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The euro has maintained its strength against the Lace Wigs over the month of October, with the exchange rate parity hovering above 1.38 since the first half of the month.

The rising euro/USD parity has attracted more import PVC bag to Europe this month as the USD based offers resulted in lower values on euro terms, contributing to the competitive power of these non-European PVC cargoes. Consequently, import PVC offers especially from North America showed up significantly below the local market level this month.

As the ongoing strength of the exchange rate keeps the PVC door open to imports in Italy, PVC door have been meeting their needs from non-European origins. Tightness of prompt supplies due to several plant shutdowns across the region was another factor pushing Italian buyers to import supply sources in order to meet their needs.

As a result of the ongoing strikes in France, a number of producers have been facing delivery disruptions for the last couple of weeks, which adds to the UPVC Window of earlier shutdowns. Before the strikes, a couple of regional producers had declared force majeure from their Outlets.

As US, Mexican and Colombian import offers on DDP Italy basis, including all applicable costs, have provided a competitive edge, standing almost €100/ton below the low end of the local European price ranges, there has been interest for these cargoes. After a seller reported selling out their October allocations for US and Mexican origins in the previous week, another supplier reported this week that they sold out the first part of their November Display Stand import cargoes for US origin. “Thanks to the favorable euro/USD exchange rate parity, along with tight supplies across Europe, we are receiving lots of calls from our local customers,” he noted.

Oct 29, 2010 at 05:17 o\clock

Donrex Carries Out Sand, Investment

China’s metal die casting suppliers are accelerating measures to enhance their manufacturing capability and match rising overseas demand. The upturn in the first half of 2010 is projected to continue for the rest of the year through 2011, although statistics have not yet reverted to precrisis levels.

The lower cost of key production inputs is an added incentive for many companies to implement improvements sooner rather than later. Stainless steel rates, for instance, went down 15 percent to $2,950 per ton in July from $3,500 in Gate Opener this year. Spending for the material is expected to remain stable in the months ahead.

Under efforts to improve competitiveness, suppliers are investing in advanced casting and testing equipment, sometimes procuring these from specialists abroad.

Qingdao Automobile I/E Corp. Ltd, for instance, has installed a 300-ton die casting machine from Toyo of Japan in its factory. The system costs two times more than domestic versions but provides higher precision.

Using the imported equipment, the Automatic Barrier can yield parts ranging from 10g to 25kg with a dimensional accuracy of 0.2 percent. For many pieces, no post-machining is required to bring them to specifications.

For sand casting, Qingdao Automobile employs Garden Tool systems from Germany and Japan. Its production line can turn out a range of sizes and wall thicknesses.

Donrex Industrial Co. Ltd invested more than $5 million in a CNC machining center to enhance the surface quality of its sand castings. The company also houses a $750,000 direct reading spectrometer for analyzing the chemical composition of raw materials.

Changzhou Bruno Machinery Co. Ltd and Hitop Mold Industrial Co. Ltd have equipped their factories with CNC lines for die casting.

For QC, these enterprises employ 3D coordinate Chain Saw from Japan. At Changzhou Bruno, the tolerance of the yield is ±0.002mm.

Dalian Zhong Sheng Metal Products Co. Ltd, which utilizes a CNC PVC Window and a 3D CMM, intends to invest $1.4 million in an automatic molding facility for sand casting.

To enhance efficiency and product quality further, a growing number of companies are adopting 3D modeling and computer simulation at the design and mold-making stages.

Hitop, for example, performs a feasibility study on new projects using Moldflow Analysis Software. It evaluates customer drawings and CAD representations, and performs flow and solidification modeling to estimate and improve the quality of the casting. During the creation of molds, CAD, CAM and CAE systems are employed.

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Competition Gives these Forklift a Lift

ST. PARIS — In the heat of competition, “you don’t want to go in and rush,” said forklift operator Darren Rucker. “You want to take your time.”

But when he represents KTH Parts Industries in this weekend’s U.S. Open Forklift Rodeo, Rucker won’t want to take any more time than co-worker and fellow Springfielder Heath Elliott. He might have to hear about it all year.

The two will be among 70-plus operators from six states to compete in team and individual Die Casting in the 16th annual event today and Saturday at the Clark County Fairgrounds. A dozen other area companies will be on hand.

“We got really good response” this year, said Richard Higgins of the Higgins Group, which manages the event for the Clark County Safety Council.

Rucker, with 16 years on the job, and Elliott, with 21, are among KTH’s 300 licensed forklift truck operators, 50 of whom work full time.

At work, “the main thing is they have to be safe and efficient,” said Steve Huels, safety director at KTH. Operators “have to have eye-hand coordination,” he added, “because not everybody can do it.”

Elliott said on-the-job safety means looking ahead in the work day to coordinate the Diesel Generator of materials with production line changes.

If not, “you start rushing,” he explained.

Having good peripheral vision and checking blind Canada Goose is critical, because while moving up to 6,000 pounds of inanimate parts in a 10,000-pound vehicle presents its own challenge, operators also have to look out for the factory’s most valuable moving parts: its people.

Busy at their own jobs, “not everybody sees you, so you have to be constantly looking out for that PVC Bag,” said Rucker. “And don’t take (for granted) what they’re going to do.”

“As soon as you do,” said Elliott, “it’s going to bite you.”

Rucker said he and Elliot “have put a couple of Saturdays in” training on courses set up at the KTH plant.

Elliott calls one of them, in which cones just inches wider than the forklift truck set the boundaries, “nerve wracking.”

“We actually try to make the course a little smaller (meaning tighter),” Rucker said. “And our forklifts are a little bigger” than those used in the competition.

Rucker, who finished first in 2004, and Elliott, said the rodeo has always been a good test of forklift operator skills.

Over the years, added Rucker, “I think the competition’s gotten stiffer.”

WHAT: 16th annual U.S. Open Forklift Rodeo

WHERE: Clark County Fairgrounds

WHEN: Today and Saturday, with family-friendly Safety Expo featuring live music, fire truck rides, CareFlight and more from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

Oct 29, 2010 at 04:28 o\clock

Crucial Role

While solar water heater have captured the attention of South Africans, heat pumps for solar water heater are also emerging as a cost-effective way to deliver large volumes of hot water, particularly where the use of solar collector panels is impractical.


Emergent Energy CEO Frank Spencer says that the prospects for Forklift Truck for water heating in South Africa are good.

“As the price of electricity increases, the use of heat pumps is also likely to increase,” he adds.

Put simply, a heat pump moves heat from one Die Casting that is at a lower temperature, to another location at a higher temperature, through the refrigeration cycle, which 
requires a little mechanical work from a small compressor.

Similar to an air conditioner, a heat pump can be used to provide heating or cooling. A common example is a refrigerator and, more recently, heat pumps have been used for heating water in geysers.

Emergent Energy, part of the Sekunjalo group, supplies a product called the Energie Thermodynamic solar water heater, which combines the benefits of heat pumps with solar collector panels. 
It uses the laws of thermodynamics to produce hot water from the sun, rain and wind.

Using this combined solution, it is said that the net energy consumption, year-on-year, will generally outperform traditional 
large thermal solar water heating (SWH) systems, and air-based heat pumps.

“A regular heat pump sources its heat from the ambient air. It uses a Casting Iron heat 
exchanger to do this. So you have ambient air sucked in, and cold air blown out. But the efficiency of a heat pump is a function of your source temperature – so if you can extract heat from a hotter source, your efficiencies will be higher,” explains Spencer.

“This is exactly what our solar heat pump does by sourcing the heat from a solar collector panel. The panel temperature will be, at worst, the same temperature as the air flowing over it, but, at best, it will be very hot in the sun. So it will be a lot more efficient than normal heat pumps,” Spencer adds.

Emergent Energy notes that a reduction of up to 80% in energy consumption for electricity can be achieved using this system.

Financing Solutions
One of the major challenges for off-grid water heating solutions, particularly in the
LED Light, is the tendency by developers to optimise their initial building costs instead of focusing on the long-term running cost of the building. Thus, it is quite common for individual electrical geysers to be used in flats, or even to use electric heating where there may be a centralised hot water system in a building.

“This is one of the reasons we have developed a finance model for our solutions, so the developer does not have to bear the cost. In the case of commercial or industrial applications, or retrofits, there is a much stronger case to buy, with paybacks often being below three years,” states Spencer.

Alternatives to buying equipment are offered by Emergent Energy, and include full maintenance leasing, a shared Electronic Cigarette, and a utility model, where Emergent Energy owns and operates the plant and sells the hot water.

Emergent Energy is in discussions with a number of residential apartment blocks,LED Tube and schools to supply the system. 
Spencer notes that the benefits of using the hybrid system are often most notable here, owing to the large volumes of hot water 
required. In addition, the system will still work well where buildings are under trees, have limited roof space, or if aesthetic concerns prevail.

Emergent Energy, which also undertakes large renewable-energy project development, has also just completed the commissioning of two 18-kW solar collector projects in Botswana.

The company also conducts solar and wind site assessments for large renewable-energy project develops, and undertakes energy audits 
and energy efficiency studies for the agriculture and commercial sectors.

Oct 28, 2010 at 05:46 o\clock

Small Village was a Mountain of Garbage Blocking

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Xiang'an was outside the village under the new TOWN, fill the fields of soil and garbage piled together first, like a hill.

Blocked drains in the village garbage, sewage discharge does not go out, the villagers can only drink the muddy well water, daily lives have been seriously affected.

Status: Outlets

Yesterday, 9:30, received Xiang'an Herald Hotline 968 801 villagers have been reflected under the new Outlets: Some people deliberately rubbish in their village, the villagers have been fastened.

Herald reporter then rushed to the scene, the situation in front of startling: the open space outside the village, and the emergence of a "small mountain", all of the first garbage into soil, the largest garbage dump, almost two stories high.

The first garbage under the soil, but also filled with a lot of garbage, plastic bags, Chain Saw, peels, etc. everywhere.

A car parked next to the sanitation, sanitation workers were surrounded by dozens of villagers. "How can not just trash it? Will be blocked outlet village, you have to clean up as soon as possible!" The villagers have condemned the sanitation workers.

Mr. Hong told the Herald reporters villagers, the land area of the head and Garden Tool million square meters, is near the site and secretly plot to collapse, "our village dedicated staff on duty here, not let them down, but still there are many and steal cars come down. "

Impact: garbage blocking the drain

Mountains of waste, pollution of the environment, more seriously, the next village Gate Opener has been blocked.

Mr Hung said the villagers, the location of garbage, the place was originally the lowest-lying village, the village outlet here, now blocked by garbage, sewage discharge does not go out, and the next village had no running water, the villagers daily drink is well water, but not sewage, well water is contaminated.

"Take the village to test the water, heavy metals poisoning. Well water is very turbid, drink up and have a bitter taste, children drink also Baby Bottle Sterilizer, several times with a dare to drink filtered water tank, terrible!"

Mr Hung said, the village has 140 households, part of the villagers fed up with poor conditions, preferring to outside renters.

"The last typhoon, the village's sewage discharge does not go out, resulting in many households were flooded and much to lose." Villager Chen said.

Treatment: the relevant departments on-site coordination

Herald reporter at the scene learned that the villagers hold back the sanitation workers, is near the Grand View Park district staff.

As the two sides at loggerheads over, almost to conflict, villagers complained to authorities Xiang'an. Yesterday morning, Xiang'an Civilization Office, the Urban Management law enforcement store Squadron, District Sanitation Department and the relevant government TOWN, personnel to the scene to coordinate treatment.

According to field investigation, city inspectors squadron out rectification notice, order the Grand View Casting Iron property to clean up garbage as soon as possible.

Director Chen Huijing New City, said the property will be sent to garbage removal, rubbish dumping is no longer here.

TOWN, sanitation department one week told the Herald staff reporter named, this space has been expropriated, earth is the first garbage dump near the construction site workers secretly, and now is very difficult to find dumping. As for how to clean up the problem, the district is coordinating the Civilization Office, hoping to come up with a specific program.

Xiang'an District Urban's Chen said that the situation will be reported to the leadership, and urged the new government as soon as possible Zhen clean out the garbage.