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Arts & Entertainment :: Immortalize Your Hero - Ultimate Online Mercenary Trading Card Game

Unit Command by simply Wildcat Gaming is a smart along with refreshing military trading cards game. the game allows you to form your own personal army, total together with officers, fighting units as well as reinforcements, every represented inside form of a trading card. 2 players compete against the various other person using their particular armies for you to accomplish a new mission. Each and Every mission can be according to any specific terrain, plus a player along with army a lot more suited for which terrain has a higher chance of winning. Unit Command provides options that will come with RPG based games, free online strategy games, collectible on the internet trading card games, along with free online military games. This specific tends to make Unit Command your ultimate on your internet trading card game. What's more, the game needs zero download, and will be also absolutely free to play. Cards may be traded by simply players, as well as cards could be won in the opponent's army.

Recently, Wildcat Gaming introduced a manufacturer new feature called "Immortalize Your Own Hero". The Particular real heroes are not in the virtual globe but in the real world. That They are the soldiers in which keep us, our family members along with our http://www.candystand.com/play/racing-games - http://www.candystand.com/play/racing-games - homes safe via domestic as well as foreign threats. They Will ought to receive the particular respect and appreciation that they deserve. Throughout order to always be able to honor the real heroes, Wildcat Gaming showed up with all the "Immortalize Your Current Hero" campaign where trading card adaptations associated with a couple of associated with the people's favorite soldiers will be developed and also inducted directly into Unit Command. Your public has been asked to submit the actual photographs regarding their the majority of favorite soldier. Alongside using the photograph, folks happen to be able to be http://www.shockwave.com/online/racing-games.jsp - http://www.shockwave.com/online/racing-games.jsp - motivated to submit the reason why for the soldier being their favorite. some with the people's favorites will be immortalized in form of your trading card throughout Unit Command.

This can become a brilliant marketing campaign in 2 counts. Primarily, it is an excellent way of honoring your unsung heroes, that deserve a excellent deal greater than this. Secondarily, this is really a great method of differentiating Unit Command from your additional military based games. Some Other video games have got cards which are figments in the style team's imagination. Unit Command features extra trading cards that are based around the real heroes. Imagine the excitement of the ball player upon seeing his actual life hero http://pbskids.gamesplanet.info - racing games for kids - like a a portion of his army inside Unit Command Trading Cards Game.

In order to be able to honor your hero, anyone too could log on to http://www.unitcommand.com along with submit photographs as well as descriptions regarding your chosen soldiers. Whom knows, your preferred soldier may be a section of Unit Command through your current subsequent game.

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