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Three Natural Methods for Alleviating Herpes

Herpes is something we can't ever do away with completely. There are those who are able to deal with herpes rather well. For other people, however, herpes is their source of irritation and pain. Herpes is difficult to deal with because no universal herpes buster exists. If a particular method for relieving herpes works wonderfully well for someone you know, that doesn't automatically mean the same method will work wonderfully well for you. For example, some people are best helped through medication. For others, natural and herbal remedies work best. So if you're feeling a little herpesed, why not give the following remedies a go?

One of the best herbal remedies available to you, if you are under a lot of herpes, is borage. Borage is often called Starflower and it's native to areas of Northern Africa, but you can find it in plenty of other places. It has been used as an herbal method of relieving the symptoms associated http://facebook.com/hepescure - herpes natural cure - with herpes as well as with depression. For the most part, people add the oil of the plant (found in the leaves) to their food and supplements. You need to be careful though because it has also been used as a mild diuretic.

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Kava is an herb that can help in relieving herpes. It's a wonderful anti-anxiety herb. As a natural herpes fighter, kava simultaneously relaxes the muscles and energizes the mind. It is important not to go overboard with this herb, though. The USDA has warned people about this herb after many people who took it regularly reported having problems. Talk to your doctor about whether or not Kava is the way that you should go.

Not only that, your doctor can advise you how much of kava you should use if he or she deems it safe for you to take.

Did you know that salt is an excellent herpes reliever? Many people have found that salt effectively reduces anxiety when it is applied topically. Try mixing half a cup each of salt and Epsom salt with 2 cups of baking soda. Take 1/2 cup of this mixture and add it to your bathwater when you bathe at night. The hot water eases the tension in your muscles. What the salt mixture does is offer relief to your irritated skin while soothing your muscles.

You'll benefit a lot by using herbal remedies in order to relieve your herpes the natural way. It is definitely one of the first things that you should try when you feel your herpes levels climb. In this article, we shared some of those remedies. There's no harm in trying them, and you'll want to search for other remedies out there.