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Knowing All About Plastic Surgery Adolescents

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Adolescents often feel uncomfortable with their changing bodies. Distortions in body appearance can lower self-esteem and affect social acceptance. This can cause problems in school, aggression, or withdrawal. Plastic surgery among teenagers is a better way to get rid of these issues. Teens want the majority of cosmetic procedures to change their appearance to improve self-confidence are increased liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast. An important factor when considering plastic surgery in adolescents is that the patient is still growing. The body mature decision-making skills are evolving, and social skills are formed.

What is plastic surgery for teens?

Plastic surgery in adolescence is a particular cut, which can include both a person's appearance and ability to function. Plastic surgeons strive to improve the appearance of patients' and self-image through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Types of plastic surgery in adolescents

Rhinoplasty: The majority has required surgery for young people, if done early, can prevent years of anguish. For teens concerned about their appearance, large or misshapen nose in the middle of the face gets a lot of attention. Rhinoplasty can be performed when the nose has completed most of its growth, which is already 13-14 years in girls and boys about a year later. After a bad cosmetic surgery nose has been improved, there can be no change in confidence, attitude and behavior.

Gynecomastia: Male Breast Contouring plastic surgery, gynecomastia, or female breast size for plastic surgery in adolescents is very painful for men. Projection of the breasts can result in derision, social avoidance, and inappropriate behavior. Although gynecomastia can occur at any age, young people are particularly vulnerable during their hormonal changes. While most adolescent gynecomastia decided that there was not resolved after two years in general do not want. Many young people have a problem gynecomastia stable, some have breasts that continue to grow. The problem affects people differently; a large deformation can be subtle or mass in the patient's eyes. It takes very little breast tissue to the "puffy nipples" stick through a shirt or interfere with a male chest contour It 'also possible balance between the need for another surgery continues to increase.

Correction ears in Plastic Surgery deformed or protruding ears can cause concern for children and young people. Some people do not want or cannot wear long hair camouflage. Correction for the ears have the opportunity to bring prominent ears closer to the ear head, or the balance of elements to reconstruct a deformed components. Replaced almost reached adult size at age

Young children's cartilage is softer, the advantage of teenage plastic surgery. Ears can be grown more solid weakened during surgery, a possible risk of distortion that can often be avoided in younger children. Ears are the typical deformity is often a lot of ridicule. External ear deformities are best treated before children begin social interaction.

Plastic surgery inverted nipples: An important factor in the decision to continue this treatment for plastic surgery in adolescents is the sex of the patient. While the channel savings procedures can help small deformations, some inverted nipples, requires that the channels divided surgically to correct. The division leads can result in the inability of a woman breastfeeding. Therefore, for some women, this operation can be carried into adulthood better. On the other hand, for an adolescent male with inverted nipples, gynecomastia accrued tissue, gland ducts, and no function.

Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss: When a patient loses a lot of weight, the fibers of the connective tissue of the skin and fascia can be stretched so that the folds of flesh left. Although younger skin shrinks the skin usually more than the older, redundant folds around the abdomen can be left around the area back, chest and breast, thighs, arms and neck. Teenage plastic surgery like tummy tuck, body lift, thigh lift, arm lift or a facelift are the alternatives. If a young patient, the surgeon must be balanced with the degree of deformation of the body continues to increase in filling the loose skin. Patient level of anxiety and concern for the weight is back also directly and honestly.

Navel Cosmetic Surgery india: The current popularity of the dress bare belly exposed belly button, a key point in the stomach. For a teenager, peer pressure and choice of clothing lead to stress on the appearance of the navel. The "Outi" form the navel bothers many patients; it is difficult to decorae a "Outi" with jewelry navel. Navel Umbilicoplasty can easily convert an "Outi" the button "innie" belly. Unlike problems nose, ears or chest, camouflage clothing option for this condition.

Parents: Although parents are legally responsible for their young, they begin to plastic surgery in adolescents should come from the patient. In cosmetic surgery, it must be the patient who is bothered by the problem and are looking for a solution, not the parents.

Conclusion: deformity, physical and emotional maturity, and the desired outcome for each adolescent patient are evaluated carefully before making any decision. Additional consultations and extensive discussions before plastic surgery for teens is often deserved. Sometimes, however, the real question is: Is it ethical not to operate on an adolescent patient?

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