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Jun 19, 2017 at 13:04 o\clock

5 Smart Ways to Cut Down Wedding Expenses

If you are willing to compromise on a few, there are many smart ways to cut down a wedding’s costs.


Trim the Guest List

Your wedding will go fine without inviting your childhood best friend with whom you used to have a tea party everyday or a distant relative at whose house you were forced to spend your vacations. If you are paying for your own wedding, ask your parents and siblings to invite only those who genuinely matter. That means eliminating all the corny office colleagues, your fiancée’s frat boys and your uncle’s new wife and her family.


Ditch Custom Printed Invites

Let’s get one thing straight. No matter how creatively you customize your wedding invitations, no one is going to care about it –at least after a few months. Ditch customization as it will charge you more per invite. Invest that in renting a Party Bus Rental in Denver instead! Those who love you will show up, not because they loved the invites but because they want to stand beside you and wish you good luck for your new journey.


Hire Musical Students Rather Than Professionals Bands Or Solo Artists

A tight budget may shatter your dream of hiring professional artists to sing at your wedding. Your next best option? Hire budding artists from musical schools. Not only will they charge less, they can even sing the songs you want unlike a professional band.


Wrap Up Early

Did you know photographers and video makers charge by the hour? Professional wedding photography can cost you thousands in dollars so avoid adding to that. Cut your cake early, toss the bouquet, wave the guests goodbye in the Denver Party Limo and be done with it.


Hire Party Bus Rentals Denver Instead Of Car Service

Lastly, be smart and hire Party Buses Through Denver rather than renting out individual cars for the guests and family. It is simply math. Since everyone one is going to go to the same destination, why add to the costs of hiring separate limos when you can fit in 20+ people in a party or charter bus?


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