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Woman who had botched veneers ended up with black shattered teeth

Just like any brides to be, 29 year old Faye Walters hoped to have the best smile on her wedding day. This prompted her to seek for a botched treatment from a" class="inline_link - dentist - she has known since she was a child. To her dismay, her new veneer completely shattered while eating a bagel. Many parts of her" class="inline_link - teeth - turned black after cracking and infections developed on her gums too since the" class="inline_link - veneers - were not fitted well.

For 80 years, veneers have been used for cosmetic dentistry. Discovered by Dr. Charles Pincus in California, this was meant to enhance the smile of many Hollywood actors. Teeth whitening are never enough. A chip will remain a chip regardless of how you try to whiten it. Therefore, thin porcelain (veneers) need to be bonded to the teeth to make them look better. Today, many dentists offer this service. And among them are" target="_blank" rel="nofollow - Tanasbourne Family Dental - and many others.

The cost of such dental malpractice resulted to a 7,000 bill to fix my teeth and five long months of corrective treatment. Fortunately, my teeth was saved and the new dentist whom I hired managed to help me have the perfect smile on my wedding day, Faye related.

Faye was seeing her old dentist for more than 15 years already and the certificates displayed at her clinic gave her the confidence that she can carry out her job well. It is only later that she knew that the dentist whom she trusted does not have the expertise to fit veneers well.

The gap between the improperly fitted veneers and Fayes teeth allowed bacteria to get in. This allows them to eat the bond that holds the teeth and the porcelain bonded to her teeth which holds them altogether. This resulted in cracked veneers and gray discoloration of her teeth, explained Fayes new dentist.

It was a horrible thought to imagine myself walking down the aisle and having wedding pictures with gray teeth, Faye said.

To resolve the issue, Faye replaced all her 6 veneers and went through the painful treatment of her gums. The dental correction and treatment process cost her 7,366.20 which she has to pay in the course of 5 months. Such debt was completely paid though even before her wedding day on September 2014. She filed a legal case against her old dentist and in return, she was paid 10,000 as compensation for the damage and inconvenience done. This allowed her to pay off all her dental bill and have an excess amount as payment for the pain she went through. Thanks to Sarah Smith, the litigation assistant who handled her case.

Fayes experience is a perfect example on the" target="_blank" rel="nofollow - importance of greater regulation - for dentistry and cosmetic surgery, Sarah said.

According to Faye, her entire experience is a nightmare that she doesnt want anyone to go through and hope that tighter regulation must - i loved this - be imposed for those who are in the industry of cosmetic surgery or even dentistry as a whole.

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