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How to Use an Aluminum Brake to Wrap a Door or Window

Cut the two exterior bends down to the top of the wood framing and bend the resulting "flaps" over the top. You can either cut the piece with snips or mark the piece, take it down, and cut it with your utility knife. Bend the front longer piece down first and then bend the exterior side shorter piece over second.

Wrapping exterior windows and doors in aluminum is a great way to add detail and simplify exterior maintenance. If you have a few windows or an exterior door to wrap, it can be be a fun do it yourself weekend project. The tools to do an aluminum wrapping project are readily available, unfortunately, information on how to use a siding brake is not.

You are finally ready to get to work. Measure the distance from the bottom to the top of the side of the door then add an inch. This will be the length of your first cut. Since I purchased 24 inch wide coil, I was able to cut the piece in half lengthwise and have both my side pieces.

If you are going to be wrapping a window instead of a door, the process is the same. You just start with a bottom piece before you put on the side pieces. Make the appropriate cuts and bends to insure the wrapping fits on the wooden framing snug and secure.

While you could omit these cuts in the process by cutting the pieces to length instead of one inch long in step 3, I do not recommend doing so. This portion will be completely covered by the top aluminum piece with the exception of the corner. Having an extra bend over the top corner adds another layer of water protection in addition to the caulk you will be putting on later.

You can either use a pair of snips or a utility knife to cut the piece where you made your mark. I used my utility knife and my framing square since it was a short cut. On this cut, you will need to cut the aluminum all the way through instead of just scoring it. This is not difficult to do if you have a sharp blade and take your time. After you have made the cut, fold the top portion flat against the interior.

cut and bend

Credit: jgiuliano

Here are a few tips that may save you some hassle:

Once you have secured both the side pieces, it is time to make the final piece. Measure the distance between the top outside left corner and the top outside right corner. This will be the length of your top piece. Try to get an accurate measurement and cut on this piece. If the piece is too long once it is bent, it is hard (but not impossible) to cut the piece down to size. If the piece is too short, you may have to cut a new piece and waste that one.

As you can see from the picture of my brake, It is a fairly old and non snazzy variety. There are some brakes that come with cutters built into the machine. I used a utility knife and a framers square to cut mine. When you using a utility knife, do not try to cut through the piece of aluminum. The trick is to score the piece and then gently bend the piece over the score a few times until it snaps. For the long cut you can score the entire length and then put it in the brake and bend it a few times that way.

Width Cutting of trim coil

Credit: jgiuliano

lengthwise trim coil cut

Credit: jgiuliano

You are ready for your final bend on the piece. Unclamp the piece and rotate it 180 degrees on the short axis so the second bend is facing downwards but still out. Measure for your depth again. I measured my bend 1.25 inches from the previous bend like my first bend. Clamp the piece down and double check your measurement. Bend your final bend 90 degrees upward. Your piece should look something like the picture below.

Final bent piece

Credit: jgiuliano

Step Five: Cut and bend the top

When you have cut out the two tabs on the ends, you are ready to put the final piece up and nail it in. Remember to be careful and not be overly exuberant with your hammer. Take your time and make sure the nails are in a good spots.

Step 4: Bend your side pieces

Repeat the process with the other side of the door.

door with two sides done

Credit: jgiuliano

Line up the top piece with framing and check your length. Like the side pieces, you will have to mark and cut the ends of this piece to make it fit. With the top pieces, I do not bend the piece inside like I did with the sides. I simply run my utility knife along the crease to score it and break the end pieces off. (See picture below). This makes your finished product a little less bulky and easier to caulk.

top bend 1

Credit: jgiuliano

top piece 2

Credit: jgiuliano

There will be a few places where a nail will definitely need to be visible on the finished product. In these places, it is important to be very careful when driving the nail in. You can use a nail punch to prevent your hammer from dinging the piece. You could also pre-drill the few holes that are going to be showing.

For my project, I started with a French door that I framed out with some scrap lumber. The wood is 1.25 inches deep, so that will be the depth of my bends. The edges of the wood are 4.75 inches wide, so that will be the width of my bends. (Note: Jchannel is typically 1 inch deep. You may want to frame your door or window out at 1" if you do not want your wrapping to stick out past your siding.)

Prewrapped French Door

Credit: jgiuliano

Finally, you will need a few common tools. You should have a framing square, a hammer, a tape measure, a utility knife with extra blades, and a screw driver for changing the knife blades. It would also be helpful to have a nail punch and a pair of snips. If your window or door is not already framed by wood, you will also need a saw and wood to frame it out.

Tools Needed for Wrapping a Window

Credit: jgiuiano

1. Be very careful with http://www.ehow.com/how_2313157_repair-garage-doors.html - http://www.ehow.com/how_2313157_repair-garage-doors.html - the aluminum from the moment you unroll it until you affix it to your house. The aluminum will scratch and dent easily. If you are going to be cutting the trim coil on a floor or piece of plywood, make sure there are no small rocks or debris under the sheet, it can put small divots in the sheet.

The list of tools and materials for this project is relatively small and easy to track down. The first and most important thing you will need is a siding brake. This can be rented from a tool rental place or you might be able to borrow one. If you do not know anyone you can borrow one from, you could try running an ad on a site like craiglist.

Once you have a siding brake, you will need to head over to your local home improvement store to purchase your materials. You will need a roll of aluminum trim coil and a box of white aluminum trim nails. You can get aluminum trim coil in a variety of lengths, widths, and colors. For my project, I purchased white trim coil with a reversible finish coat.

href='http://www.infobarrel.com/How_to_Use_an_Aluminum_Brake' - http://www.infobarrel.com/How_to_Use_an_Aluminum_Brake -

Step 7: Caulk the door and enjoy a job well done

Step 3: Cut your side pieces

The first bend will be for the inside of frame nearest the door. As I mentioned previously, the dimensions that I am covering are 1.25 inches deep by 4.75 inches wide. This means my first bend will be 1.25 inches. Take your time and line up each side on the brake so it is exactly 1.25 inches or whatever your depth will be. It can be helpful to have another person hold one end of the piece in place while you adjust the other end. Take your time here and don't rush. When you have the piece clamped down and ready to bend, check you measurement one more time and make sure it is correct.

measuring the bend

Credit: jgiuliano

Congratulations, you have successfully wrapped a door in aluminum. The only thing left to do is to caulk the seams. Caulking the seams will not only be able to hide some of your small imperfections, it will also seal the wrapping from exterior moisture penetration.

finished door before caulk and siding

Credit: jgiuliano

Step 1: Get together everything you will need

Once you have all the parts of the two sides cut and bent, you are ready to put some nails into your work. If you have bent the piece right, you shouldn't need too many nails to secure the piece. Try to be strategic about where you place - - the nails. You want the least number of nails showing as possible on the finished product.

Step 6: Cut, bend, and affix the top piece

When you are sure that your placement is correct, you are ready to bend the piece. Reach down, grab the handle of the brake, and pull the handle upwards until the piece is bent to a 90 degree angle. Release the handle and unclamp the piece.

bend number 1

Credit: jgiuliano

3. If you do make a mistake, recycle it. I actually had to pull down on of my wrapping jobs and redo it because of an error I made. The result was 14 pounds of bent and sad aluminum. I took it to the scrap yard and got seven dollars (Hey money is money).

2. Take your time, there is nothing worse than cutting something in the wrong spot or making the wrong bend. Before you cut, bend, or nail something, think about what you are doing one last time and make sure it is what you actually want to do.

Step 2:Think the project through

Place your piece back onto the wood framing.

refitted bend piece

Credit: jgiuiano

When I considered wrapping the three windows and the door on an addition I built, I had a hard time finding any information for the layman on how to use a siding brake. I was able to borrow an aluminum brake from a friend and he gave me a quick run down on how to use it. After some careful planning and a few mistakes, I ended up with three decently wrapped windows, a pretty good looking french door, and enough knowledge to write a basic primer on the process.

Pull the aluminum piece towards you and line up your bend for the width part of the piece. The first bend should be pointing straight up as pictured above. Measure the distance that you need for the width (Mine was 4.75 inches) and clamp the brake back down. Double check your measurement one last time. Bend the piece upward at to a 90 degree angle.

Bend number 2

Credit: jgiuliano

Once you have your side piece bent, it is time to position it on the door and mark it for some additional cuts. When you place the piece on the wood framing, you will notice that it will not go all the way on because of the top framing. Mark the aluminum with your pencil where it needs to be cut.

Positioning for additional cutes

Credit: jgiuliano

Before you start cutting and bending pieces of aluminum, it is helpful to take a moment to understand your project and to think it through. When you are wrapping a window or door, you start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. This method along with caulking your final product, will give you the best chance of keep water out.

You should now have a piece that fits snuggly and uniformly onto the wood framing with the exception of about an inch that sticks up at the top.

one inch at the top

Credit: jgiuliano

Repeat the same bending process that you did with the side pieces. The top piece should look the same as what the first two pieces did when you took them off of the brake. The location of the cuts on the top piece will be slightly different.

Do you have any tips you could add or a process that would improve upon my basic tutorial? Did I do something wrong that needs to be corrected? Feel free to leave a comment and I will be more that happy to add tips or update the information.

Repeat the process with your second cut side piece to make the other side piece of the door.

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Do I Need a Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup?

Do I Need a Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup?

Do you need one? It depends. There are some situations where it would be very beneficial to have a battery backup. It would always be convenient, but it would be essential if you lived in an area where you had frequent power outages and you ran an emergency vehicle or had to - - be able to come and go quickly. You might also need it if lifting and lowering a garage door was beyond your physical capabilities. Or you might need it if your garage door was set up to be lifted higher than you could physically lift. If any of these situations apply, you may http://precisiondoor-swfl.com/ - http://precisiondoor-swfl.com/ - well want to have a battery backup for your garage door.

A garage really came out of the idea of a horse barn. When people began replacing their horses with vehicles, they moved those vehicles into the stables where the horse used to be and they needed to. Those early cars were open air models and very susceptible to the whims of nature. Later, cars became enclosed, but the garage remained a fixture and people closed the barn door on them, like they did with the horses.

Garage door openers with battery backup are usually slightly more expensive than a normal garage door opener, about $100 orso more in price. However if your home is prone to power outages then that cost will be well worth it when you are not stuck in the driveway!

Author's Bio:

Denver Garage Door Repair provides professional garage door repair and opener service for Denver, Colorado. Feel free to contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for friendly, courteous, affordable Garage Door Repair Denver. We look forward to serving you and earning your business.

href='http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/do-i-need-a-garage-door-opener-with-battery-backup' - http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/do-i-need-a-garage-door-opener-with-battery-backup -

Battery Backup: Do I Need One?

As the population moved first to the cities and then the suburbs, keeping a vehicle safe from thieves became an issue. Then the standard became a house with a-car garage, and to make it easier to use, the electric garage door opener became a sought-after luxury item, and then a standard feature.

Of course, there is a manual override system set up on most garage door openers to let you use your garage when the power goes out. In these systems, most of the power to raise and lower the door comes from the torsion springs which work as a counterweight system, applying pressure equal to the weight of the door. The electric motor is merely there to start the process up and down and to keep the door moving in the right direction.

What to Do When the Power Goes Out

There is an easy thing to say about an automatic garage door opener. When the power is out, it will not work. By automating our garage doors, we have simplified our lives in many ways and we have the ability to keep our vehicles safe and warm with the mere push of a button.

It is possible to get a battery backup for your automatic garage door. What this will do is, once the power is off, it will kick in and allow your garage to open and close using the power remote.

In the case of a power outage, the door can be disconnected from the motor assembly, usually at the end of the chain. There is an emergency release at the end of the mechanism which can be released with a pull. Once released, the door can be raised and lowered manually. It takes a little pressure to do it, but your car is not stuck eternally in your garage.

And when the power goes out, the garage door opener will not work, and you cant get your car in or out of the garage.

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Wireless Remote Controllers for Fuel Delivery in Industrial Sector

Wireless remote controllers have transformed the complete manner of conducting our day to day activities. There are many industrial wireless products like garage door openers; wireless remote control and smoke protector transmitter that have changed the method - - in which we live our everyday lives. In other words, like industrial remote controls, wireless analog transmitters and wireless controls have changed the way the commercial and other business actions take place.

In addition, the system complies with DOT HM225A requirements for http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/repair/how-to-repair-a-garage-door1.htm - http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/repair/how-to-repair-a-garage-door1.htm - off truck remote controls and is available with Query option for 5 minute auto shut off after 30 seconds alarm. These wireless remote controllers are also obtainable with PTO Delay feature which mechanically unlock tank internal valve for 5 seconds prior to engaging PTO allowing pump and manufactured goods lines to charge preventing internal control device slug. The system has 433.92 MHz frequency operations and the method of transmission is 56 bit DES with an encryption key. The normal range of this radio remote control is up to 1000 feet.

Advances in wireless technology, combined with the increasing demand for reliable communication and property safety method, have led to a significant rise in the variety of wireless process control devices that are now well accepted to us. Now fuel delivery truck radio remote controls are well known in industrial sector. These are developed specifically for fuel delivery truck applications requiring intrinsically safe, explosion proof handhelds. The remote control functions are available with rugged, waterproof, cast aluminum handheld. It has some typical applications like PTO, THROTTLE, HOSE REEL, QUERY and EMERGENCY STOP or any other chassis/tank procedure systems. This total procedure is accessible to connect with all types of truck engine and framework controls and quick join wire harness can be prepared as a factory set up OEM choice in many new truck chassis allowing plug and play tank up fitter set up. It is field programmable for latched, momentary or safety latched operation. The system has 300 hour continuous transmission double A batteries with low battery warning. At the same time, the external receiver learn button allows easy transmitter replacement. The system can be specified for fisher or Rego internal valves, Hannay or Reelcraft hose reels, Muncie or Chelsea PTOs and any kind of tank engine.

The modern technology is reshaping the configuration and scope of procedures in this world, in no time we would see ourselves having progressed into a new world order. One technology that has already achieved this is wireless technology.

Basically radio remote controls use radio waves to send commands to different devices. These are made with electromagnetic waves of varying frequencies, emitted through antenna and picked up by radio receivers. When you press a button on your radio remote control, it sends radio waves to your industrial machine, which decodes the signal and obeys your command. The amazing aspect of these wireless remote controllers is they can send signals from a greater distance. And it can catch even the tiniest signal of receiver. They can even go through walls and therefore a growing number of modern applications are now being planned with radio remotes.

href='http://remote-control.ezinemark.com/wireless-remote-controllers-for-fuel-delivery-in-industrial-sector-7d348c7878d5.html' - http://remote-control.ezinemark.com/wireless-remote-controllers-for-fuel-delivery-in-industrial-sector-7d348c7878d5.html -

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10 Signs You Have Found the Holy Grail of Neighbors

9. They can be trusted. Oh man, you locked yourself out again? No worries. Your neighbor to the rescue. She's taken possession of your spare house key, car key, mail key, and garage door opener because momnesia has taken over your life.

Here are 10 signs you, too, have found the Holy Grail of neighbors:

This article originally appeared on Houston Moms Blog. You can read more about Lauren's parenting adventures at Mommy Owl, on Facebook and on Twitter.

1. They make you feel special. Feeling sick? They'll bring you soup. It's your birthday? They'll buy you flowers. Had a baby? They will take your tiny, hollering human off your hands while you rest for just a second or two... Zzzzzzz.

6. They are your therapists. Having a tough day? They will totally meet you on your driveway with their portable loungers and a bottle of wine and let you unload your verbal diarrhea.

7. They help make your vacations possible. Whenever you go out of town, they - - take in your garbage cans, packages and newspapers. Heck, they'll even dog-sit your curmudgeonly schnauzer if you ask them to.

href='http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lauren-lodder/10-signs-you-have-found-the-holy-grail-of-neighbors_b_9542262.html' - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lauren-lodder/10-signs-you-have-found-the-holy-grail-of-neighbors_b_9542262.html -

2. They've got your back. They see the creepiest guy evah loitering by your front door and alert you, the neighborhood and the local police before you've had a chance to tell them it's actually your brother. Thanks for looking out!

10. They are your family away from family.They will bend over backwards for you and your family, welcome you to their holiday celebrations, and loan you the shirts off their backs because, goshdarnit, they are your neighbors and that's what neighbors do.

4. They double as babysitters. One kid is napping and the other needs to be picked up from school; your family is visiting and you totally http://www.colorado-garage-door.com/ - http://www.colorado-garage-door.com/ - forgot to buy booze; both of your kids are mid-conniption and you are late for a doctor's appointment. Don't fret. Your neighbor will be there faster than you can say, "Save meeeeeeee!"

Over the last 10 years, my husband and I have lived in eight different neighborhoods. Some were fancy, others modest; some were bustling, others quiet; some were friendly, others... not so much. But when the right neighborhood and, more importantly, the right neighbors came along, we stayed.

5. They genuinely care about your kids. They buy magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper, coupon books and other nonsense odds and ends from your kids every single year.

Cookie Monster Cupcake Snafu

8. Their kids occupy your kids. When you feel like a mombie (a.k.a. mom-zombie) and your offspring have successfully destroyed every surface of your home, their kids can be counted on to get yours outside into the sunshine and out of your hair.

3. They are your in-case-of-emergency people. When your kid gets the brilliant idea to cannonball off the roof into the pool and inevitably breaks his arm, they will be the first at the scene (since they probably witnessed the whole thing go down).

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By: Garage Door | Nov 30th 2011 - We offer a one-stop solution for all http://www.fixmygaragedoor.org/ - http://www.fixmygaragedoor.org/ - your garage door needs in one user friendly location. Whether you want a brand new door, nearly new motor, obscure spare part or just some useful, friendly advice, you'll find it here.

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Apr 10, 2016 at 06:45 o\clock

Cost Effective Garage Door

The trend of making garages in front of the house has increased the importance of garage door a lot but garage is a part of the house which is built mostly in the end. There are always very less budget specified for such parts of the house and people always want some cheap and effective solution. Modern garage doors are very costly because advanced technology is implemented in these doors with latest security systems installed. These automated doors are expensive in nature but they possess some very unique qualities in terms of security and aesthetic appearance.You can easily make your door budget friendly.

It all starts from your search for a good garage door provider and there are lots of things and qualities which you should look in your provider. First of all, try to find a local provider because selecting some non-local resources will cost you extra shipment expanses. Selecting a local company will not only save you some shipment cost but access to such company will be very easy and you can ask for any trouble right away.New companies can give you even more advantages. New companies are always looking for new customers and to promote their new business they often give some attractive offers like free installation and free maintenance. These services may look small but they have a huge impact on the overall cost of your garage door.

You should not http://ow.ly/10qu2c - http://ow.ly/10qu2c - jusge the overall cost from initial cost of material.You must take into consideration all the factors including installation cost and maintenance cost.These factors are important because extra maintenance cost of some cheap material can make it expensive in the long while an expensive material can be cost effective in the long run if it does not has maintenance cost. Material like vinyl has high initial cost but with almost zero maintenance cost, they become very cost effective. Even there are things which you can do to make wood a cost effective material. Garage door is a very big mechanical device but it is not that much technical in approach and you can fix minor problems at your own. You do not need to call anyone professional to fix these problems and by saving maintenance cost, the overall cost http://www.njgarage.com/ - http://www.njgarage.com/ - decreases. You can save all of the maintenance cost by attempting the repair and maintenance of your door at your own.

Some people apply wrong methods of making the door cost effective for example I have seen people buying a garage door of more than $1000 but they tend to install it at their own and ruin their whole investment. Always get professional help wherever it is necessary and try to give their work to them for safe and secure doing.

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SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at sea

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More information:SpaceX: www.spacex.com/

NASA: www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/index.html

"Absolutely incredible," said a SpaceX commentator. "The crowd is going a little nuts here, as expected."

href='http://phys.org/news/2016-04-spacex-futuristic-pop-up-room-rocket.html' - http://phys.org/news/2016-04-spacex-futuristic-pop-up-room-rocket.html -

Although the company managed to land a spent booster rocket at Cape Canaveral in December, touchdowns at sea had proven elusive, with several attempts ending in explosions on the floating barge. SpaceX's founder Elon Musk wants to ultimately reuse rocket parts to shave launch costs.

Hundreds of SpaceX employees gathered outside the company's glassed-in mission control in Hawthorne, California, cheered wildly, jumped up and down, andchanted, "USA, USA, USA!."

Traffic has been heavy lately at the 260-mile-high complex. NASA's other commercial shipper, Orbital ATK, made a delivery - - at the end of March, then Russia just last weekend. SpaceX's Dragon will join three cargo carriers and two crew capsules already parked there.

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at seaThe SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from launch complex 40 at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Friday, April 8, 2016. The rocket will deliver almost 7,000 pounds of science research, crew supplies, and hardware to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Besides a bevy of biological experiments--including 20 mice for a muscle study, and cabbage and lettuce plants for research as well as crew consumption--the Dragon capsule holds the pioneering pod.

Besides Falcon repairs and upgrades, SpaceX activated the Dragon's parachute system this time. That way, in case of a launch accident, the Dragon could parachute into the Atlantic and hopefully be salvaged. The Dragon is the only station cargo ship capable of returning items to Earth and thus equipped with parachutes.

NASA is anxious to get back blood and other samples collected by one-year spaceman Scott Kelly, who returned to Earth in March, as well as a defective spacesuit that cut short a spacewalk in January.

Explore further:SpaceX tries again to launch station supplies, land rocket

"It is the future ... the next logical step in humans getting off the planet," NASA's space station program manager, Kirk Shireman, told reporters Thursday.

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at seaThe SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from launch complex 40 at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Friday, April 8, 2016. The rocket will deliver almost 7,000 pounds of science research, crew supplies, and hardware to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

SpaceX's last delivery attempt, in June, ended in flames after just two minutes, doomed by a snapped strut in the oxygen tank of the upper stage. The company successfully resumed Falcon launches late last year with satellites.

The unmanned Falcon rocket soared into a clear afternoon sky, carrying a full load of supplies for the International Space Station as well as a futuristic pop-up room.

Empty except for sensors, the experimental BEAM is Bigelow's first soft-sided space structure meant for people. Astronauts will enter periodically during the two years it's at the station.

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at seaThe SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Friday, April 8, 2016. The rocket will deliver almost 7,000 pounds of science research, crew supplies, and hardware to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Bigelow hopes to have two station-size inflatables ready to launch around 2020 for commercial use, potentially followed by inflatable moon bases. NASA, meanwhile, envisions using inflatable habitats during 2030s Mars expeditions.

Bigelow Aerospace is providing the expandable compartment, which swells to the size of a small bedroom. It's a testbed for orbiting rental property that the Nevada company hopes to launch in four years, and also for moon and Mars habitats.

After sending the Dragon capsule on its way, the first-stage booster peeled away. Instead of dropping into the Atlantic like leftover junk, the 15-story booster steered to a vertical touchdown on the barge, named "Of Course I Still Love You."

Bigelow Aerospace: bigelowaerospace.com/

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or BEAM, is a 21st-century reincarnation of NASA's TransHab, which never got beyond blueprints and ground mock-ups in the 1990s. Hotel entrepreneur Robert Bigelow bought rights to TransHab, then persuaded NASA to host BEAM at the space station.

This marks SpaceX's first shipment for the space station in a year. A launch accident halted cargo flights last June.

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at seaIn this image made from video provided by SpaceX, the unmanned Falcon rocket lands on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, April 8, 2016. SpaceX resumed station deliveries for NASA on Friday, and in a double triumph, successfully landed its booster rocket on an ocean platform for the first time. (SpaceX via AP)

The Dragon and its 7,000 pounds of freight--including the attention-grabbing payload--should reach the space station Sunday.

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at sea

SpaceX launches futuristic pop-up room, lands rocket at seaThe SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from launch complex 40 at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Friday, April 8, 2016. The rocket will deliver almost 7,000 pounds of science research, crew supplies, and http://www.guidetogaragedoorrepair.com/ - http://www.guidetogaragedoorrepair.com/ - hardware to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

SpaceX resumed station deliveries for NASA on Friday, and in a double triumph, successfully landed its booster rocket on an ocean platform for the first time.

On the eve of the launch, Bigelow said the mission promises to "change the entire dynamic for human habitation."

Apr 4, 2016 at 23:24 o\clock

Colorado Companies Unite to “B the Change” in our Communities

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Over 100 employees from B Corporations around the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas are volunteering in their communities June 17 - 20, tangibly showing how they are using business as a force for good by B-ing the Change in Colorado. Throughout the entire week, Certified B Corps around the United http://www.superpages.com/yellowpages/c-garage+door+repair/ - http://www.superpages.com/yellowpages/c-garage+door+repair/ - States and the world are coming together to give back to their local communities as part of a - - global Be the Change in our Communities effort.

On June 17 and 19, smaller groups of B Corporations will work on the roof with GRID Alternatives, installing a solar array on a home in a low-income community to help reduce a familys energy bills while contributing to a renewable grid. On June 18, a larger group will gather in Lyons to continue with the citys flood recovery efforts; B Corp employees will be focusing on trail restoration, debris removal, and tree planting, as well as attending to any other needs of the city. The week will wrap up at the Food Bank of the Rockies in Denver, where volunteers will assemble meals for low-income families and individuals. Other B the Change service days around the world include projects with Habitat for Humanity, a Great Lakes cleanup in Chicago, mural painting, highway cleanups, and home repair projects in low-income communities. Full details for each Colorado project and lists of participating companies are below.

Businesses and the people behind them have the power to spread awareness, create good and ignite worldwide change. We like to think of this movement simply as community in action, said Kim Coupounas, GoLite Co-Founder and director of B Lab Colorado. These service projects help showcase the good that can happen when purpose-driven businesses walk the talk. Im so proud to be able to roll up my sleeves to B the Change in my community with fellow business leaders this week.

Giving back to our community in tangible ways is important to Rally Softwares employees, not only because of the positive impact they are making but because it lets them share our strengths with organizations who really need it, says Ryan Martens, co-founder and chief technology officer of Rally Software, a Certified B Corp. As a Rally employee, it allows them to collaborate with employees across the company while engaging at deeper level with our social mission of creating Citizen Engineers.

Colorado has an especially strong B Corp community with more than 40 local companies certified including New Belgium Brewing, Rally Software, Moye White, GoLite, Namast Solar, Door to Door Organics, and the Gary Community Investment Company.

Photos: To download photos from this weeks B-ing the Change events, click here.

href='http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140618006059/en/Colorado-Companies-Unite-%E2%80%9CB-Change%E2%80%9D-Communities' - http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140618006059/en/Colorado-Companies-Unite-%E2%80%9CB-Change%E2%80%9D-Communities -