Feb 15, 2016 at 22:01 o\clock

Online gaming is the new online dating

Over the past decade, online dating has become the number one option for finding true love. The biggest site in online dating, has dominated the market. But now, the world of online dating is becoming stale. One of the reasons is because there is a new wave for finding love. We all know people's love for online gaming, but is it possible to share that love with a significant other?

Believe it or not, online gamers have become a babe magnet. According to Online University's infographic, one of the strengths in the online gaming world is numbers. The number of members and visitors on online gaming sites supersedes the world of online dating. The ratio is a large 12:1. This means for every gamer, they have 12 more opportunities to get a date.

The gaming sites were never designed to actually "hook up" with someone. But now, things have changed. And, every gamer will agree that the change is for the better. Some of the latest, more popular gaming sites, like BFC Playground (where members win actual cash for free) are drawing in a large number of new members every day. This means that the number will only get higher, leaving a much larger ratio. Numerous stories continue to be reported about couples that found love in the world of online gaming.

Along with finding someone that likes the same games as you, more and more people are turning to virtual weddings. With hundreds of people exchanging virtual vows, the couples go on to having kids and building a family full of gamers. With online gamers being able to find the perfect match on sites like Big Chip Free List, online gaming will never be the same.

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