, I don't know.

Hello I bought 5 vcc from vccbusiness.com

when i bought i was added him to his skype , but after paid he blcok me and domt refund and and ive vba ( virtual bank account)

so i want to get back rrefund from his. He live at vietnam

SO anyone be ware from his . He is owner of vccbusiness.com




when his skype id ( vccbusiness come online )

cheapvccs skype and vcccheap come online too so

all is alert from this scammer

I fuck him he is big madrchud

Someone needs to take him down. We get our stuff from either:



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