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Pokemon ash review that is gray

Not enough to ruin the I I will tell my view to you although there may be some bugs occasionally.

Over all I give this game a-10 overall since it's considerably,much to offer after I played it was as the anime was being seen by me around again. I believe that if anybody has not seen the anime and is enjoying this game you'll understand most about the anime(and a number of movie occasions).It is one of the the greatest hacks I've ever performed and I want to observe yet another like looks better than Pokemon yellow(for reasons that I wont spoil).

Images I offer a-10 for graphics its a Pokemon game and like many - - it has excellent images to the sport.


I provide this Pokemon game's sound a10 like consistently the sound fits the surroundings if you've got actually and I mean ever played a Pokemon game and not heard the soundtrack(generation 6 and further players mainly) you ought to perform that sport all over please any new players of the game listen to the soundtrack.



The story line(as I discussed earlier) is just like the anime(having a few movie occasions)and even has the same end , therefore I give the narrative a 7.I know,I know why seven why not a 10 or 9 good it was predictable as it followed the anime almost entirely the same therefore not to large a mark for the story


For Depth I give this game an 8 it has much to offer and may be more challenging/better for new gamers who haven't played or observed the primary( ,original or GEN1 whatever you need to call it) sequence but for traditional players it's easy and evident so not really good for original players-but excellent for fresh players.


It took me a while to conquer this game but it is naturally a Pokemon game and only danger is you'll drop some of your money if your Pokemon faint so yes I give the problem a again this can be very hard for newer gamers and they are going to most likely find it more difficult than classic(maybe not likely to say what I said in depth again)gamers.

So to recap this game is going to be more easy for GEN1 and 2 gamers than gen3, 4, 5, 6 etc. In this sport but I found it more easy to finish than other games so yeah not as challenging as additional games. S O thanks for taking your time I hope this helps you and reading this critique

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