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How to attract leads with e-mail for commercial sites

by: Hazeq


Do you have a website that needs to target the target audience? This material will teach you to attract new visitors interested in your proposal, through competent e-mail mailings. E-mail is not in vain considered one of the best ways of e-commerce. Of course, there are other ways to maintain contact with customers - via contact phone, social networking or personal meetings in the office or through messengers. But it is hardly possible to find the same simple, but at the same time efficient way, like digital marketing via e-mail.

Earlier I told you how Email Marketing works in our video blog. You can see the report here. If you already use e-mail newsletters, but do not get any result from this, but just waste your time, it is worth revising the strategy.


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Set the main purpose of the mailing

Any serious action that is carried out without a specific goal is doomed to failure. This also applies to the development of commercial sites using digital e-mail marketing. Even before creating the content for distribution to potential customers, you need to decide what the goal is to achieve. For example:

- launching a new product and informing the audience about this event;

- Promotion of an event or sale of certain goods and services;

- offer with individual discounts, a description of the terms of the shares;

- the withdrawal of the previously bought goods of the buyer for a re-purchase.

This is only part of the tasks that can be done through literate digital marketing by mail. It must be remembered that one letter should focus only on one goal. It is not necessary to offer a discount in the title of the letter, to advertise new products in the body of the message, and at the end to invite to the sale. This puts a lot of pressure on the client, prompting him to get rid of the discomfort as soon as possible - to close the letter.

An e-mail should have a clear call of the client to action. Here's a great example from the smart market 5ok:

This letter is devoid of water - only clear and necessary information in the minimum amount.

The company offers customers to view Top 100 gifts by March 8. In addition, there is a hidden call to action - to buy the equipment by a certain date, in order to gain the opportunity to win a multivariate.

Use valuable information

Do not send emails to the stream, sending the next letter just because too much time has passed since the last one was sent.

If you have nothing to say to the client, do not bother him again. This does not help increase the clickability of e-mail newsletters. Effective methods of increasing clickability can be found in Starus.

If you do not offer the subscriber valuable information that might interest him, the letters will be sent regularly to the Spam folder, and the client's attitude towards you is rapidly deteriorating. Here is an example:

In this letter, Huckberry encourages its subscribers to invite their friends to the community. But why should a person do this just like that? If it was just a call, the letter would most likely not create any positive emotions, and got into spam. But Huckberry raises the value of mailing. The letter says that subscribers who invite friends and relatives to the community are guaranteed to receive prizes.

It would seem that all the same action is useless for many clients at the invitation of friends, but they look at this letter in a completely different way, because it has value. Can you make each newsletter valuable? Let's return to the previous example with the dispatch from Fab. In the letter there is not only a call to download the application. There is also a value - the offer of free delivery and free return, as well as the best price. Polls show that buyers in the selection of goods in the online store in the first place pay attention to the cost, and the second - on the terms of delivery and return. Fab could make the dispatch valuable. You can also.

Think of an catchy title

The first thing that your subscribers and potential customers see when they review the list of letters are the names of their topics. For a letter, the topic has the same meaning and importance as the title, so it's important to make it as attractive as possible. Otherwise, your newsletter will not be reviewed. Some statistics:

It can be noted that in almost half the cases, it is the title (topic) that prompts the opening of the newsletter.

In a subject line it is necessary to enclose as much sense, how much and in a body of the letter. If the content of the message header does not catch the subscriber, the mailing will remain unread. Here are some tips for creating a header:

A question that touches on the problem. The question in the head of the letter subconsciously forces a person to answer this question. In the process, a person as if passes the question through himself, and in any case pays attention to a letter with a question in the subject. Example: "How much is the hour of your work?".


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