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Jun 12, 2017 at 11:59 o\clock

Make the Clock Tick Faster When Waiting At the Dulles Airport

An airport is almost synonymous with waiting and at times like these the clock seems to be moving super-slow as if in reverse tandem with our patience. The more impatient we grow, the slower the clock moves. But then didn’t someone say that time moves faster when we are having fun? And you can have all the fun you want when you are stuck in the Dulles Airport for the next couple of hours.


The cure to your impatience is easy, just call a Limo Service to Dulles or a Dulles Airport Limo and ask the chauffeur to whisk you away to these destinations:


Frying Pan Farm Park:

You won’t be able to contain your excitement as the Frying Fan Farm will come into view as your Dulles Airport Limo drives you closer to it. This park will let you and your family witness for yourself the way a farm used to be operated in the early 90’s. This can be a quick yet a very enriching and educational trip.


Be Relax Spa:

There’s always a situation where we are worried to leave our spot for the fear of missing our flight but then we couldn’t even stand spending another second in the uncomfortable airport seat. For those kinds of moments, Be Relax Spa is the perfect spot. Won’t even need to call a Dulles Car Service because it is situated right inside the airport and a good massage will give you exactly what you have been craving for.


Play Golf:

If you are stuck at the airport with your work colleagues then there’s no better way to unwind then at a beautiful Golf club with a great game. Just dial for a Car Service to Dulles and ask them to drop you off at the nearest golfing grounds. The time will fly so fast, you won’t even realize it.


To be honest when you have access to Dulles Airport Limo there’s nothing that can stop you from going anywhere, so kick that boredom out the door and enjoy every spare second in Washington. 

Jun 5, 2017 at 12:04 o\clock

Entertaining the Guests in the Town for the Wedding

A wedding event in the house is all happiness and celebrations except it also brings with it the endless lists of things-to-do with every second of the day cramped with work and running errands. And we are not just talking about all the work that needs to be done for the wedding day but also all the responsibilities you’ll have before it.


We are referring to the guests in the town for the Wedding Limo Dulles. They are here to join the celebrations and share your happiness with you and as a host it is your duty treat them like a royalty and let them have the time of their lives.  


You can start with arranging for a Boston Airport Shuttle or a Dulles Limo depending on the airport they are arriving at and then you can arrange the following:


A Visit at the Frost Ice Bar:

Bars are everywhere but one like Frost ice bar is a rarity only found in Boston. This bar is made of solid ice with ice seats and ice sculptures. Your family (even kids) can wear capes, woolen clothing and enjoy this unique setting. Adults can also have their drinks once the kids’ time is over and they can relax, dance, and just enjoy the company and the atmosphere.


Book a Trip to the Castle Island:

Book a Dulles Limousine and make your way to the castle island in South Boston where you’ll find standing in all its erstwhile glory, The Fort Independence. This granite bastion not only provides a great trip to let the family enjoy a historic landmark but can also turn it into a family beach day.


Fenway Park:

There is always a sports fan or two in the family and even if there is none, a visit to the famous Fenway Park is mandatory. Home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is a fun place to spend the day in where you can simply take a break from all the hustle of the wedding and catch up with the family members and old friend. 


To make traveling easier, make sure to contact the Dulles Wedding Limo Service and book a ride in advance. You can even book a Limo Rental Boston for shopping errands or picking up guests form the airport.


May 30, 2017 at 11:45 o\clock

Budget Friendly Ideas for Your Wedding

So your wedding is coming up in a few months and you still haven’t decided what to do because you have a tight budget. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything because we show some budget friendly hacks that will make your big day the most perfect day in your life. You won’t have to break your wallet and everyone enjoys the wedding. These tips cover everything from the Limo Rental Northern VA  area to the flower arrangements. Here are some hacks you need to stick by.


Choose a Good Location

The key is to choose a wedding venue that is not so expensive nor so far away that you have a problem in getting a Northern Virginia Limo . If you are in DC then you can ask your friends or relatives who have a big yard to let you do your wedding there. This is almost free of cost and will save you a lot.


Don’t Have a Big Menu

You don’t need to have an all you can eat buffet at your wedding. It’s a waste of money and food.  Just stick to limited items on the menu. All you need to ensure is that the food is enough for everyone. You can choose a family restaurant to provide you with the food instead of having an expensive catering company.


Wedding Transportation

Hire a Northern Virginia Limo Rental for yourself and your partner and get a Party Bus Rental VA for your closest friends or family so that you guys can continue on your celebrations as you cruise through the streets of DC.

May 24, 2017 at 12:56 o\clock

Plan your Wedding on a Budget with Alexandria Limousine Service

Weddings are not easy to plan especially if you have a limited budget. But there are ways for you to plan your big day so that it ends up as the most perfect day of your life. You can cover everything on your budget, from flowers and cakes to Alexandria Limo Service or party bus. If you are in Arlington, Limo Service in Alexandria VA then it will be easy as pie for you as there many options available for your budget.


 Here are Some of the Best Budget Friendly Hacks:


Go Easy on the Menu

One of the main reasons why people tend to overspend on their wedding is that they hire caterers that charge a lot and on top of that they order many things in the menu. Just stick to 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and one dessert (it would be 2 if you include the cake as well).


Don't Be all Flowery

Don’t spend a ton n so many flowers. Just a rose or lily for each of the bride’s maid and a bouquet for yourself.  That’s the only flowers that will be important as you throw the bouquet away as you enter your Limousine Service Alexandria VA.


Hire a Party Bus and a Limousine Service

So you have friends and family from all over Northern Virginia including Arlington and Alexandria Car Service, the best thing to do is to hire a Alexandria Limo Party Bus Rental. All of the people can have a good time as they get to the venue at the same time. Book a Alexandria Limo for yourself and your partner so that you make your grand entry and exit at the wedding.

May 19, 2017 at 09:55 o\clock

How Could Dallas Limo Complement Your Wedding Day?

On your wedding day you might have a stretch limousine scheduled to you and your soon to be spouse up from the ceremony to whisk you away to the reception. Maybe it’s going to be an hour or two between the two special events. What you might not consider is a Dallas Car Service.


Why not?

You’re going to be heading on your honeymoon, right? A Dallas Limo can certainly be great for your wedding day, but it can also be a great asset when you are heading off on your honeymoon.


Not Every Car Service DFW is Reliable:

It’s important to realize that not every transportation company is created equal. A lot of small, new companies they only have one or two vehicles in their fleet. They may have a tendency to overbook. They may not have the best reliability record.


You Deserve the Best:

On your special day, make sure you choose a company that has been around for decades, that has the best safety and on-time service record, and that has one of largest fleets of available Wedding Limo to choose from.That’s going to help complement your wedding day the way you deserve.