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Jun 19, 2017 at 13:04 o\clock

5 Smart Ways to Cut Down Wedding Expenses

If you are willing to compromise on a few, there are many smart ways to cut down a wedding’s costs.


Trim the Guest List

Your wedding will go fine without inviting your childhood best friend with whom you used to have a tea party everyday or a distant relative at whose house you were forced to spend your vacations. If you are paying for your own wedding, ask your parents and siblings to invite only those who genuinely matter. That means eliminating all the corny office colleagues, your fiancée’s frat boys and your uncle’s new wife and her family.


Ditch Custom Printed Invites

Let’s get one thing straight. No matter how creatively you customize your wedding invitations, no one is going to care about it –at least after a few months. Ditch customization as it will charge you more per invite. Invest that in renting a Party Bus Rental in Denver instead! Those who love you will show up, not because they loved the invites but because they want to stand beside you and wish you good luck for your new journey.


Hire Musical Students Rather Than Professionals Bands Or Solo Artists

A tight budget may shatter your dream of hiring professional artists to sing at your wedding. Your next best option? Hire budding artists from musical schools. Not only will they charge less, they can even sing the songs you want unlike a professional band.


Wrap Up Early

Did you know photographers and video makers charge by the hour? Professional wedding photography can cost you thousands in dollars so avoid adding to that. Cut your cake early, toss the bouquet, wave the guests goodbye in the Denver Party Limo and be done with it.


Hire Party Bus Rentals Denver Instead Of Car Service

Lastly, be smart and hire Party Buses Through Denver rather than renting out individual cars for the guests and family. It is simply math. Since everyone one is going to go to the same destination, why add to the costs of hiring separate limos when you can fit in 20+ people in a party or charter bus?


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Wedding Anniversaries: A Guide to Treating Your Lady Right

Is your first wedding anniversary just around the corner? Is your wife dropping hints to remind you in case you have forgotten?  Is she indirectly asking for what she wants as a gift or worse, leaving it on you to come up with one? Relax, we have got you covered. When it comes to pleasing a lady, the list isn’t that long. A few items always stand out. What are those? This blog will cover them all.


Take Her Out on a Fancy Date Night in a Limousine Rental Denver:

You may have eaten at her favorite restaurant a few days back, but on this particular day, make it extra special. For starters, book a Denver Wedding Limo to take you there, then reserve a special table for her, choose her favorite song to playing the back ground, order her favorite dish and last, make her a thank you toast for staying by your side.


Gift her a Day at the SPA:

Your lady has and continues to look after all your needs and for that she deserves a medal. If you can’t; arrange for that, the least you can do is gift her some “Me Time”, away from all the cooking, cleaning and washing. A day at the spa is the answer you are looking for. Surprise her with a spa voucher, a bunch of her close girlfriends and a rented Limo Service Denver to sweep her off to the spa in style.


A Gift Basket will Work too:

If a spa voucher is something you can’t arrange for, bring the spa at home. Many online stores now feature their own DIY facial kits and gift baskets that include facial creams, body lotions, exfoliators, peel off mask and tons of other such stuff. Get her one! All the ladies love that stuff.


Present Her a Diamond

If diamonds are your significant other’s best friend, trust us, no gift will ever win against them. If you have the budget to get her one on the successful completion of one year together, give her one. But know that ring shopping can take hours until you find the one for her. Don’t feel like driving for that long? Denver Limo Rental will handle that.


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The Top-Rated Venues in Denver to Tie the Knot In

Spring, the season where everything blooms with beauty, birds singing melodiously while the trees dance and sway to them. No wonder, so many couples choose this season to get wedded in. Springs weddings – especially, in Denver Colorado, is becoming a thing.


Many couples from neighboring states come to have their destination wedding with a Charter Bus Prices Denver or Charter Bus through Denver. Many are still searching for a beautiful wedding venue. The question is why.


Hopefully, this Blog will answer why:


Say ‘I Do’ At Denver’s Top Rated Wedding Venues

The reason why Denver is many couple’s destination for wedding is because it offers stunning picturesque landscaped venues to hold a ceremony. The top 4 are mentioned below.


Denver Botanic Gardens

Not only a great venue to get wedded in, you will also be supporting an important cultural landmark in Denver. The botanical gardens rely on financial resources collected from hosting venues such as galas, weddings and charity shows to stay operative. But even if you leave that important detail out, just know that it is one of the most scenic places to tie the knot in.


Clock Tower

If you are looking for something moderns, chic and unique, Clock Tower it is. Located on the first 5 floors of the historic building, a wedding in clock towers allows for couples to get married right in the heart of the city. Frequently furnished to stay up to date, the Clock Tower venue also offers guests an opportunity to learn about its history while enjoying at the wedding. Worried about the ride? Book a Charter Bus Rental in Denver or Minibus Service Denver today!


Chapel at Red Rocks

Who wouldn’t want to get married in a venue with a pond as a backdrop, floor-sized windows to allow sunshine to seep in and native flowering trees, shrubbery and wildflowers as décor? Every soon-to-be-married couple would, which is why, Chapel at Red Rocks is the place to have it.


The Ritz-Carlton

Lastly, no other hotel can match the class, tranquility and luxury The Ritz Carlton Denver features. Aimed to create personalized experiences their expert staff takes keen note of all the details to ensure you have your dream wedding. 


Some Other Notable Wedding Venues in Denver Include:

·         Seawall Grand Ballroom

·         Brooks Forest Inn

·         Space Gallery

·         Canongate – Blackstone

·         Crooked Willow Farms


Are these reasons enough to convince you to consider getting hitched in Denver Colorado? If so, book a Denver Bus Charter or Bus Charter Services in Denver to ensure no guest lefts behind when you finally say “I Do”.

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How to Get a Limo for Your Prom Night

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A highschooler’s life isn’t complete if he/she doesn’t attend prom night and end their high school years with a bang. Whether you have a prom date to pick up or a group of friends to party and hang out with, you have some amazing options of transportation. You can hire a Limo Service Denver at reasonable and cheap rates for your date or a Limousine Bus in Denver with your friends and let the prom festivities start.


Here is a step- by- step guide how you can get a Cheap Limo Service Denver or limousine bus in Denver:



A limo service or limousine bus might seem expensive, but services, such as Denver Limo Service, have quite good rates in Denver. Plus you and your friends can pool in some money or ask your parents to chip in a little.


Plan Pick-Ups

You should know how many of your friends will be joining you on the Limousine Bus Denver. This way you can determine how many pickups will there be on the busy roads and streets of Denver. If you are taking just a limo service for your date, then just tell the driver your address and then direct him to your date’s address once you are in the limo.


Ask for Packages

There are some packages for a limo service or limousine bus available for students going on a prom at Cheap Limo Service Denver. Be sure to check them out and determine which one suit you best.


Decide on what kind of Limo Service you Want

There are different kinds of limo services available. You can have a normal sized limo or you can have a stretch Limo Rental Denver that has more people riding with you in Denver, for example, a double or triple date. You can have a limousine bus at really good and cheap rates for a large group of friends to party with you pre- or post prom festivities.




May 23, 2017 at 11:50 o\clock

Top Travel Hacks for Your Honeymoon

So you had your wedding and are finally over the stress of worrying about it. Now it’s your time to relax and unwind and go for your honeymoon. Here is a list of important hacks and travelling tips for your honeymoon. They are as simple as hiring a Car Service to DIA and many others.Here are some ways to save time or money, or just make life a little easier, the next time you head to the airport.


Check-in Online

You and your spouse should check-in online 24 hours ahead in advance to avoid wasting any time by queuing in the lines or having to hassle at the check-in counters. It saves time and you can relax while you are using the Denver Airport Transportation.


Weigh Your Luggage at Home

Everyone has a weighing scale at home so it should be no problem for your to pre-weigh your luggage before the airport staff weighs it at the check-in counter. You want to make sure you are not overloaded otherwise they will ask you to unload some stuff. If you have hired a Car Service to DIA, then he can assist you in putting the luggage in the trunk.


Hire a Denver Limo Airport

Why stress yourself in the busy traffic of Denver when you can hire yourself Transportation to the airport. You and your spouse can start relaxing the moment you step inside the Denver Corporate Car.


Take a Photo of Your Luggage

Snap a picture of your luggage before you hand it over to the check-in agent at the airport. You never know there could be any delays or mishaps that could cause your baggage not to arrive on time. The picture will come in handy if you have to report missing luggage and describe it.


Pack all Essentials in a Carry-on

Always pack your valuables and essentials in your handbag and carry-on. This includes any jewellery, electronics, undergarments, 2 pairs of clothing, a pair of shoes so that if your baggage is delayed you have all the important stuff already with you.