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In this situation

4gewe3g6edgeThis is a winding path, some section of disrepair, potholes, vehicles, dusty. Mountain upwards constantly, gradually see some green pine forest, and the aspen forest, a plant a plant stand proudly. The last time I passed by, just right is the late autumn season, the leaf blades of yellow, passion gradually, but also calculate the secular secure, static good years. 
Around in a big hill is a school, lie silently here have for decades. Was my Alma mater, here are a lot of people's Alma mater, is the past and present a crop, and a crop of local children. A dream place, just a dream catcher, not necessarily to the invasion, but more real. 
Because it is the villages and towns school, the teachers here are mostly local teacher, speak hometown accent, teach the students at home and he is no exception. Vacation as well as local farmers, farming field. If the out of town, out of school, feel to you is an ordinary farmers. Won't have too many people pay attention to is the man, serious, deep reflection and loaded with different from other teacher's keen insight, after polishing, insight. 
Early used to be a black head of thick hair, unsmiling at ordinary times, they watch more carefully, said he always dry lips, speak like lanzhou "sand pot" accent, deep in her eyes a few silk wit and wisdom; Although people very spirit, but some of his pale cracked, form and the arts of speaking, yellow fluorine teeth, or hide not the living environment of hard, scattered gray hair more showed his experience of the vicissitudes of life. I remember his gray suit after several spring and autumn period, and the "old" chalk holder, is packed with small glucose packing box, I have been careful observation, lesson, the chalk is two to three, the rest are in front of the class in the rest of the chalk head, but he down to write a lesson at all. This, remember well. 
Said to him, will be to mention his teaching and teaching attitude, if want me to say all of his, that is a thing that I can't do, the massive knowledge, deep thoughts, to my knowledge and experience can't be touched, 30 years of wind and rain course, have a big point? Only in the Chinese teaching to me two years, looking for my own little feeling: 
He is a so in junior high school teaching and the teaching material seriously. 
He is a questioning attitude to look at the book knowledge; 
He is a problem widely search expo, people must know... 
"Teacher, knowledge to reassure also!" Han yu's early this assertion. I think he's thirty years hold, wordless interpretation of this sentence. He is a good teacher, but it is a "unfilial son, the old mother to go, still read the language test of three class and a drive is three hours... His commitment to a teacher's responsibility, but leaves a lot of confession. A "mother, you go..." , according to the general method and is probably the mother, you go well, but he didn't dare to bring a "good" word, because it is the confession! A head of black hair, pale, but also because in confession... 
I once asked him, what is the most afraid of the language, he answered my general meaning is: when the literary works of "image" in the practical and utilitarian misinterpreted, when language is cut in the test with a boundless lasting appeal, should be the language is the most embarrassing situation, but it is now the norm of Chinese teaching. If I now think of some literary works, but also with the eye of a little analysis, my enlightenment is him. He is a teacher of "productive", often writing, hobby is painting and calligraphy, good fuck urheen, perhaps, this is to be a teacher should have the right, but as far as I know, but not every teacher can do it. 
In his works, faint can find concern about environment education thinking and a little bit strange, including the concerns of the teaching material reform. Elaboration to the two press materials involved in the work and the interpretation of a word a line, careful scrutiny. When he sat in the audience listened to 15 games, the teacher says in the mind also is full of struggle: no master himself, the students' independent when come from? 
Is such a guard that rural education more than 30 years old teacher, his heart somewhat lonely, you have miss the campus lost qin, with written lamenting the teaching material, can guide students, what can bring students, text thinking about "big" environment of education, culture, the pain of pain. Watched it all to change, an old teacher's mind is concern, is desolate, and the vicissitudes of life. He alone like a poplar tree, that little green in the desert land, it is much vitality of the green, but the wind is blowing. 
He said he and around a square peg in a round hole, I have no work in the education, the education problem of the judgement can't, but I have seen some of the so-called college students, I also appreciate college life, teaching? You sorrow I also sorrow! 
A heart have their own positions, or stand, a lot of times is preferred text, use words to express his own ideas, use words to record their own anger, let alone a had more than 30 years' experience in the teaching of Chinese language teacher, what's more, is a has sensitive to the word, people with insight about literature. He is not exceptional also, select the text, chose to use the article to convey his own teaching experience and teaching question, how much wind and rain, how many worries. 
Standing in the perspective of a teacher, standing in the perspective of a teaching education workers to the analysis, the teacher's words and deeds, will directly affect their own students, affect the formation of the values they if this idea is wrong, so, the teacher and the executioner what's different? Is happy is sad? Is agreed or criticism? The teacher has its own balance in my heart. 
Can it really be also long, the division also long? No, must not like that, the soul of the dialogue should get equal exchange, you let me to student's attitude towards "respect" two characters have a reflection, of course it is on its way to reflect the society after the experience. 
When a lot of things cannot or are unable to change but don't want to go with the flow, in addition to adhere to, seems to have no other choice. 
Have to say, you are still the holdout of poplar tree, a true watchmen, if poplar is the testimony of our hometown's mark, then you are a real home education witnesses. Never regret, but do not lose a little bit of loneliness, like the mountains that quietly round the moon. 
Because has long cultivated heart runs, so choose stubborn to remain. Holding an ordinary the authenticity of the educators, holding a soul engineer of conscience. In this situation, I'd like to, but without words. 
Oh, more students, or others, can know how you are aloof and stick to, to like you stand on the cultural front, blossom more green, you this stubborn poplar tree has roots in the soil, and makes only garland. Autumn wind strength more chrysanthemum fragrance, yunnan. 

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Leave, please say goodbye

To sleep at night, the hand is base point with the cool dog music, point away always listen to "cook time rain", although my life is not as good as little time, but I am very happy, I am a "summer". 
I occasionally write something, but there is no logic, always think about what you write it down. Listen to this song, I feel a little sad, remembered that he loved, that he himself passed away. "People don't know which day you say goodbye, you really never gone", I like this sentence, although sad, but his experience before he found that this sentence is the truth. I like most of girls, once love, puppy love, like is like, no impurity. Grow up, slowly become don't believe love, because love. A first love, he did not say goodbye to me, disappeared, I cried also pain. But no thought of leaving sequelae, let me afraid of love, not love. I have been agreed with him, I want to go to college, I went to as a result, he was gone. 
Senior year is very busy, no time to be sad, every day two point one line, from home to school, came home from school. Seems to forget him. Wait until finally went to college, want to fall in love, every relationship of no more than a week. Haven't talked about that later, four years are single, not forget, is the heart is tired. Ask me, why don't you talk about the object, and I said a waste of time, a waste of money, waste feelings, actually all is bullshit. Who wouldn't want to find someone to love yourself, hurt yourself, I'm just afraid of holes. 
In my junior year someone unexpectedly I buckle clasp, he should remember, I am very happy, he told me the reason why he suddenly disappear. I didn't expect that he would contact me after a few years, he said home and wanted to give him, I said good, somehow suddenly, he said his university slept with someone, after I finished, I heard him crying, the sound of a, I think I'm successful revenge on him, and he disappeared again. The disappeared, I hope it's not again, never goodbye. If not ready to come to me, then get out of here, I disdain, more don't need you to occasionally swap. 
Now of I, very happy, because of the person who loves me, although it is difficult to meet, the occasional SMS, said his life, has become an essential part of my life. Sometimes really think, you leave even if have a chance to say, tell me where you are, you can be ok, I'm ok. I don't have much hope and pursuit, but they are very hate no tidings. 
Now I live more practical, find a love me, have the ability to support his family. I think you said I'm vulgar, but you ask, but every man alive, who dare to stand up and say oneself well. 
Above is your listening inductive, share with you. 

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The time of first love

She, silly, happy every day, until I met him.
He is their classes to the students, he doesn't love speech, every day a person sitting in a daze in position.
His action was her look in the eyes, every day after that, she will take the initiative to sit beside his position and he spoke, he started to ignore her, feel she is very tired, but slowly he think she's cute, silly, talk nonsense.
So, he also take the initiative to chat with her, he slowly become bright up, and the rest of the class also gradually well up, but she has become and his words less.
She is like a start he, every day sitting in a daze in position, her good friend asked her what happened, she said nothing, but she didn't know she how.
Each time he spoke to her, she will not feel dull to look at him, and he spoke, she will want to for a long time, in the end what he said, so she thought she became more and more strange, class, class listened, eyes will not self feel toward him, for a moment, huiguoshenlai, always use hand knock his head, blame themselves do not listen to the teacher carefully, her good friend understand her, asked her Is it right? Liked him, she also ask yourself Is it right? Like him.
However, not long after, the teacher took his position to the front, from her and his farther and farther, every time he spoke to her, she will be pretended not to hear, rapid escape from his side, he found that the change in her, but do not know what to do.
In this way, they slowly become strangers, in the senior high school entrance examination after the end, he was admitted to the best high school, and she is just the opposite.
After the separation, she received a letter, he asked others to him, the letter is such a sentence: "tell you a secret can not be said, I love you."
After reading, she cried, ear also put Jay Chou's "secret can not be said", this is his most loved songs.