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Gestionale Albergohiero: Hotel and Restaurant Management - Gestionalealberghiero.it

The hotel management Hotelpedia, developed by Micropedia Ltd. is a hotel room management software on the market since 2009, in addition to suitable accommodation also to the bed and breakfast , the guest house to the holiday houses , the houses of http://www.gestionalealberghiero.it - gestionale alberghiero - spirituality, to ' farm and the hostels of any level. It arises therefore among the best for pms hotel on the national market in value prezzo.E 'was also sponsored in 2010 by the president of ADA Campania http://www.gestionalealberghiero.it - gestionale alberghiero - Alberto Alovisi with a presentation at the Continental Hotel in Naples.

When you are talking about tourism, then the most important part of it is the place where the tourists need to stay. In this scenario, the most common answer that will come from most of the tourists is the hotels. This is the reason why; in a tourists spot, you can find many hotels to serve you. Therefore, you need to find out a good hotel to have a nice stay. When we talk about a good and valuable hotel means where you can get all your necessities filled up, like - good communication system, well accommodation, fine atmosphere, good quality food, great room service and so on. Manage with a single management program at affordable costs your hotel, your restaurant, your bar, your swimming pool and your conference room.

Use the convenient features of cloud Hotelpedia and take with you on the phone, arrivals and departures that update in real time. Free trial the hotel management that you have in the hotel with the same data visible even on the phone if you buy the cloud version. The hotel management provides the data to reside at the customer but sometimes also make a backup on our servers so that if I were to take a ransom ware virus which encrypts all data you recover them immediately. This year will also come the version for Mac and Linux, and access from mobile phone free for customers who sign the plan in Cloud. With the cloud version of the management Hotelpedia, your data is hosted in our data center, and we'll take care to perform a daily backup.


For Value PRICE: Our Property Management System Hotelpedia offers in a single solution the ability to manage your own in a complete structure without entering data in different programs, at a fair price and a very economic assistance.

Buy a license to use the software today, then to improve it over time we finish. We are ready to listen to the demands of our customers every day to improve the product. Those who ask for new implementations pays at a nominal price and all other benefit for free. The program then grows and improves over time.


Now in times of crisis we can no longer ask certain sacrifices to hoteliers, but you can not 'even sell an online software without providing references to buyers, especially an adequate assistance in time and at a fair price. We offer real-time support to the hotels every day: the customer at the reception can not wait.

If you are looking forward to build up your hotel well, you must set up a good Hotel Management System that will connect all the computers, information and other things with your reception computer, kindly visit http://www.gestionalealberghiero.it

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